How to Properly Clean Your Car: 5 Car Care Products You’ll Need


Owning a car is one thing. Taking good care of it is another. We all take care of our vehicles in different ways. For some people, it’s all about keeping them in driving condition. For others, it’s more than that. We are one of those people who believe that a good car needs to be a clean car. Are we on the same page? Considering you’re reading this article we believe that you are. Sometimes it’s harder to clean your automobile than to fix its engine. Things do get like that.

A car needs to be viewed as a room in the house. Cleaning comes without an argument. You need to handle it no matter what. You can’t sit in a dirty room, and you can’t drive a car that doesn’t have good hygiene. The best part is that it’s not all that hard to achieve this goal. Having your car clean is possible. Are you asking yourself and us how to properly clean your car? We hope that you do because we are about to hand you the five car care products you’ll need to get the job done. But before that, remember cleaning is essential but keeping the car safe from dust is also necessary. Because if you clean the car and let it be to get dirty again, is it fair? So, Coverland Car Covers are necessary to cover your car so that dust can’t make it dirty.

Of course, hard work is vital to clean your car the right way, but without proper assistance, you can’t achieve perfection. This is something you need to learn early on. So many products and tools can help you, and in this article, we are going to focus on the primary ones. The more care you take about your automobile the more you’ll learn on your own what else can be added to the mix. In no time you’ll be commenting on this article and saying to us which products are even better. We dare you to do so. In the mid-time, read what we have to say.

1. Foam Car Wash


When you wash your car it is fine to improvise. But, don’t push things too far. Using kitchen soap is not wise or recommended. In a rush, it will get the job done, but in the long term, if you love your vehicle it’s the wrong approach. You need a real car wash. Always seek to buy what professionals use like JennyChem Snow Foam. Focus on the foams that are genuinely powerful against dirt, and that is safe for your windows and paint. Be free to use those that create a lot of foam, and that leaves a pleasant scent afterward. Always look to buy the good stuff. If you’re not sure where to get everything your car might need in this and any other department you’re free to check out Autopro and similar outlets.

2. Microfiber Wash Mitt


Once you have the foam prepared it’s time to get the rubbing mitt into motion. In addition to soap, the next most important car for a good car wash is of course the proper cleaning tool. In this department, it is important to get your hands on a quality mitt. The best ones are of course those dubbed that are made out of microfiber. The material of which it is made must be strong enough to handle the dirt but soft enough not to damage the paint. The so-called middle ground. In most cases, microfiber material is soft, plushy, and water-absorbent. Some people tend to use a good old towel for this action, but that’s not what you want to do. The towel absorbs too much liquid and gets heavy. Thus it’s harder to maintain control over it while cleaning.

3. Wax, or Wax Alternatives

Waxing is a great treatment for any care, once you have its cleanness in top-notch condition. But, there’s a catch. It is not an easy job to do. Waxing your vehicle can be hard on you, and it takes a lot of time if you want to get it right. This is where a wax alternative can come into play. Yes, cleaning your car like a pro is one thing, but you can take it down a couple of notches. Using one of the alternatives and just spraying it on your car, and having it spread around equally can have the same effect with a lot less effort. The best part is that alternatives too can be sued on your wheels and windows alike. It’s the best way to make your Honda Civic into a Type R in one touch.

4. A Degreaser


Greasy stains are the worst. We can talk about furniture, clothes, or cars. Grease is the number one enemy of cleanness. If you are a man of details, you’ll need one in your arsenal of weapons that will fight the dirt that plagues your automobile. Of course, degreasers tend to be very powerful, so you need to be careful which one you buy, and how much you’ll use. It’s not wise to attack all parts of your car with one, as it can be heavy on the fabric or the paint, but you can handle the motor oil with it. That’s right, cleaning your car is not only about the chassis and the interior. You need to clean the engine bay too. And we can bet you, you’ll find dirt, grime, and piled-up oil there. It all needs to be cleaned. What’s the better way to do it than with a degreaser? Trust us, this is not one of those GOT questions, who has the best story? Yes, we know it’s not Bran Stark. This is a piece of honest advice. And here’s another one. If you apply degreaser on carpets and mats make sure you dilute it.

5. A Bucket or Two


You won’t get far without a proper bucket. Maybe we should start with it. But, it’s not too late now. You need a bucket in which you’ll make soap, and probably another one with clean water. Yes, you can have a hose nearby, but you’ll be spending too much water that way. Also, it’s better to handle the soap washing with a bucket rather than going with the hose and foam. It won’t give you the best results. Sometimes, things need to be done the old-fashioned way. Anyway, with everything we mentioned above, you can get your car lean as much as you want.