5 Tips to Ensure Drinking Pure Water in 2024

Every living thing, from tiny cyan bacteria to huge blue whales, requires water to survive. It is not surprising then that our bodies are almost two-thirds of it. Life is impossible without it.  It carries the nutrients to the cells, which make the organs to function at its optimum levels. One of the most common causes of headaches is dehydration, especially in summers. It impairs our cognitive abilities and hinders us from doing work. It is very important to stay hydrated to carry out daily acts with full potential and less effort. The biggest benefit is weight loss. It is also a great appetite suppressant. Whenever you want to suppress your hunger drink a glass of it and you will feel fuller. Obesity is the leading cause of diabetes hypertension and various diseases. Purified water bottles give us electrolytes which not only carry out metabolism but also give us energy. It also keeps our body pH levels balanced, maintains blood pressure, and improves various respiratory diseases.

1. BPA free bottled water

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Sadly we are living in a world of plastic today. From our toothbrush to crockery, we can find plastic products in almost every house. Today, the marine situation is devastating due to these plastic products. One of the main reasons behind the destruction of marine is plastic bottles. Millions of plastic bottle wastes are contaminating oceans and lands. Environmental activists are trying to raise awareness to save the planet from plastic waste. Another plastic component known as BPA (bisphenol A) is used by companies for the production of its bottles. These bottles are not only causing environmental hazards but also destroying human health. This component is often dissolved in it because of its solvent properties and cause fatal harms. One of the lethal harms of BPA in a plastic bottle is causing cancer.

Research showed BPA is the cause of breast cancer in women. Moreover, it causes heart diseases, loss of memory, type 2 diabetes, slow learning, asthma, eroded teeth, and depression. Most people keep reusing their bottles and these bottles become more and more harmful with time. By drinking from BPA free bottles, one can eliminate the main source contributing to BPA levels. BPA free bottle is the sizzling subject in the chill world of water today as they are providing health and environmental benefits. Aluminum bottles are recommended for this purpose. Portable bottles are very important in today’s fast life.

Aluminum bottles keep the drink cold, they are lightweight and can be carried anywhere like gym, class, shopping, etc. We can use it lightheartedly without harming our health and environment.

2. Cleanse your body

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Water acts as a purifier in our bodies. It drains out all the waste materials like urea, nitrogenous wastes, toxins, drugs, and unwanted salts from our bodies. We understand the importance of drinking it but we do not realize the quality of it matters a lot. When we drink contaminated water, instead of cleansing it starts to accumulate harmful substances causing damage to organs. Good quality bottled water is the ultimate solution. It is full of minerals; it detoxifies the body and helps the natural process of cleaning to work smoothly. Human activities have caused a lot of harm to natural resources already. It is dangerous to consume it without sanitation and filtration. Purest bottled water goes through several steps of sanitation and filtration. Best companies ensure that bottled it meets governmental standards. Heartwater exceeds these standards, and for more information, you can click here.

3. Water’s pH

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pH is one of the most important properties of water. The chart of pH ranges from 0-14. Normal drinking water generally has a neutral pH which is 7. However alkaline water has a pH of around 8 to 8.8. Both normal and alkaline pH is recommended. Alkaline water is usually preferred by health professionals. This is because it neutralizes the acid in our body. For instance, it can help with stomach acidity which can cause ulcers otherwise. It has a lot of proposed benefits like hydration, detoxification, anti-aging properties, skin health, weight loss, cancer resistance, etc. Tap water from local sources can be acidic and bitter. The acidity is quite harmful to teeth, stomach, skin, and other body organs. However, both alkaline and normal water are provided by bottle companies.  Stay hydrated by drinking purest of it with the right pH.

4. Health and beauty

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Water has countless benefits for skin and beauty. The best part of drinking it is that it takes care of health along with making our skin glowing. For healthy skin, it is very important to drink clean bottled water. Tap water containing bacteria and other harmful materials damages our skin instead of cleansing it. When it cleanses the body from harmful materials, as to the skin, it can help reducing acne, marks, and pimples. Most of all it helps to delay the aging process to a great extent. If it is contaminated itself, how can we get any of the benefits? Drinking pure bottled water grantees good health as well as young and glowing skin, also it is the solution to get rid of plenty of skin problems like eczema, wrinkles, and psoriasis.

5. Luxury bottled water

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We work hard and earn to make our life quality better. Our priority is to live healthily and drinking pure water is one of the most important components of a healthy life. We invest a lot to buy organic and healthy products, today unhealthy food is a lot cheaper than healthy food. When it comes to drinking, why don’t we give it a thought? For a healthy and better life quality of good quality, it is important to drink clean and pure water. Bottled water comes with its luxuries. It is already filtered and sealed. It is ready to use and portable. You can carry it anywhere easily. Delivery service has made it even more luxurious. One can easily avoid the effort of going out, buying and carrying, you can order bottles and get it delivered at your home within minutes.