8 Quick Ways to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

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Some people have a natural writing talent and they can adapt to every type of writing, including academic essays and papers. But, at the same time, there are people who need to practice, so they can be better at this. Sadly, some people will never learn how to write, because they don’t put much effort into that, knowing that they can pay someone to do that for them. Everything is acceptable, but it’s always better to try to write alone before you ask for professional help.

Most of the research papers need to be done following a pre-given outline, guidelines, and standards. Sometimes, you will need to improvise by yourself, because some professors will make you create your own outline, so they can see if you’re able to mark what is important in the paper.

But, also, you need to follow some guidelines and use tricks so you can improve your writing skills. Here are some of them:

1. Find a proper place to write

When you need to write an academic essay, you may want to establish a proper routine, that includes finding a comfortable and calm place. Having a routine is important. For example, you can decide what are your writing hours and stick to that schedule. After a week, when the time comes, you will instinctively move to the other room, take your place, and start working on your thesis, while researching it and developing the essay structure.

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2. Put away all the possible distractions

Turn off the TV, close all the social media tabs, and put away the smartphone. When you work on your academic essay, you must stay concentrated all the time, because very often, your future in education depends on it. All the notifications you receive may distract you, and you will lose precious time answering texts and liking posts, without writing a word in hours.

3. You can use online help

A lot of online websites like essaywritingservice.com offer writing services, from making an outline, providing a free example, and even writing a whole essay for you. You only need to give them the topic and all the other necessary information, and they will write your paper. If you still want to do it on your own, but you don’t know how to start, you can ask for help online. Some services will provide a great outline for your topic and you’ll be able to finish the paper successfully and deliver a high-quality academic essay.

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4. Use active voice

Academic essays are formal, but you should use an active voice and avoid passive sentences. Many writers think they are making the paper more valuable and worthy if they use complicated words and sentences, but you need to know that they will appreciate the paper more if it doesn’t take hours to read it. The writing style needs to be clear and understandable, and to make sense to everyone who reads it, no matter if they are college teachers or average students. The sentence flow needs to be clear, concise, and easy to follow. The whole paper should sound more natural, so everyone can understand what do you want to say.

5. Make an outline

You need to know the topic and to understand it, so you can write a good essay. So, make a good outline and write down everything you need to mention in it. Create a good introduction, plan the development, and decide what is worth to be included in the conclusion. The body of the thesis is the most important part, but a good introduction and clear conclusion will increase the essay’s worth. A good outline makes a valuable guideline, that connects all the important dots and points, making your final text solid and supportive of your thesis.

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6. Solid grammar and punctuation is a must

Everyone who needs to write essays and papers should have the solid grammar and well-formed sentences. Your vocabulary is also important because you don’t want to overuse some words. Use the comma properly, and take care of the way you build the essay. As we said, an active tone can make the paper stronger and more valuable.

Even if you aren’t sure about your grammar, you can always check, edit, and proofread your text using online tools. They will find the mistakes and help you correct them, giving better and more exact suggestions, that are more appropriate for the essay. These tools will also help you improve your general writing style. Also, you can ask a professional editor to read the paper right after you finish it, so they can suggest to you how to improve it.

7. Understand the topic you are working on

Before you start writing, you need to understand the topic. Then, research the topic and write down the most important points. Detect what is the clue in it, and work on the body. Use the right vocabulary, and choose the words smartly. Analyze the topic critically, and take side notes, that will help you improve the content. Find evidence that will strongly support your thesis, but also, be opened to mention the facts that are against it. Everything in your essay should be related to the topic, so don’t try to include unnecessary things that are not supportive of the paper.

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8. Organize yourself so you can deliver the paper on time

When you work on your essay, you need to meet deadlines and deliver the work on time. That means that you will need to organize yourself properly and avoid all the possible distractions. The improving tricks in this article will also help you deliver a good essay right on time. Give yourself enough time to research the topic, so you can make a relevant essay, without mistakes and misinformation in it.

We hope you find this article helpful for your next essay. Every one of us has more or less writing talents and skills, but sure it’s not impossible to research, write, and deliver a good academic piece of essay on time if you follow this guide.