How to Flip Your House Fast Using Curb Appeal

As any renowned realtor will tell you, appearances matter. Even if the exterior of a home is immaculate and beautiful, if the outside has been neglected, the resale value will rapidly depreciate. If your goal is to sell your family home so as to raise capital for a larger residence, or you simply flip houses for a living, it’s time to hyperfocus on curb appeal. View here for more information.

Curb Appeal Begins and Ends with Asphalt


Asphalt driveways and parking lots can last several decades with so long as proper maintenance is consistently undertaken. Seal coating plays a very significant role in the potential longevity of these substances.

Older driveways and surfaces are, no doubt, more likely to crack or develop potholes, which can potentially damage your car.

However, by using a premium sealer – particularly those that are made of tar or oil – you can give your asphalt a second life, no matter how much wear and tear it’s seen over the years.

Taking measures to seal your asphalt you can slow down or even reverse the process of depreciation and make it resistant to a number of elements, such as snow, gas, car-cleaning chemicals, antifreeze, and so much more – reliable companies such as Seal-A-Drive can accommodate just about any protection.

Landscaping Matters

Most homeowners don’t give much thought to their landscaping and yet a good design can add a significant amount of value to your home. Sometimes as much as a new kitchen or bath will do the trick, but interiors aren’t always going to cut it.

Hiring a landscape architect to assess your house and offer suggestions for changes can benefit just about any homeowner.

More often than not, a consultation for an architect’s design won’t involve a fee. Keep in mind, too, that landscaping is not just about greenery – creating a paradisical outdoor setting means thinking in terms of mise-en-scene. This includes lighting, fences, rock features, paths, ponds, and more.

In the end, even if you have trees and plants that are attractively laid out, there’s always room for more lavished items and improvement.

Be Proactive About Erosion


As most homeowner’s know, just about any property can experience problems with erosion or water drainage. This is particularly urgent for homes located on or near a slope.

If this is the case, potential buyers will take note of dirt displacement and other signs of erosion after a hard rainfall. If they continue to look, they might find damage elsewhere.

Fortunately, erosion can be curbed with several methods.

For example, you can add things such as a retaining wall, large boulders, or even sod. By applying the latter methods, you will soon see a complex system of roots develop on your lawn to help keep the soil together and prevent erosion.

Emphasize Parking

If your driveway is irreparable, you might switch things up with a ribbon driveway, also known as Hollywood Driveways. This kind of asphalt features two parallel strips of concrete where your tires might go.

With stylized, sealed asphalt like this, potential buyers with a car or two may see a great deal of use value. Generally, adding a parking spot to one’s home can increase its value by around 10%.

Understand The Market


Once you’ve made the necessary additions or repairs to your home’s exterior, find a realtor who is willing to work with you and keep you in the loop. The housing market can be quite complicated, so it’s best to keep up by doing research.

Trends come and go, so you may want to undertake some kind of addition that quickly becomes tacky.

Moreover, timing plays a very significant role in the potential to flip houses. Because you’ll be making mortgage payments, it’s necessary to sell the property as soon as you’re done renovating.

Don’t Let Pricing Perplex You

Once you’ve completed your renovation, the last step is to select a reasonable asking price for your newly renovated home. You can check with your realtor to determine the right asking price for your property, but you may also want to consider the value of surrounding properties, as well as the community at large.

Do you live in an up-and-coming neighbourhood? If so, that can add a great deal of value to your home. You want to make sure you’re attracting buyers, covering your expenses, and making some money on the flip. Pricing too high for the neighborhood be off-putting for buyers, which will leave you stuck with a hefty mortgage while the house sits idle with beautifully sealed asphalt awaiting parked cars.

Pricing too low might attract a larger number of buyers, but you may not make enough to break even for the costs of renovation, let alone see profit.

Fortunately, your realtor will be able to suggest an appropriate listing number based on the location and the upgrades you personally made.

Scheduling Is Significant


Keep in mind that the time of year you start the process of house flipping could impact your schedule significantly. It’s harder to sell homes when the market is in flux. In 2024, volatility seems to be a lasting trend.

You also need to remember that renovations can take quite some time. In short, be cautious about scheduling and make sure you set a timeline for the project that you can follow through on. Don’t overwhelm yourself or your contractors if possible.

This means that you ought to plan everything out as best you can to avoid any situations that might affect your budget and overall profit. Nevertheless, the faster the turnaround, the less time and money spent on the project.

If you are determined to make a sale, following at least a few of these tips will help you to navigate the world of real estate more effectively. It’s too easy to forget the smaller details of home exteriors, but once you get in the habit of taking good care of what’s outdoors, you’re sure to add value to your home in no time at all.