Experts from First American Home Warranty Suggest How To Sell Your Property Fast in 2024

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More often than not, we associate a quick sale of a property with a drastic reduction in price. That is something which many people do when they find a property that they want to buy and don’t want to be held up by the chain or to get rid of the place. If, however, you have plans to sell your home soon and you don’t want it to drag it on, there are lots of ways to make a quick sale, and maintain the value of your home at the same time.

Last year we sold our place in California, and my wife and I knew around six months before this that we would be selling up. Neither of us could afford the house sale to drag on, but we didn’t want to lose any of the value that we had in the property. With this in mind, we did loads of research about what buyers want and listened to the experts in terms of small changes that could be made to guarantee a fast sale at full price. After some hard work and possibly a little bit of luck, we were able to make the sale of our property within six weeks after having listed it, and here is how.

Home Warranty

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One suggestion we didn’t expect was to get ourselves a home warranty as it can be passed on to the new buyers, and the protection it offers is highly sought afterward. We started to compare a few companies and checked out the reviews and found that First American Home Warranty provided the best protection. They also ensured that we could transfer the policy to the new owners. As it turned out, this was something that the buyers of our home liked very much.

Curb Appeal

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You only get one chance to make an excellent first impression, and this is precisely why the curb appeal of your property is so urgent. That is an essential aspect of the property becasue so many who come to see the property will make a great deal of their decision within the first few minutes of arriving. What we did to improve the curb appeal of our property was to repaint the house, which gave it a bold and clean look, we also repainted the awnings and repaired a few broken roof tiles. Once we had done that, we got to work in the small garden in front of the house. In the past, we always used to focus on keeping the grass cut, but this time we deiced to also add some gorgeous plants and a hanging basket by the front door. After we were done, the front of the home looked completely different, and we did not doubt that the buyers loved what they saw.

Loft Conversion

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If your home needs a new bathroom or kitchen, then we would recommend getting it done to get a quicker sale and add more value to the house, but only if you are going to be living in the property for a little while before you do that. In our case, we wanted to add some value and look for a quick sale, and becasue we still had some months left at the property, we decided to add a bedroom by converting the loft. We were able to do this at a little cost through some smart purchases, and the truth is that the result was terrific. Not only did this add some value to the property, but it also changed it from a three-bedroom to a four-bedroom property. Our new buyers even commented on how much they loved the conversion.


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Another simple solution that we found to get the house sold quickly was to get around the interior details, and the difference which it made was immense. What we are talking about here is the light switches, the plug sockets, and the skirting boards, replacing and painting to give the home a better feel to it. That did not cost us much, and we managed to do it all in one day. Nobody commented on it, but I do not doubt that this added a more delicate feel to the home, which helped us to sell it quickly.

Try out these tips if you are looking for a quick sale.