How Many Driving Lessons Do You Need – 2024 Guide


If you are planning to learn driving, then you have a prevalent question in mind. It is also surveyed that driving instructors get this single question asked too frequently. People ask, “How many lessons will I need to take to learn driving?”. However, instructors sometimes forget that some learners are very keen to learn how to drive and will take the lessons up as fast as possible. They sarcastically reply to the candidates saying, learn till you get old, or how lengthy is a string?

They should know that such answers demotivate people instead of motivating them. They may also lose the same level of enthusiasm with which they came to learn driving lessons. Generally, an instructor gets to know the answer to this question only after giving a driving lesson for just two hours. The instructors must let people know about their level of driving and the lessons they need to undertake. Pass First Go provides the best lessons​ to the novice. People who are too good with driving may have to take additional lessons to achieve the standard.

According to the Driver and Vehicle standards agency, many people need driving lessons that are 45 hours long, and they will effectively learn to drive. Also, they need to be in regular practice to enhance their skills. At least 22 hours of training to drive like a pro.

The First Steps That You Need To Know To Learn Driving

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Before you start with your lessons, you will have to fill an application to get your driving license. Only after you apply, you will get your license. However, there is an age limit to do so, and you can plan to use when there are three months left for your seventeenth birthday.

You can also apply for a provisional license, and for that, all you need to do is fill a standard form. However, you can also choose to apply for it online. After you have applied for your license and your provisional license arrives, you can start with your driving lessons. Start taking up lessons from your seventeenth birthday.

Selecting Your Instructor For Driving Lessons

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You can consider choosing your driving instructor. There are a few things that you should consider before you opt to learn from an individual. When it comes to driving schools and instructors, there is no shortage of it. Several instructors can help you to feel confident with the steering wheel in your hand. Pick your instructor after knowing a few things about them.

What Is Their Qualification?

After taking up the initial lessons, you can practice with either your friends or family. Ensure that you’re driving instructor is either an Approved Driving Instructor or a driving instructor of the trainee level. The instructors must have a badge that they will display on their cars to know what level of instructors they are. The color of the ADI badges are green, and pink for the trainees.

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Do You Feel Comfortable With Them?

Sometimes even an instructor who has much technical knowledge may not be suitable for you. Even after taking the initial lessons for quite some time, you think that you are not clicking, consider switching your instructor. You should feel confident, and at the same time, comfortable and supported while learning how to drive.

Are They Reliable?

If you are lately facing issues with your instructor, such as turning up late, frequently cancelling your scheduled classes in short notices, or booking other students with you, he is not the right fit for you. It would help if you considered changing instructors.

The Abundance Of Lessons That You Need

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It is tricky when you are trying to find time to take up driving lessons. Especially if you are not a morning person, you may find it difficult to learn how to drive. However, it would help if you did not rush while learning to drive since you cannot learn it by rushing. Even if you think that you are much experienced in driving, you need to take a minimum of 12 lessons of one hour each. This range is mandatory in some places before you are eligible legally to stoop for the test.

An individual is required to take almost 12 lessons that are essential in learning how to drive. Choose for an ADI to take up the lessons. Each lesson roughly takes an hour to complete. But, sometimes, it depends on the condition of the road they are learning to drive on. Road closures, heavy traffic, or similar hurdles may induce the lesson to last longer. Hence, do not keep anything urgent right after your lessons or schedule it before your lecture. These 12 lessons are mandatory, and you will only be allowed to take the driving tests after completing them.

Your logbook should have all 12 lessons stamped and approved to take up the driving test. You will get the required knowledge and skills with the help of the lesson taken to pass this test. You are required to stay in practice even if you are driving too often. This way, your skills will furnish, and also you will not forget the tips and tricks. However, some learners need extra tuitions along with the regular classes to learn how to drive.

The instructor also provides these additional classes if they feel that you cannot learn how to drive from 12 lessons. Driving lessons don’t have only to do with clearing the road test. They are about making excellent drivers who drive with utmost confidence and safety on the road. They should have the right attitude and skills. Hence, such training programs are developed just for people who are eager to take up driving lessons. Try to learn tips and tactics from your supervisor, who is qualified enough in the field.

Keep in mind, don’t choose a supervisor who has lots and lots of experience. They may not have the same level of enthusiasm that a younger instructor will have.