How to Improve your Home-Selling Value? By Upgrading your Garages

Presentation and attention to detail are some of the critical ingredients of increasing the value of your home. Real estate sellers know how crucial it is to present your home as a property with significant value before listing it on the market for potential clients.

Aside from indoor facilities such as the kitchen and bedroom, the quality of house garages is one selling point home-sellers may overlook. This is essential for clients who consider space and storage capabilities and use garages for certain activities.

Not only that, but garages are also an expensive investment and are a prominent part of the house. Read further as we list down key points and tips in improving your garages and increase the value of your property.

Repair and Replace your Garage Doors

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Homeowners may overlook garage doors during renovations, and this significantly affects the home value. Taking time and effort to improve the designs and functions will increase value and profit as you try to sell the house to clients.

You can purchase locally or online from websites like Doing repairs or total replacement may be expensive, but these upgrades are proven to provide a good return on investment. Alternatively, you can opt for DIY home improvements and designs that match the architecture and overall design of your house.

Use of Modern Garage Technology

Throw in some extra home value by installing different gadgets in your garage. You may start placing insulation inside the garage, regulating its temperature, and attracts clients who prefer energy-saving homes.

You may also want to add sensors and anti-theft systems that improve the home’s safety and security measures. Overall, the more technology and systems installed in the garage, the more it would add to the home’s overall value, and thus can be sold at a higher price.

Adding Elevated Storage Spaces

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Regardless of the space of your garage, there will always be limits in storing items. Make use of all space by adding elevation. This is a simple upgrade that you can do yourself and bears an impact on improving the value of your home.

Start by purchasing plywood and some screws, and make use of the walls to create brackets that other homeowners may use to put various objects with. The use of walls for storage frees up more space on the ground and adds up the home value.

This is a very cheap trick that can be made for a few hours, and the materials can easily be purchased at your nearby hardware store.

Clean and Organize your Garage

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This is a no-brainer tip for all homeowners, and while this may not add value to your house, a clean garage is better than a dirty one.

Presentation contributes to sales, and clients may be planning to remodel the garage for another function once bought. Take time to clean and organize your garage to make sure you can impress your clients.

Coating your Garage Floors with Epoxy

Epoxy works wonders in maintaining the quality of garage floors. Coated floors will last longer and can handle friction better than uncoated floors.

With epoxy, floors won’t be damaged easily, and cleaning is effortless since it’s water-resistant and dust-proof. This cheap flooring upgrade gives you elegance and an excellent impression to buyers.

Tidying up Outside Spaces

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Sometimes, buyers would think twice if the premise around the house is dilapidated. First impressions matter, and it forms even before they walk inside.

The same idea goes with garages as well, don’t let buyers be discouraged because of cracked floors and crumbling driveway. Remember that the first thing buyers see aside from the driveway is the doors of the garage.

Adding Solar Panels at the Roof of Your Garage

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Going solar significantly improves home value and will impress your buyers. Installing solar panels saves energy since the solar panels generate electricity used in the garage.

And why stop there? You might as well retrofit your house to be dependent on solar energy. This is a good investment option and attracts buyers who prefer saving electricity. There are also some cases where homeowners are off the grid and have been using solar energy for electrical consumption.

Adequate Lighting Installments

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Hiring an electrician to install lighting can also be a good idea. Garages can be dark and unsafe without proper lighting, so installing bulbs and motion-sensitive lights can make your garage look appealing, safe. This can help encourage buyers to consider your property.


Houses are your investments, and increasing value through proper staging takes a lot of time and effort. However, all of this can be worth it. Clients may focus on the insides of your home, and garages are included in the package. Who knows, they might say yes because of the great impression you gave them through the proper staging of your home garage.