Truck Blind Spot Facts – 2024 Guide


Most of you will probably agree that living without a vehicle in the 21st century is impossible. Yeah, we are all aware of the global problems that we are facing such as global warming, climate changes, air pollution, and other stuff. Without any doubt, too many cars on the street are one of the reasons why we have the problem of this type. Because of that, all the drivers hope a healthier alternative appears as soon as possible because, as mentioned, living without a vehicle is almost impossible.

Until something like that happens, we have to use the options that are offered on the market. Yet, not all the people in the world are driving a car. You can also see a lot of trucks on the streets that people mostly drive for business purposes. Of course, there are those individuals that are driving a truck because of pure love, but the number of those people is relatively small.

Anyway, just like any other vehicle, trucks also have their blind spots. All the truck drives pass through the training that will ensure they are capable of keeping the safety of all the participants at the highest level. Unfortunately, blind spots can sometimes lead to costly mistakes. Besides, that is the number one reason why truck accidents occur.

If you need to get a Commercial Driver’s License soon, then you can consider this article extremely helpful. We would like to highlight all the truck blind spot facts that future truck drivers as well as the most experienced ones should know. Let’s find them out together!

Locating a Blind Spot Isn’t Difficult


As a beginner, you may consider this task extremely difficult. However, in this article, we would like to confirm it is quite the opposite with a couple of helpful tips. First of all, you need to know that all commercial truck vehicles have four blind spots (someone would say three). Logically, the first one is a front blind spot that many drivers consider less relevant.

However, it can be extremely important in case you find yourself passing a truck while trying to merge back to the right. When something like this happens, all you have to do is to check out whether you can see the driver’s cab as well as the driver’s face. If you see them, then you can be sure your vehicle is not going in the front blind spot.

Another two (or one) blind spots are on the sides of a tractor-trailer. There is a good reason why some people say there are three blind spots while others claim there are four of them. The toughest one you will face is on the right side of the tractor-trailer. More precisely, on the opposite side of the driver. However, a blind spot can also occur on the left side of the tractor-trailer, but, this time, you will have to spend less time locating it.

Anyway, the blind spot when you are passing another truck on both sides is angled to a certain degree. That is the reason why many drivers so far have not seen that there is a vehicle near to their right side. Unfortunately, this is the main reason why accidents on the streets occur. Because of that, we recommend you pay attention to these blind spots the most!

Finally, the last but not least blind spot is on the backside of the truck. As you know, no truck driver in this world has a rear-view mirror. Even if something like that exists, you can be sure the number of those trucks is small. Believe it or not, the blind spot can go up to 200 feet from the back of the vehicle you are driving. Because of that, we would like to use an example here to explain things clearly.

Let’s imagine that one of the drivers is tailgating the truck. On the other hand, there is one more big truck that wants to slow down or simply stop for some reason. In case that happens, one of the trucks would simply crush into the read end. Do we even need to say what is the outcome of this sort of accident?

So How to Potentially Avoid Truck Blind Spots?


We need to tell you one thing that may help you reduce the pressure you feel. Neither of the truck drivers can control everything. Your main duty is to pass through all the pieces of training and truly learn how to drive a truck.

Despite that, you also need to ensure that your concentration and focus are at the highest level while driving. If you do these two things, that means you did everything that you can to control the situation.

However, “be a good driver” probably isn’t the tip you would like to hear here. That is the reason why we would like to provide you with some additional tips that will probably help you avoid the truck blind spots as much as you can.

Be Careful When you See a Truck In Front of You


We understand you are in a hurry. Despite that, there are probably many car drivers that would want to see you drive quicker. However, when you see a truck in front of you, do whatever it takes not to be near it. In that way, you will end up in the back blind spot which can be extremely dangerous for you and other drivers. Instead of that, be at least a few meters behind that truck so the driver could see you. We are sure this is not hard to achieve.

Pass the Truck with Full Attention


Of course, if you drive a large truck, then doing something like this is impossible. We do not recommend you even try it out, especially on the highways. However, if you are driving a semi-truck (or even a basic car), then this piece of advice can mean a lot to you.

Whenever you want to pass a large truck from do that only if your concentration is at the highest level. First of all, check out if there is a vehicle that comes from the opposite direction. After you do that, try to pass the large truck as soon as you can without reducing the safety level of all the vehicles you can see on the streets.

Another thing we need to say here is that inexperienced drivers should not do something like this. It may happen they start making mistakes while passing the truck and accidentally get in the truck’s blind spot. If something like that happens, the outcome can be quite bad.

Final Thought

Generally speaking, these are not the only ways to avoid being in a blind spot. If you want to learn some other tricks, you may want to visit Brooks Law Group after reading this article. There are a few more interesting truck blind spot facts you can hear and improve your knowledge.