16 Unique Quarantine Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

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We are all aware of how the coronavirus spread all around the world rapidly. Many people got infected, and many of them ended up in home quarantine for 14 days and considered a potential carrier of infection. Period of a pandemic is difficult for everyone, no matter if an individual is infected or advised to stay home to prevent getting infected. Those who are in quarantine might feel forgotten and neglected to believe it is not recommended to have a company.

There is a saying that people run fast. I would say it depends on whom- for those who work hard and have a family of very turbulent private life, it does, but for those who stay at home doing nothing, a day lasts forever.

We will give you several ideas on how to make your beloved ones happy, letting them know you think about them even though you do not see each other.

1. Sweets

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Sweets are always the right choice for the present. No person in the world doesn’t like good chocolate. Together with a get-well card, you will show that you care.

2. CD with favorite songs

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Even though the internet is accessible to everyone, it is nice to see someone has put in the effort to make you feel better. Your favorite person will evoke memories of all valuable moments you’ve gone through while listening to the CD. This present never gets old, and for sure, there is no mistake with it.

3. Necklace

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A friendship necklace is a good idea. Your friend will know that you care.

4. Personalized mask

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A personalized surgeon mask is an excellent present. Print some note known only to you two on it. In the time of corona, it is required to wear. Your friend will find it funny and useful as well.

5. Planner

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Writing in plans for the period after isolation can be exciting, and at the same time, your friend will not even feel how time passes quickly when occupied with something.

6. The manicure set

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The manicure set is a perfect gift for almost every girl. Being in quarantine does not mean that nails have to look bad. This present will cheer your friend up.

7. Puzzles

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Now when your loved one is constantly in the house, there is enough time to play. Do not hesitate to buy puzzles with 500 or even more parts. This will take some time, and he or she will not even notice how fast the quarantine period ended. To make it more interesting, buy a puzzle made of your photo.

8. Games

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Computer games for PlayStation, PC, or Xbox. This is the perfect gift for any male friend. He will be able to play as long as he can without anyone interrupting those precious moments.

9. Cardboard gift box

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Cardboard gift box with “100 Reasons why I miss you”. It cost nothing but a little effort.

10. A lamp, but not any lamp

source: friendlamps.com

The friendship one. Maybe you never heard about it, but it is worth checking it on Friendship Lamps. What does it mean, friendship lamps, and what is the difference between those and regular ones? A friendship lamp is connected with your lamp. Whenever you turn the light on, your friend’s lamp will also light up. Is there a better way to show someone you think about him/her? In case your dearest person’s lamp is already on, it will change the color of the light when you turn on yours. There are many colors this lamp can change, so it can be interesting if you and your friend decide what each color means; red can be I love you, blue I miss you, green care about you and so on. In this way, you will be able to send your loved one a message constantly. It is necessary to have an internet connection, and the installment is finished in several minutes via your smartphone.

11. Personalized cup

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The personalized cup is a good way to make your love done to think about you. While holding a cup in hands and drinking a favorite beverage, whether it is morning coffee or tea at 5.00 o’clock, he will surely think about you.

12. Pet

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A good choice for the present can also be a pet. Small pet, like a hamster or fish. This will also make your friend an obligation to feed it and clean, so he will spend some extra time he has.

Your favorite photo of two of you, framed and ready to take its place on the wall. This will serve as a reminder that you think about her/him.

13. Decorative Box

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A decorative box full of snacks with the message “See you on a movie tonight”! Find a movie on your favorite program channel, and both of you can watch it in your owns houses. You can call each other and comment on the movie while watching it.

14. Online Course

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Did your favorite person ever mention he would like to learn a foreign language, sew, work in Photoshop, or attend another course but doesn’t have time for it? This is the right moment! Pay the online course he is interested in. This will fill his free time and be useful for improving knowledge or even starting a new business.

15. Book

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A book is a man’s best friend. Modern technology allowed us to read an online book, but this is not a proper solution for the right book lovers. There is no failure with this present, especially if there is a personalized message on its cover.

16. Flowers

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If your loved one is a female, a nice dress and rose will be a full hit. Buy a dress and wrap it, write the note on the postcard and attach it to a rose. A note like: “I want you to wear this on our next date”. The same idea can be interesting for underwear, perfume and so on.

No matter what you decide to give to your loved one, the most important thing is to find something that your favorite person likes and something that carries a special message. At least today, there are many options for what to buy.