How to Find a Social Media Influencer

These days, online content and social engagement are some of the biggest factors that impact buying and spending habits among consumers. Modern marketers create content that is intended to engage with their audience and persuade them to purchase a product or sign up for a service. Regardless of what your brand sells, a positive recommendation from a social media influencer can go a long way compared to posting regular content of your own. Customers often trust influencers in the industry, and an endorsement from one can be huge for any business. So, how can you find a social media influencer who will be good for your brand?

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Are They Relevant to What You Do?

Many companies make the mistake of only working with a certain influencer because they had the highest number of followers. However, while you might not want to work with an influencer who has less than a hundred followers, it’s always more important to look at quality over quantity when it comes to these numbers. Sure, it might be great to work with an influencer who has a million followers, but not so great if they’re in a completely different niche and the majority of their followers don’t have much of an interest in what you do. Choose an influencer who you could see being a genuine customer of your brand first and foremost.

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Following on from the last point, don’t fall into making the mistake of thinking that for influencer marketing to be successful for your business, you will need to work with an influencer who is a celebrity or who has millions of followers. In fact, micro-influencers who might have much fewer followers than some of the big names in the game can often be very successful. Influencers who are dedicated to a certain niche rather than simply building their follower numbers might be more likely to put the work in to build a good relationship with your brand and encourage their followers to do the same. And, sponsored posts are typically much cheaper for businesses with a great return on investment.

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Follower numbers are great but if most of an influencer’s followers have been bought or rarely engage with their content, is it actually worth it? Rather than fixating on how many followers a certain influencer has, take a look at their account and see how much engagement they are getting from these followers. Are followers consistently commenting and engaging with them on posts? Do they usually reply to followers with more information if asked a question?


Reaching Out to an Influencer:

Some influencers have tons of companies asking them to promote their content for nothing. The truth is that this is what influencers do as a full-time job, so it’s important to get to know them and build a mutually beneficial relationship. You may be able to find out more about a particular influencer by using Nuwber and get hold of contact information where they are more likely to notice your brand, such as email. Some influencers have representatives with contact information listed on their social profiles. Before pitching your idea to an influencer it’s a good idea to spend some time getting to know them and ensuring they’re the right choice to be the future face of your brand.

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The Benefits of Social Media Influencer:

If you are trying to promote your business, company, or brand by using social media platforms but you’re not sure why you should hire an influencer, we’re going to give you a couple of reasons to do so. Above you have who they are and what they do, and you should already grasp what they bring to the table, but let’s get into details. For one, if you have enough money, you can hire a macro influencer such as famous actor Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Rare are those who can afford him, but his reach of 217 million followers is hard to get from anyone else. It all comes down to what you need. Your project can benefit even from those who have barely ten thousand followers, but if they are a leader in the niche you want to cover, the benefits will be seen immediately. Influencer marketing is a thing, and if you know-how and are prepared to go forward with financing, you can reap the benefits with ease. This brings us to the subject of this subtitle. What is the benefit we’re talking about?

When you start your brand, not too many will know about it immediately. You want to spread the news about what you are doing fast and as many people as possible. An influencer can do this and build brand awareness for you. If you are good at picking the right influencer, you can quickly create access to your ideal customer. It’s not easy to please the audience, and it can sometimes be even harder to reach them. Be sure to choose the right shortcut. While influencers do not get access to their followers, you will also increase your followers’ base. Some of the people you reach will be glad that your brand exists, and they’ll immediately start following your social media accounts.

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Your goal should be partnership only with people who will represent your brand in the right manner. This is the road that will help you build trust, not only with new fans but also with the existing ones. You do not want to disappoint them by allowing your brand promotion handled by someone not worthy. With the right person at the helm of your advertisement, you can also build an internet network filled with quality backlinks, directions towards reliable partners and outlets. Furthermore, you could even earn popularity on social media platforms through multiple shares and likes, which can only benefit your brand.  All of these things combined should promote not only the name of your brand or a company but also boost the sales of your product, and aid in widespread of your right name. What you have above is all closely related to the work social media influencers do. Now that you know most of the benefits, we are sure your only thought is how to find the right one and let him do the work your brand needs to be done.