Here is Why Human Hair Wigs Are Better Than Synthetic Ones

Have you been facing a lot of issues with your such as hair fall, dull hair, split ends, and such? Has your hair been damaged after long hours of processing and hair products? Do you feel yourself losing confidence because of the condition of your hair? Or do you want to experiment with your hair and don’t want to damage your natural hair?

Does looking at influencers on the internet makes you want to have confidence like them. Even women from work, or gym, or any other place you go to. In the case of hair, wigs can prove a great confidence booster. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself!

But first let us tell you about the two major types of wigs available in the market: Synthetic hair wig and human hair wig. First up: Synthetic hair wigs and its advantages and disadvantages.

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What are Synthetic Hair Wigs?

Just as the name suggests, synthetic hair wigs have artificial hair on it. Synthetic hair wigs have come a long way in the last ten years. The latest synthetic hair wigs look more and more like human hair. Synthetic hair wigs are very easy to use and can be worn straight out of the box! No styling needed! Additionally, synthetic hair doesn’t react to hair like human hair. So, the next time, you don’t have to worry about your hair curling. It is a bonus that synthetic hair wigs are available for a much cheaper cost than human hair wigs.

A synthetic wig doesn’t need any styling. While this might be an advantage for many, it is the biggest disadvantage to the wig. How long can you go on with the same hairstyle? It does get boring after a while, doesn’t it? The natural fibre of synthetic hair prevents the locks from getting styled, o you might encounter some stubborn hair strands. Depending on the quality of your wig, you might end up damaging the synthetic hair when you style it.

Let us move on the next wig type: Human Hair Wigs and its pros and cons.

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What about Human Hair Wigs?

When it comes to the feel of natural hair, these wigs are your best friends. The texture of it will be exactly like human hair because it is human hair! There are different types of hair used in a wig too!

According to Cynosurehair, the four most popular ones include European, Indian, Indonesian and Chinese. European hair is the most popular among wig wearers and has a large demand in the market. These have a beautiful texture and are easy to style. Indian hair has more volume and has a texture loved by many. Indonesian hair has more volume than Indian hair and the fact that Indonesia is one of the largest suppliers of hair helps the case. Chinese hair is the thickest of them all and is usually straight. The one negative of this hair is that it is stubborn when it comes to styling as the density makes it difficult to bend.

These wigs come with the perks of having human hair wigs. Style it any way you want and it will look like the way natural hair does when styled. You also get to take care of it like your natural hair. Shampooing, conditioning and all the works!

Where human hair wigs come with advantages, they also carry disadvantages of natural hair. Taking care of this type of wig is like taking care of your natural hair. Which is an extra effort for some. The hair also reacts to the weather, like your hair. It gets frizzy in a humid climate, curly when left wet, dry during winters, and oily during summers. These wigs are also more expensive than synthetic hair wigs.


Which is better: Synthetic Hair Wig or Human Hair Wig?

When you are choosing a wig, you have to keep many things in mind. Ranging from budget to the quality to your need, you can select any of the above.

When it comes to the budget, you will find that synthetic hair wigs are more affordable than human hair wigs. Although there are some expensive options in the market when it comes to synthetic hair wigs. We would recommend you not to compromise on the quality of hair. And good quality human hair wigs are not available for cheap. You will get great results at the end if you choose human hair wigs.

Since human hair wigs have natural hair, it sometimes can get weather with time. Proper care essential in this scenario. On the one hand, where you can style it, you have to take care of it too. The option of styling the hair is taken away from you when it comes to synthetic hair wigs. It might last you longer since it doesn’t suffer many hair products. Both human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs last for approximately 1 to 3 years.

The first rule of wearing a is for it to feel more natural on you. And what feels natural looks natural. That is where human hair wigs win a major point. The look and feel of it are very much like your natural hair.

So, getting a human hair wig will be the most suitable for you. You will have an experience like taking care of your natural hair. It will be like having a rebirth of your natural hair. Not to mention that you won’t tire of getting the feel of your silky new hair at any chance you get.



As you have read, human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs both have their perks. Where one lacks, the other conquers. As the world develops, new advancements will be made in the world of wigs too. The newest advancement has synthetic and human hair mixed to form a wig. This wig has qualities of both synthetic and human hair wigs. Although it is still a developing wig, we will see many changes soon.