How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Fulfillment Provider


Choosing the right ecommerce fulfillment providers is crucial for your site’s success. As you pay attention to your customer’s experience on the front-end, you also need to pay attention to the back-end. Paying attention is also vital because it contributes to the success of your business, and it is where the ecommerce providers come in. Below is how to choose the right service for easy operation.

Operating an ecommerce retailing site comes with a lot of responsibilities. Some of them include spending long hours to make your customer’s shopping experience easier by checking the navigation features, online shopping cart, and the look of your site. You also get to check that those things that will make your customer’s shopping experience easier are in place to make this possible.

Doing this is a great way to leave a good impression on how your site’s visitors see you. However, your site’s back-end is also essential because it helps you accomplish this without problems.

Payments processing is the first step before the order will be filled and shipped to the customer exactly the way they want it and where they want it delivered.

Ecommerce fulfillment helps you accomplish this without issues. They can also help manage your shipping, packing, handling returns, inventory availability, and more!

Before choosing an ecommerce fulfillment service, you should consider the following.

Source: TRG Fulfillment Warehouse

Can It Scale?

A crucial factor to consider is to know if your ecommerce fulfillment service will handle the growth of your business. The physical warehouse should be large enough to accommodate the volume you may generate when your business grows. Ensure that the company has enough staff to accommodate your needs when your product goes viral.

Also, ensure that their technology can easily handle any extra inventory that may come up, say experts from

Some people do not put these factors into consideration and they end up losing lots of profit. They could also find it difficult to deliver during the boom period of their business. They fail to realize that their business can boom at any point in time, and not having the right ecommerce fulfillment service can be a stumbling block to the success of their business.

Flexibility and Pricing

When discussing ecommerce fulfillment services, discuss the pricing with them by asking how they bill their customers. Avoid large monthly or annual retainers regardless of how manageable they may appear.

You should only go for a flat-rate or a low pricing structure that wouldn’t increase as soon as your business grows.

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Pricing Simplicity

After finding a vendor that has a great price offer, you should watch for any hidden charges or additional fees that may be written in your contract. So, ensure you go through the contract for extra charges for packing slips, technology fees (for developers), or dunnage ( little parking charges for your good’s protection) fees.

Also, find out if you will get charges for every call you make to the help desk. These fees may appear little but can become a tangible amount as your business grows. So, you must know of these fees before choosing your vendor.

Storage Fees and Rules

Another thing to consider is the storage fees and the rules that come with keeping your goods. Look for merchants that wouldn’t charge you for not moving your inventory on time because of Amazon’s rules of wanting merchants to move their products out of its facility as soon as possible. Many merchants will charge you for not moving your products on time from their storage facility.

It would help if you find an ecommerce fulfillment service with a low storage rate and good rules on how long your goods can stay in the warehouse. With this, you can be sure of not paying an additional fee for a storage facility or throwing away your product. You will also be able to keep your products in one place without breaking the bank when your ecommerce fulfillment service charges low rates without time limits.

Source: APS Fulfillment, Inc

Software and Automation

A reputable and reliable ecommerce fulfillment service should help you get your products from your platform directly to your vendor without additional effort from you or your workers.

The software should also update the inventory and order statuses on your ecommerce website and your warehouse automatically.

This way, you can be sure that your website is functioning without any drawbacks. Even though this is an excellent feature to consider, your ecommerce fulfillment service may not offer this service.

Aside from this, your ecommerce fulfillment service should also offer a client’s portal to enable you to see your orders and know what’s happening to them. You need to know if your order has gotten to the warehouse. You should also get the right report on shipping costs and delivery times.

Many new ecommerce fulfillment companies with small warehouses do not have the right software to make things easy for their clients. To avoid being a victim, start by trying a demo account to enable you to see what the system can offer. With this, you will find out if it can work with your ecommerce platform.

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No Lock-In

Although you can cancel your contract at any time with reputable ecommerce fulfillment services, some vendors will lock you into a contract that doesn’t allow you to cancel at any time.

Not being able to cancel when you want can be detrimental to your business if the system doesn’t work well with your ecommerce platform.

Dependability and Experience

Another thing to check is the experience of the vendor you’ll be using and how dependable they are. You can carry out some online research to find out if they have good records in the industry. Most times, newer companies that offer cheaper prices may not have the needed experience to make your business succeed.

Some of these companies make serious mistakes that may cause you to lose lots of money, great customers, or even your business. So, settle for a very experienced and reliable vendor.