How (Not) To Be A Complete Amateur In Apex Legends?

In several battling games that started to rise after the triumph of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite – Apex Legends has also emerged. By its name, it seems like another conventional representative of the class that will be overlooked very soon. However, Apex Legends turned out to be one of the quickest developing player games. This data is not sufficient to give a genuine impression of the game itself, but there are tons of things that Apex did effectively contrasted with its rivals. What more, it even presented a few innovations.

Team Play – The Most Important Factor

Besides following the well-tested fighting equation well known to all, this game stands apart for its team play. In spite of the fact that there are other squad formations games – Apex Legends currently has teams containing three players each. This game additionally presents a ping framework that until recently existed merely in MOBA games like League of Legends. Although there is voice chat in the game, the ping system is designed in such a way that almost 90% of communication takes place through it. Such a system gives all the necessary information quite visible on the screen even without opening the folder.

Teamwork is also extremely important, even though there are players who can practically carry their team on their backs. One of the innovations introduced by Apex Legends is the ability to revive players on your team after someone has killed them. This ability gives a new dimension of importance to every member of the team.

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Presence Of Different Classes And Characters

Another significant factor adding to team cooperation is the presence of various classes. There are essential 4 classes – the tank, heal, damage and scout. Since the majority of the capacities that the characters have are of an assistant type – it is extremely simple to pick diverse teams that can give a positive outcome. In any case, it appears that the tank class has no functional spot in this game. The main two characters that have a place with this class are Gibraltar and Caustic and yet, these two characters can be met in a match just once in a while. Simply, their abilities are not too influential on the course of the battle. For example, Gibraltar at first glance looks quite solid because of its huge defensive field.

However, it’s very easy to run into that field and kill the opponents. So, when you consider everything, it is very clear why few people choose these characters or why they are thought to be weaker than others. Of course, the development team will surely work on the balance, but generally, the impression is that the tank class is unnecessary, mostly because of the gameplay dynamic.


Weapons are an essential factor in every battle game, and so is the case with Apex Legends. At present, the balance is relatively solid in the sense that it is not necessary to have exclusively two weapons to win a game. The balance is designed to give players plenty of valid weapon combinations to use. However, there are currently two weapons that stand out the most in strength, as well as several weapons that are not strong enough.

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Wingman And Peacekeeper

These two are currently perhaps the best weapons in the game when it comes to mid-range or close combat. Wingman resembles a bit of an R8 revolver in CS: GO, but still requires far more precision than other weapons. Peacekeeper is one of the three guns to fall into the shotgun category and as such is very effective in chest-to-chest combat.

However, the problem with Peacekeeper is that there is a Precision Choke accessory that allows these weapons to be used at close range to become a mid-range sniper, which is a bit worrying. Things get much clearer if we consider that of the other two rifles in this category, one is completely useless (Mozambique) and the other one is a pump that is not so bad. Still, Peacekeeper can be far more useful. The development team’s official response to the balance is that they have made the game in which there should be bad weapons or weapons that become good after a few accessories, as well as weapons that are good and without accessories. However, in this case, they require the greater skill of the player himself.

Skill Is Important

Notwithstanding some of the benefits, this game still requires skill and a sense of teamwork. But what if you are still not a skilled player? Of course, you must first find your favorite Legend on which to “bake the craft”, before moving on to the rest of the colorful crew. And later? Well, then you can seek help from the true legends – and by that, we mean the legends of this game.

The best connoisseurs of this game are offering you their coaching services that will certainly be of great help to your progression in this exciting adventure. It all works very simply. You just need to visit this website, search for the game and coach whose services you may need. Then you make contact with a manager so you could organize your coaching session, and set your order. Simple as that.

What Distinguishes The Good From The Bad Players?

What separates the good from the bad players is the use of pitch, as it is very easy to climb different objects and thus gain a height advantage over opponents. It is also possible to slip on downhills and flat terrain which is far better and requires more skill in avoiding bullets, than squatting or lying down. As a result, more player mobility is gained, which makes the game’s dynamics much greater and as a consequence, the gameplay more fun.


Best Features Of The Game

The best features of the game in comparison to competitors are the quality of graphics and animation, easy detection of opponents in the open and closed spaces, as well as the aforementioned gameplay. The quality of the graphics and animation stand out from the competition, and it can be seen that the development team has devoted a great deal of work to this segment. Therefore, the graphical menu has a sufficient number of options that will be suitable for players who are oriented by FPS numbers or those who are looking to maximize the image quality.


One can get the impression that this is an almost perfect battle royale game, which currently is the case. Still, the question is: What will happen in the future? It is known that new legends will be inserted, but even though the development team is actively interacting with players – there are still many unknown things. The main question that bothers the skeptics is whether this title will turn into another battle royale trend that people will forget in a few months or if Respawn Entertainment will be able to insert enough interesting content relatively often to keep the game fresh. Until then, all we can do is not think too much about the future and enjoy the hours spent playing Apex Legends with your friends.