The 7 Rarest Apex Legends Badges And How You Can Achieve Them


Badges in Apex Legends are achievements that players can earn for completing specific challenges or reaching certain milestones in the game. When earned, they appear prominently on a player’s profile to showcase their successes within Apex Legends.

There are various badges available, from simple achievements for reaching certain levels or playing certain matches, to badges requiring exceptional skill and strategy to obtain. Some examples are dealing a certain amount of damage in one match or eliminating specific enemies in just one go. Some are more rare and prestigious than others, attainable only by a select few top players. Earning badges gives players an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and dedication to the game; their achievement serves as a source of pride and accomplishment for those who earn them. If you need to succeed as fast as possible, then turn to a professional team of boosters RankBeasts for apex badge boosting.


Gamers need badges in Apex Legends for various reasons. Badges can serve to showcase a player’s progress and accomplishments in the game, providing pride and motivation to continue playing and improving. Furthermore, badges serve to distinguish one player from others and showcase their unique skills and achievements.

Badges provide another means of tracking player progress and performance within a game, helping them set personal goals while striving to hone their skills and refine strategy. Certain badges may require a specific number of kills or wins before unlocking them – providing players with motivation for improving both skills and strategy!

Best Apex Legends badges may come with exclusive rewards, such as unique skins or customization options that further encourage players to earn and collect them.

This is an integral component of the game that allow players to display their accomplishments, track their progress, and stay motivated while continuing playing and improving.

Rarest Badges in Apex

Here are some of the rarest and most highly desired ones in the game:

1. To obtain the 4k Damage Badge (Damage). Players must cause over 4,000 damages in one match, using strategic skill and consistent damage dealing throughout. Achieving this  may require multiple attempts; tips to achieving it include prioritizing damage delivery throughout the match, choosing characters with high damage potential, and working closely with teammates to coordinate attacks.


2. Attaining the 20 Kill Badge (Elite). Players must eliminate 20 enemy players in one match – this requires skill, strategy and some luck! Tips to help achieve it include being aggressive during matches while selecting characters with strong offensive abilities – plus keeping an eye out for enemy players throughout your match and eliminating them quickly!

3. To earn the Triple Triple Badge (Damage). Players must achieve 9 kills in a single match on three consecutive attempts – this requires exceptional skill, strategy, and consistency from their squad as well as being aggressive during gameplay. Some tips for unlocking may include having a regular squad, using high-damage weapons exclusively and staying within your range while being active throughout each round.

4. Attaining the 3k Damage and 20 Kill Badge (Elite). Players must deal over 3,000 damage in one match while also eliminating 20 enemy players – this requires both high damage output and strong offensive skills. Some helpful strategies for reaching this milestone include focusing on dealing damage throughout each match, choosing characters with high potential damage output, coordinating attacks between team players, and working together as one in order to coordinate attacks on enemy players.

5. To earn the 4k Damage and 20 Kill Badge (Champion). Players must deal 4,000+ in damage while eliminating 20 enemies in one match – this badge is reserved only for the top 500 players at the end of every season and it requires both dealing high amounts of damage as well as consistently killing opponents throughout. To unlock it, focus on both dealing high damage levels while consistently eliminating enemy opponents during every match! To earn this achievement badge.


6. Apex Predator Badge (Champion). To earn the Apex Predator Badge, players must attain the Apex Predator rank, which is the highest tier in the game. Doing this takes skill, dedication and hard work – players should focus on sharpening their gameplay skills by consistently playing and ranking up in matches, working as part of their team to secure victory and achieve this award.

7. The Master of All Badge (Customization). Order to unlock all character skins, weapon skins, and other customization items within a game – an accomplishment which takes much dedication and hard work as many items are unlocked through gameplay or purchases only. Players should focus on unlocking new items as they become available; completing challenges and achievements; as well as playing regularly and ranking up their matches consistently.

Acquiring rare badges can not only be an enormous source of pride and accomplishment, but can also help players distinguish themselves in the Apex Legends community and earn the respect of their peers. They may even act as motivation to improve your gameplay and strive for new achievements.

Players looking to unlock best badges in Apex Legends should prioritize honing their skills and strategy while setting realistic goals that they work toward consistently. Learning from top performers is also invaluable; watch their gameplay for insights and tips on how you can enhance your own gameplay experience.

Apex badge boosting means an emblematic display of dedication, skill, and hard work from players – and earning them can be both rewarding and fulfilling if one puts in the effort necessary to earn them.

Rare badges in Apex Legends serve as a mark of achievement and skill within the game, signifying accomplishments and skills acquired over time. Some of the rarest and most sought-after badges can only be earned by highly skilled and dedicated players, though achieving these badges requires hard work and practice on your part – we hope that this article has provided useful insight and knowledge that helps your journey towards becoming legendary in Apex Legends!