Exercises You Should Not Do When Losing Weight

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Many people are trying to lose weight and burn fat but sometimes the process is really slow, sometimes it does not give the desired results. Doing exercises, you should not be is the main cause behind this. Reprioritize the exercises you do and exclude these from the list if your goal is weight loss. The following workouts will be improving your health and burn fat (or lose weight) while not losing the body’s strength.

Extended Cardio Sessions

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Cardio is the most common exercise when it comes to losing weight. But focusing only on cardio or doing extended cardio sessions is the wrong approach. This workout approach makes the body weak. You do sweat and lose weight though. Our goal is to lose weight but without getting weak. If you just like to sweat in your workout shorts it could be done easy by sitting under the sun. An hour of cardio workout per week is more than enough. Avoid doing cardio before weight lifting exercises. It’s extremely important to wear adequate workout clothes for these sessions. If you want to learn more about these clothing pieces, visit uk.borntough.com.

Marathon Cardio

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Marathon cardio is another workout for weight loss. It is a good workout routine but not the best for weight loss and burning fat. Just getting the heart rate up is not the goal nor it effectively helps to achieve the goals. Instead of these, you should switch to HIIT workouts. This is what you were looking for.

Jogging and walking

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Jogging and walking are also a form of cardio. Yet they bring great health benefits and you can enjoy them. But for burning fat, these are not enough on their own. Fat in the body burns when there is a deficit. To create that deficit with jogging and walking you would eat like a bird and make yourself weak. It can also cause muscle degeneration.


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CrossFit is great, it gets you in shape but it has high injury risk. That is why it is not suitable for beginners. Workouts like HIIT, squats, etc. are as effective, have low-risk and are easy too.


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Yoga does not burn stubborn belly fat, no fast weight loss. It is good for meditation or stretching but not fat loss. Time spent on workouts will give you far better results than yoga.

Indoor Cycling and Spin Class

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Indoor cycling and spin class are under higher injury risk categories. These workouts also get you tired without boosting metabolism. Plus, skipping these is easier so you would be doing it often.

HIIT workouts are far better than cardio and give better results in a short time. Hours of cardio and about half an hour of HIIT can give you about the same results. When losing weight or fat you should also work on muscles so that they don’t get weak. That is why exercises including weights are recommended. Resistance training also makes you gain muscle and make the physique better. Don’t forget the diet, it does half the work. Talk to your trainer and discuss the goals so both of you are on the same page. A combination of interval, strength, and cardio workouts with a controlled diet will be given great results.