How Long Will an Inflatable Hot Tub Last

Inflatable hot tubes are a relatively new concept on the market, and people have different opinions when it comes to them. Some of the people find them very useful, and a good choice to install in their yard, and create a spa center at your home. Since is inflatable, it means you can take it everywhere you need. Usually, it comes with a bag, that is not bigger than a usual beach bag. It’s really quick to set up because it comes with an air blower. The next step is to fill it up with water and turn on the heater. Don’t worry about the electrical conduction, because it’s covered with a few layers of waterproof materials, that protect both you and the electronics inside. You can visit to see how the different models work, and which one is the best for your preferences.

The good thing is that it’s easy to operate since it contains a pump, filter, and heater. You can warm the water up again, re-filter it, or refill it once again as needed. The quality materials make it pretty durable. It’s on you to dry it up completely after you use it, so you can safely store it again. If you know you will use it again in the next few hours, or the next day, you can completely cover it, to keep the tub clean.

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When you buy something like this, make sure you don’t overfill it. Also, don’t sit on the sides, because you can damage the electronics. Another important thing is to remember it’s good for backyards and must be installed on ground level. It can be pretty heavy for balconies and rooftops. It comes in different sizes, but remember that it’s not as deep as it seems in the pictures. So, it’s pretty fun and entertaining, but it may not be what you expect.

And while we are here, we will talk a little about the dark side of the inflatable hot tubes – because surely there are some disadvantages. If you are more than two people, the water can easily get germy and highly contaminated, which means it’s better to shower before you use it, or simply not reuse the same water more than once. You must keep it safe from children, so you can avoid accidents like burning or drowning. They don’t warm the water up properly when it’s cold outside, so forget about your idea of getting hot tubes in the middle of the winter with snow around you. And one last thing you have to be aware of – they have a limited lifespan. The hot water, electricity consumption, and purifying tablets or liquids can damage the shell on the walls. And the good thing is that this type of tub is completely recyclable.

The average lifespan? If used properly, it can last up to 10 years, but usually pretty shorter than that.

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So, are they worth it?

According to the price, which can be from $600 to $1,200 per piece, we can say they are worth about 5-7 years of active use. But, keep in mind that a lot of things can make it less or more durable, including the outdoor temperatures and frequency of active use. Inflatable tubes have an expiration day, but built-in ones can last for decades.

An inflatable option is good for those with a limited budget, who still want to bring the spa center in their backyard. But, they are prone to punctures while using, or other damages, due to active usage. That means maybe they aren’t the most cost-effective choice, but there is no other option that can provide the same features. Inflatable hot tubs work differently than the usual ones, because the insulation may not be that good. That’s a result of the materials used to make it easy to fold and take it no matter where you want. They are maybe not the best choice for people with a limited budget, but they are surely the best you can get for that money.

And when it comes to their durability, you have to know that everything that comes with labels “inflatable” or “portable”, will last only a few years. And that’s true for almost all types of hot tubes. It may last longer or shorter than a decade depending on your dedication to the regular maintenance, and how responsibly you behave to them.

Pro tip: Remove all the jewelry from you before you get in the tube. Even the tiniest bracelet or ring can cause huge damage. Don’t bring sharp things inside the tub.

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Can I use it during winter?

It’s great when the weather is colder, but keep in mind that this type of tub doesn’t provide the needed insulation, and the water will get cold after 15-20 minutes. The good thing is that you can reheat it, but it will consume more energy. Maybe your dream is to be surrounded by snow, while moist steam comes from the tub, but things are not like that in the reality. It can be left outside during winter, but keep in mind that the cold weather, wind, and snow, can really damage the outside cover, or the electrical installation inside. You will have to clean the snow regularly because it can become too heavy on the shell.

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Final words

Some people like to call the inflatable hot tubs – portable Jacuzzi. But it doesn’t mean it’s the same. Also, it’s always better to go for trusted and reliable brands, so you can be completely sure you get the best possible quality. Keep in mind that the internal dimensions are the ones that matter, and can determine how many people can fit inside. It comes mostly in round shape, but there are square and rectangular models that can help you use the space you have smartly. And in the end, you shouldn’t forget that this is not a lifetime investment – and the price tells it all.