Your Guide to Smart Toys for Children

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Every parent knows that their child learns through play. Hence, wouldn’t it be amazing if the toys you give to your child are the ones that educate and entertain them? In short, can you provide your child with smart toys that help them with their development?

Yes, definitely. You can browse through the internet for toys suited for specific learning stages of your kids. Toynk has a wide selection of toys for every age and you can categorize or filter your search when you go to their website.

How Babies Play

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Keep in mind that play in your child’s initial year is about discovery. Babies utilize their five senses to learn about the interesting new world that surrounds them. Does an object feel soft or hard? Rough or sticky? What does it do if I drop it? Many plays are composed of mouthing or tasting an object or dropping, banging, or shaking it.,

A play turns out to be more complex and coordinated when your kid builds new motor skills. A good example of this is the following:

  • At around four months old, your baby starts to grasp and reach for objects.
  • By six or seven months, your baby can move the object between his or her hands.
  • At about nine months, a newly developed pincer grasp makes it simpler for them to grab smaller things, such as small age-appropriate toys and blocks.

Through this period, play is normally a solitary activity. However, playing side by side along with other kids or babies and copying activities is typical by year’s end.

At this stage, you are your kid’s favorite playmate.

Smart Toys for Smart Babies

Below is a list of the common smart toys for smart babies:

Push and Pull Toys

This toy will help your baby with balance and the development of big muscles. As they push and pull more, they boost the muscles for running and climbing. They can use such toys to control moving their legs as they develop into toddlers.

Ring Stacker

Did you know that a ring stacker is a toy where rings of various sizes and colors are stacked into a cone? This one is considered a classic toy. Your baby will like biting and holding the rights at the start. They start putting the rings into the cone as their fine motor skills enhance. Later as toddlers, they will begin to know numbers and colors when they stack and count the multicolored rings.

Baby Mirrors

Your baby will be attracted when they stare into a baby mirror as their expression transform. Later, your baby will distinguish the drooling and smiling cute creature staring back.

Your baby will become more familiar once they know that, and hence, they explore more about parts of their body as well as their surroundings.

Nursery Mobiles

We also have a nursery mobile as a smart toy. This one has a dancing figure that will enhance the attention span and support the vision of your baby.

Smart Toys for Toddlers

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At this stage, your baby is building their awareness of objects as well as their function. They love yapping on a toy phone, drinking from a big cup, and stacking blocks. That’s when pretend play begins. That lays the ground for preschool play.

Your baby begins to learn the function of specific objects and will begin to tell the difference between a color and shape.

You can opt for vibrant toys, which are fun to play with. Many toddlers around two years old can scribble with a crayon, stack blocks, or kick a ball at least four tall. At three years old, most toddlers could pedal or a mini tricycle or do basic puzzles.

Your small baby can master new abilities by doing stuff repeatedly. Hence, expect to notice that often as they begin taking charge of their surroundings.

Below are some of the best smart kids for toddlers:

Board games

These are excellent ways to spend time with your toddler. They can also support learning opportunities, satisfying your child’s competitive urges and desire to master new concepts and skills.

Roleplay and pretend toys

These toys are supported with stuffed dolls and animals, such as having a tea party. They help with social and emotional development by teaching your toddler the ideal way to show themselves emotionally.

Toys that support thinking

Smart toddlers can be entertained through play and learn simultaneously. You need to support your kid to play with multipurpose toys where they can learn matching, sorting, counting, colors, and build their fine motor skills at the same time.

Smart Toys for Preschoolers

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Your baby will begin to utilize toys and objects as they’re planned to be utilized. Nonetheless, they will find other efficient uses for them as well. Bear in mind that a preschooler can notice endless possibilities in their surroundings, not to mention they are the creators and masters of everything they see.

Children at this age assume they have powers and are powerful enough to beat monsters. Below are the best toys for preschoolers:


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They enhance dexterity, coordination, and show spatial connection and rational thinking.

Construction and Blocks Sets

Erection a building and finding ways to avoid it from falling enhance your kid’s problem solving and hand-eye coordination skills. Preschoolers utilize construction set and their creativity to make animals, buildings, vehicles, and more.

Smart Toys for Big Kids

Interest and talent begin to firm up. Physical skills are getting fine tunes like big motor skills. Your child learns to skateboard or ride bikes with two wheels. Below are the best smart toys for big kids.

Cards and Board Games

This game supports cooperation and helps your kid deal with their emotions, which go along with losing and winning.

Science Toys

It supports problem solving and discovery, along with science toys. Chemistry sets, binoculars, and telescopes, among others, are the best example of science toys.

Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s cubes have evolved so much these years. They have the perfect combination of math and motorists, plus your kids will have so much fun! We have to recommend Smart cubes, such as GoCube- a totally amazing gift for your teen.

Jump Ropes

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Playing jump rope with friends allows your child to learn how to take turns and play in harmony along with their friends. Jumping rope needs coordination and supports the development of big problem solving and motor skills.

Indeed, toys are an essential tool to help your kid mature and grow. Nonetheless, you should remember that toys are also essential in their development and growth. Hence, make sure you choose smart toys that are suitable for your kid’s age.

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