How to Remain Stress Free During the Coronavirus Epidemic

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We have all been under a lot of stress in the last few months. How could we not be? We are faced with an ‘invisible enemy’ as most news reports call it. A virus that has not only infected millions of people from all around the world but that has also endangered so many lives.

On top of everything, so many countries have been on lockdown. People are quarantined at their homes and are not able to go anywhere unless it is an emergency trip to a hospital, pharmacy, or to get their weekly grocery supplies. According to Chroniclex, Coronavirus is here to stay for some time.

This means that COVID-19 is not only affecting our physical but also mental well-being. We are not used to spending so much time at home, without the possibility of taking a walk or hanging out with our friends. The worst part is that this has been going on for months now, and in some countries, the end is still not even near.

Surely it seems like you are losing your mind being constricted to your home all the time. This period is especially difficult for people who have small children because as you know, they have to be entertained all the time. You have probably tried so many things, and if you are in need of some new ideas, check out Trendlor.

We understand that it might seem impossible for you to relax during this epidemic, but still, we are going to try to help you with that. In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of tips you can try out.

Physical activity

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Surely you already know how essential physical activity is for your health. However, at the same time it can be crucial for your mental well-being as well. This is especially true if you have been exercising your whole life, and now, in a way, this has been taken away from you. Okay, so you can’t go to the gym, but there are numerous other ways you can engage in this activity.

First of all, if you are able, you should go and take a brisk walk. Spending so much time locked inside can cause you to become depressed, so you have to use every opportunity that comes your way to go outside. Depending on your area, you might even be able to spend most of the time outside your home, so take your bike and go on a ride.

On the other, if leaving the house is not an option for you, you can also exercise inside. For some people, who are used to working out in the gym using all the equipment, this can sound ineffective, but it doesn’t have to be. There are numerous websites online and even social media accounts where you can learn some exercises that you can do at your home.

Healthy diet

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We understand, you are bored, so what do you do? You probably kill the time cooking all sorts of meals and sweets. It is a way to feel that you have done some productively which is why so many people choose to spend their free time this way.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the thing that you should be doing. When under stress, most people are prone to compulsive and emotional eating. We know that it is really hard to resist this urge, but instead of ordering junk food and baking cakes, you should try to focus on some healthy recipes.

There are literally thousands of these online, so all you have to do is to find the ones that include all your favorite ingredients. Not only will you improve your diet this way, but you will also have the feeling of accomplishment because you will cook delicious healthy meals and maybe even something that you have never prepared before.


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We understand that this is easier said than done when you are anxious and scared but believe us, a good night’s sleep will help you deal with all the stress. Plus, if you are working from home and have a family to take care of, sleep is of crucial importance.

Ensure that you get the minimally necessary amount of sleep every night, and you can even go a step further and develop a new bedtime routine. Try to avoid using devices late at night, instead take a long bath or read your favorite magazine.

Talk with others

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We cannot stress enough how important it is to connect with other people when feeling anxious, stressed, and depressed. Surely, you have someone to talk to, and just because you live alone it doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to someone.

Call or video chat with a friend or a family member and tell them how you feel. The worst thing that you can do is to bottle up all these feelings, because they are going to make you feel even worse. It naturally that you are frightened, it is a scary situation that we are all in.

In addition, we all need contact with our close ones. So make sure to talk with your family and friends every day. Your call is going to mean the world to them, especially to those people that are quarantined alone.

Do what you like

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Without a doubt, the best way to relax is to engage in an activity that relaxes you. Do you have a hobby? That’s great, go on and paint, write, dance, whatever it is. If you do not have one, well, now it is the perfect time to take it up. Is there something that you have always wanted to learn but never had enough time to do it? Well, now you have the time, more than usual anyway.

If nothing is coming to your mind, why not search online and get recommendations from other people? Besides the already mentioned activities, you can learn how to cook or knit, acquire a new language, or just start reading the books that you have been piling up. What about that new series or movie franchise that you have always wanted to see but never got around to it? As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to hobbies and fun activities.