How to Prepare for Your Bike Tour

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If you are considering taking a biking trip, you’ll need to do a bit of prep work to prepare yourself. There are several things you should know about how to train and get your gear ready so you can prepare to take a cycling tour. You’ll likely be spending several weeks and months dreaming about and preparing for the trip, so you will want to make the most of it. You will get out of the trip what you put into it, so you’ll want to make sure you are confident and comfortable.

Think About Trip Grading

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You will need to think about the trip grading and consider the notes you have made so you can consider the type of trip you have coming up. There are several things you will need to consider when it comes to preparing. For instance, will one of the days have more hills than others? Or will the region be hot at that time? Take a look at the trip itinerary and consider the grade to help you make the most out of your training sessions. That way, you can determine the right way to train before you leave. If cycling is still relatively new to you and you feel uncertain, don’t be afraid to jump right in. It is not uncommon to feel nervous before a big trip.

Take things slowly and go at your own pace. That way, you can enjoy the trip instead of focusing on how well you think you are doing. This is a time to enjoy yourself, not to race, so make sure you are comfortable and confident in your abilities. If you are going on a tour with a dedicated company, you might have vehicle support as well. That means if you do not feel you can ride one day, you could still take a rest and make progress. Another way to ensure you are successful is to consider using an eBike. Devices such as DŌST Bikes offer a bit of extra boost when you need a bit of help pedaling.

Practicing Your Cycling

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You will need to work up to a level of fitness that allows you to successfully complete the tour. You will want to spend a fair amount of time on the bike working out and practicing. Other exercise is great, but it will not strengthen the same group of muscles you need for cycling. Weight bearing exercises, cardio, and other exercise has its place in your routine, but you will want to dedicate as much time as possible toward riding. Regular cycling will help you exercise a variety of muscles. It also helps your body get accustomed to being in the seat for a longer amount of time. It is also best to get some practice with biking on a real bike, not just one in the gym. However, if you are in a pinch, using the stationary bike in the gym will work.

Another important aspect of a successful training regimen is to do so consistently. Try to get the same amount each week, gradually increasing it bit by bit. By doing this consistently and often, you will help your body become fit enough for the tour. To remember your workouts, it is a great idea to do them at the same times and make it a part of your schedule. Make it easier on yourself to get these workouts in so you do not have any excuse to skip them. For instance, you will want to keep everything handy for your trips, including your clothing and other supplies. And make sure you clear your schedule around the time of your workouts, so you won’t feel too busy to get them in.

Getting the Right Wardrobe

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It is not essential to get special biking clothing, but it can help you feel more comfortable while traveling. For example, there are specially designed shirts which have pockets for a variety of items. You can place your money, snacks, camera, phone, and other items in these pockets and keep them with you at all times. You might also want to use cycling gloves, which can protect your hands from weather and the sun. They can also prevent your hands from blistering as you hold the handlebars for many hours each day.

Making the Most of Practice Sessions

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It is easy to bike on flat ground, but once you get to the hills, you will find it is more difficult to complete your workout session. Many people do not enjoy hills, but the only way to make them easier is to practice going up them. It is a good idea to pick a good gear so you can pedal at the right speed. If the gear is too high, you will need to use a lot of energy each time you move the pedals, making you feel more tired. Or it could injure your hips or knees. On the other hand, if it is too low, you will move the pedals too quickly, which can also cause you to tire out faster.

It is great to organize your workout, but you will also want to have some flexibility worked into that. It might be hard for you to fit a specific training time into your weeks. Instead, try to do a little every day. You might try riding to work or the grocery store. That is also an excellent way of creating consistency in your workouts. The best way to train for a long bike tour is to get on your bike as often as you can. By spending more time in the bike seat, you will develop better muscles in that area, allowing you to feel more comfortable on a long trip. Another way to build up leg strength is to try going up as many hills as possible. Or you could try climbing up stairs to build up even more strength. Remember, by preparing well, you will enjoy the trip much more. Try to push yourself to continually improve. If you are only fit enough to do the trip, you will not enjoy it as much as if you were able to complete it effortlessly.