What to Expect in the Future From Online Casinos

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Technologies continue to evolve on a daily basis, expanding the possibilities that people can achieve without undue effort. Large companies are trying to keep up with this progress as they increasingly start to realize that the use of modern technologies can have a massive impact on service quality.

The online gambling industry is also overseeing technological innovations that could be employed and become a great success in the future. The online gambling industry is now a large market estimated at over $ 60 billion, so it is no surprise that every participant in this market is trying to provide something new for its customers.

Let’s try to make an imaginary journey into the near future and see what are the ’suggestions’ that online casinos have for their players…

A Brave New Virtual World

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Virtual reality technologies, as we know them today, are built on ideas dating back to the 1800s, but have undergone significant development in the 1970s. Virtual reality became a hot topic for gamers in 2011 when Palmer Luckey designed the first Oculus Rift prototype. From that point on, developers around the world wanted to create unique experiences that could fascinate punters. Not everyone has succeeded in this process, but some have shown the real possibilities of this technology.

A typical example of a success story is Half-Life: Alyx of the US video game developer Valve Software which became an absolute revelation in March 2024. Every large company wants to attract as many software engineers, who have experience with augmented and virtual reality, as possible. There is a great demand for these experts in the modern gaming market.

With this in mind, we can predict that representatives of the gambling industry will make a move towards the introduction of their VR casino counterparts. During a pandemic, these casinos are definitely in vogue – we currently have the ability to play and interact with real people without leaving home. All we need to do is to possess special glasses and controllers.

It is worth mentioning that some casinos can provide unique locations. For example, you can find yourself on the board of the actual spaceship SlotV. Now imagine a world where casinos could elevate their technology to the point where you could enter this space-themed casino in the role of some alien. This can be a new level of fun for those looking for adventure in their daily lives. And with this feature, you can discover new virtual worlds while indoors.

A New Level of Competing at Tournaments

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With the development of virtual reality, it will be possible to organize international tournaments without significant costs. The place will be virtual, players will be in their homes in their countries, and there will be no restrictions on the number of players and games.

Of course, an Internet connection has to be fast to give you the opportunity to participate in such massive events, but with the development of 5G, we assume that this can become a reality very quickly.

Virtual Money

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We cannot skip this topic when we talk about the future of Internet casinos. Bitcoin was the most interesting topic at the end of 2017 when its price unexpectedly rose to almost $ 20,000, which is why some people are actively discussing a possible move towards cryptocurrencies, while others are investing money in it. At the time of writing this article, the Bitcoin price has risen to above $ 50,000.

Some countries, such as Japan, officially recognize Bitcoin as money for exchange, so we cannot deny that cryptocurrencies will have a massive impact on the future of gambling – they can evolve into suitable and acceptable currencies that are already occasionally used today for deposits in online casino accounts, like some of those at TopCasinoExpert.com. Using a blockchain will help casinos and make player actions transparent because they will always have full control of their transactions.

It’s Spreading Around the World

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More countries in the world are beginning to realize that it is better to regulate the gambling industry than to fight it. This decision provides a new revenue in the form of license fees and taxes to be paid to the government.

The legalization of the gaming industry provides new job opportunities, making it secure and transparent. It also opens the door to healthy competition that has the potential to improve the economy.

What acts as science fiction at the moment could easily happen in the near future – casinos will be open even in space, and we will all have the opportunity to visit them. Let’s joke a bit: There is already a space casino that can be easily and quickly visited already today and its games of chance can be played – its SlotV.


All of the above things represent our vision and our forecast of what the future of online gambling might look like. In our opinion, all of these scenarios are possible and we will be able to see that they happen sooner or later.

And let’s remember the phrase we mentioned at the beginning of this article – “technologies continue to evolve on a daily basis” – so, maybe, by the end of 2024, we will learn about even more technical achievements in the gambling industry that are breathtaking.