How to Take Care of Human Hair Wigs

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Owning a human hair wig is great and all, but do you know how to take care of it?

Investing your hard-earned money into a human hair wig is a smart thing to do, but making sure the quality stays should be the biggest priority. If you want your wig to last a long time and look great, you’ll need to purchase the correct density.

To help out with that, we’re here to tell you exactly how to take care of it. We will include lots of helpful bitts so make sure to read till the end.

1. Use a Wig Head

Certain wigs, such as a straight full lace, needs to stay in good condition to ensure its quality. Since you won’t be using the wig 24 hours a day, you need to get yourself ahead to safely store it.

Whenever getting this stand, make sure that it includes bobby or t-pins to keep the wig in place. But the shape of the wig is even more important when it comes to storing. So, keeping it pinned down using bobby or t-pins will help solve two problems at once. In, for example, you’ll find the best Virgin Indian wigs in the market. They are dedicated to perfection to offer their clients the best hair they can get. If you want a silky and natural-looking wig, Keswigs is your best option.

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2. Don’t Use Sticky Hair Products

Every girl wants perfect hair. The only way to achieve that, unfortunately, is to use hair products. But the more products we use the more weight we put on our wig.

And to top it off, these products can make the wig sticky after some time. This is only a problem if you don’t regularly wash it, which we encourage you to do!

Hairspray and mousse are great and all, but you don’t want to end up looking like a witch after a few days. Make sure to regularly wash the wig to keep it in optimal shape.

This wig is made out of real hair and it requires the same treatment.

3. Washing It

Washing is so important that we decided to give you a few additional tips on how to do it. Since this is a wig and not your real hair, it does require a few other things in addition to your ordinary shampoo.

For example, after washing it with the shampoo you’ll need to properly rinse it with a conditioner. This isn’t anything unusual as we do all these things to our hair anyway.

Whenever you finish washing, you’ll need to dry it just as you would do it to your own natural hair. The biggest mistake people do is get lazy and leave the wig dirty and sticky after a few days of using it. Make sure to avoid making this mistake.

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4. Make Sure to Detangle

Combing is important and it will continue to be an important part when taking care of your wig.

Combing is important with any type of human wig, but lace front body waves need it the most. Wavy hair can easily tangle, so a comb will be your best friend when it comes to taking care of it.

But the type of comb can easily determine whether you’ll succeed or fail. Naturally, it would be good on our part to tell you about the best comb. For wavy human hair wigs, a wide-tooth comb can detangle just as easy as one-two-three.

Using anything but a wide-tooth comb will cause knots and make it shed a lot. If you were ever going to invest in a tool to help comb your wavy wig, then a wide-tooth comb is the tool to get.

5. Short is Easy

If the particular wig is short, then your troubles are easily solved as the shorter it is the easier to take care. Finding human hair wigs is nothing short of convenient. And much like the hundreds of companies that sell them, such as Sunber Hair, you’ll find out that a lot of women love wearing a bob wig.

Bob wigs are very popular and highly stylish. This is one advantage of wearing a bob, but even that deserves some taking care of. It’s safe to say that styling a bob is only possible when it’s wet.

Naturally, this tip will only work if you take care of it whilst wet. A wet bob is not only easier to style, but easier to cut, and comb. If you have a bob, then this is the only way to take care of it.

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6. Storing Long Weave

Deep weave hair wigs are some of the most painful types of hair to take care of. That’s because this wig only works if you regularly weave it.

But this presents a problem on its own. Namely, long weaves take a nightmare amount of time to make so most girls do them once and choose to take care of them instead of weaving every single day.

For that, you’ll need to store it properly, just as you would use a wig head.

But this time, it takes a bit more to do so than simply place it on a stand and attach a few bobby pins. You’ll need to make sure no dust gets onto the wig and you have to keep it away from sunlight and heat.

The best place to store this type of wig is in a darker room with no real access to direct sunlight. You can also place something over it so dust doesn’t get onto it.

A great place that women store their deep waves is in their closets.

7. Avoid Excessive Heat

Wavy and curly wigs get into trouble when in direct contact with sunlight or heat. This problem is so real that we had to give it its own section.

The damage done to the wig when exposed to direct sunlight or heat is so problematic that it can completely ruin the wig. If this happens, you’ll go through a lot of trouble to make it the way it was.

In most cases, you’ll even have to buy a new one. So, make sure to avoid direct sunlight or heat whenever not using it. Like we mentioned in the previous part, the closet is the best place to store your wavy or curly wig.