Energy and Mystery of Ruby

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With the fiery energy of the planet sun, ruby is a magnificent gemstone that symbolizes nobility and elegance. This captivating stone can ignite the passion and devotion in its wearer. It brings prosperity and keeps you protected against all evils. The enigma of the ruby gem is strengthened by its unique energy and an aura of mystery that surrounds it.

Being revered in almost every culture of the world, it has surpassed almost every other gem in terms of virtue and value. From China to India and Egypt, this gemstone has been used as a talisman throughout history.

The glow in its hue is said to emanate even if you cover the stone with thick clothes. It was worn to ward off pestilence and plague in the earlier centuries. Travelers kept it along to be warned of impending dangers on their voyages. No wonder, Hindi Vedic scriptures describe ruby as Ratnaraj of the King of Gems.

What Makes Ruby a Special Gemstone?

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The beauty of the ruby stone is intense and unique due to its rich red color. It also carries exceptional metaphysical properties. The pure red rays emitted by this stone have a unique vibrancy that isn’t found in any other mineral. By stimulating the base chakra, it can improve the life energies in your physical and spiritual selves.

Being a representative of the sun brings light and removes darkness from your life. You can take pleasures in the physical indulgences and invoke your spiritual energies at the same time. From transforming your thought process to the manifestation of your dreams into reality, it can truly turn around your life. The idea is to wear the right type of stone inaccurate ways for stimulating these powers.

The symbolism of Ruby for Blood

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The pigeon blood-red color of ruby proves its association with life-giving and sustaining forces. In ancient times, it was believed that people risking their lives are closely connected to this gemstone. It was conveniently venerated as the gem of soldiers and warriors.

By bestowing courage and invulnerability, it makes the fighters strong enough to face any adversary. Legends in Burmese culture talk about inserting the ruby stone into the flesh so the warriors will be safe from flesh wounds caused by any weapon. Some sources also believe that ruby benefits in curing inflammation and bleeding, as well.

Ruby and the Inner Fire

The innate glow of ruby gemstone holds a lot of mystery about its cosmic powers. While it surely has a visual effect, there are many folklores talking about the magical abilities of this gemstone. If you place a ruby in water, it can cause boiling due to its inner fire. That’s what the ancient cultures believe. Some legends even describe this stone as the one that shines like a bright torch.

Rubies as the Sentient Beings

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Many cultures in the world believe that gemstones are inhabited by spirits. They consider rare and pure gemstones as sentient beings with their emotions and feelings. You may find descriptions talking about the stones getting dull or pale when they are not worn.

Also, they believe that rubies properties contain exceptional protective powers that can fight evil, dispel disputes, and manage the anger. In the middle ages, gemstones carved with images were believed to occur naturally in this form, even though those were the pieces created in pre-historic times.

Such beliefs create a unique mysticism and mystery surrounding this gemstone. If you want to experience the life-force existing inside a ruby, buy the stone in its pure and natural form from a trusted place.

Symbolism of a Ruby for Dreams

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It may be hard to believe but many historic texts discuss the importance of rubies appearing in the dreams. For example, when a ruler dreams about rubies, it is said to bring immense fortunes to such ruler.

In modern times, dreaming about ruby may indicate unprecedented success in your professional endeavors.

When a farmer has a dream of ruby, it may be harbinger of a profitable harvest. No matter who dreams about it, ruby offers success, happiness, and joy.

Symbolism of Ruby for Love and Passion

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Ruby has metaphysical energies that overcome timidity and stir the hearts. It encourages a person to enjoy their existence in the physical world. This gemstone has always been symbolic to unconditional love and passionate commitments.

It is preferred to be wedding stone as well. Ruby works as an aphrodisiac that helps you to experience every form of love and closeness. Even if you want to honor a distant admiration, you can still rely on ruby to convey your feelings in the best ways.

Symbolism of Ruby for Success in Life

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From pre-historic times, ruby has been embraced as a powerful stone that can resolve all your worries with its striking energies. It has an air of mystique and superiority about it. Undoubtedly, the owners of this splendid gemstone feel the same way. They have vested interest in the things they possess and that include the priceless rubies.

It’s a gem that can add to your wealth and keep you protected from any harm. Well, it may also have a high ruby price to prove its worth.

Ruby for Chakra Healing

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The energy of ruby carries the frequencies that stimulate base chakra. It invokes the flow of Chi or life energy throughout your body. By activating the kundalini energies, ruby controls spiritual and physical desires.

Since the base or root chakra, exists at the base of your spine, it also controls the movements of your body. If it is not aligned, you may feel lethargy or lack of enthusiasm in life. And when your spiritual energies are thrown out of balance, it can make you feel flighty and distant. So, ruby helps to keep these energies in perfect balance to rekindle your strength, stamina, and self-confidence.

These are the manifestations of energy and mystery of ruby gemstone. This beautiful and rare gem can intrigue your mind and create a sense of security. The close association of ruby with the planet sun lends its powers to rule your heart and experience freedom like never before.

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