What Makes Golang the Best Option for All Your Web Application Projects?

There are a host of programming languages in the market each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Golang, which is also known as, Go, is a programming language that has been popularly adopted in the market. This open-source programming language is typed statistically and is famous for its simplicity. The Go Programming Language was created by Robert Griesener, Rob Pik and Ken Thompson in 2007, and was released in 2009. Go was created for the purpose of managing large codebases, increasing the productivity of development, and making the language of coding a lot easier.

Even though it is a creation of Google, Go allows anyone to contribute to it in the form of technological innovations, or solving existing problems. According to one of the creators, Rob Pike, Go’s aim is not to study programming language design, but to improve the working conditions for its designers. It is more about software engineering than researching programming languages. In the years 2016-17 Golang has been on the absolute forefront without any stiff competition. Here’s why everybody is looking to hire Golang developers.

Why Should You Choose Golang?

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1) Open-source Platform- Golang is an open-source programming language that allows Golang developers to contribute to their design, development, and innovation. It welcomes anyone who can fix existing problems and debug the system.

2) Simple and Easy- Golang’s syntax is smaller in comparison to other programming languages. This language is easy to understand and read. Golang is very similar to C-Language programming. Hence those, well versed with C can understand Go Programming easily.

3) Better Performance- Golang is fast due to the small syntax. Since it is accumulated in machine mode, it is faster than languages that have virtual runtimes. Compiling Go programs is incredibly fast as it eliminates dependency on servers.

4) Concurrent Model- In software development, concurrent models are those which allow several activities to happen at the same time for faster performance. Golang has an in-built cooperative model, making it easier than any other programming language. The lightweight “goroutine” thread is connected via a “channel”.

5) Cross-Platform- Go allows you to code in any platform be it OS-X, Linux or Windows. When you hire Golang developers, any code written by them in any of these platforms can be compiled and rebuilt in another one. The two variables, GOARCH and GOOS run the operations when the building command is provided.

6) Exclusively Designed for Cloud- Most apps today are designed to fit in the cloud. Therefore, programming languages also need to keep that in mind. Golang is exclusively written for the cloud, which has made it all the more popular.

7) More Secure- The Golang framework is more secure as you are clear about the data being passed. The compiler knows the type of each variable as well. Garbage is also collected in Golang, so the whole collection remains in an executable binary.

8) Powerful Library- Go comes with an advanced library which is distributed as packages. This library caters to a range of activities and components. This library is far more efficient than the ones in other languages. 

What are the Benefits of Golang?

  • Golang uses the same syntax as the C-programming language, which is a lot faster than the rest. Moreover, Golang can support multi-core networked distributed applications.
  • Go has been designed in a language that has been easily compiled. It is precise and explicit, thus easy to read.
  • Golang does not rely on third-party support. It has a rich library with plenty of features and built-in functions.
  • Golang has fantastic scalability. “Goroutines” allow numerous lightweight threads to act simultaneously so that more than one task can be executed at a time.
  • Golang collects all the garbage and puts it into an executable library.
  • Golang has a prominent community base despite being a new programming language in the market. Go has almost half-million programmers in its community.

Notable Companies Which Use Golang

1) Google

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Golang is a programming language that was designed by Google engineers. Hence it is majorly used by them. Golang is also used on Youtube as well as Google App Engine.

2) Uber

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One of the largest companies that hire Golang developers is Uber. Golang is used by them mainly for the “geofence” service, which determines the user’s location and availability of cars around them. Uber claims to have had a great experience with Golang and the company finds the language fully reliable.

3) Mobisoft

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If you’re looking to use Golang, head to Mobisoft Infotech. The company offers to take care of your in-house developer needs. You can hire Golang developers with considerable talent, for any duration of time. Updated with the newest trends and frameworks, the developers bring experience and expertise, to wrap up the project on time.

4) Twitch

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Twitch appreciates the simplicity, readability, as well as the high-security Go, provides. It handles problems that happen while live video display, very efficiently. Golang helps Twitch run smoothly, even when multiple chats are displayed at one time. Go has resulted in 20 times improvement for Twitch in terms of Garbage Collection as well.

5) Dailymotion

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It is a video streaming website that uses Golang to get improved automation of APIs. Golang’s easy yet efficient language helps in carrying out a large number of automation tests which would otherwise have been a very tedious job.

6) Sendgrid

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It is a cloud-based email service that uses Golang as the primary programming language. It is because Golang permits the smooth processing of over 500 million messages per day. Golang’s concurrency model is very beneficial for the company and had been used to solve many other existing problems.

7) Dropbox

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Widely admired as one of the best cloud services, it uses Golang for its high scalability quotient. Dropbox also has plans of expanding Golang’s libraries.

 8) SoundCloud

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It has greatly benefited from Golang’s static typing and fast compilation abilities. With Golang’s advantages, they have had to spend much less time thinking about codings.


So, these are a few of the reasons, which prompt everyone to opt for the Golang developers. Hence, if you do need some help regarding the same aspect, then make sure to contact them!