8 Innovative Products That Will Make Cleaning Easier

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Everyone loves a spotless and clean house, however, only a few actually enjoy the process and know what exactly they are doing. You need to have these folks in your life, they will always have the answer to your pressing household questions like how to treat an oil stain or how to make your windows shine. They are like a walking encyclopedia for everything “cleaning” including the latest products and gadgets on the market that can cut your cleaning time in half. If you are not lucky enough to have these kinds of friends, then this article is for you. With the insane number of products out there and lack of experience in this arena, it is very easy to get overwhelmed however, we are here to help. Read on below to find more about 8 innovative products that will make cleaning that much easier.

1. Robot Vacuum

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Say goodbye to the numbing back pain that always follows an extended vacuuming session. No matter how advanced your vacuum is, the vacuuming act in itself is plain torture. With a robot vacuum, you can literally sit back and relax while it does all of the work. The best thing about this gizmo is that it is specifically designed to reach all those tight nooks that you usually find it impossible to do with your bulky handheld vacuum. Thanks to the timer feature, you can maintain your regular cleaning schedule, only now you get to have more chores done at the same time so that you can enjoy the rest of your weekend guilt-free. Nowadays, you can find many robot vacuum options at different price points to suit your needs. However, if you have fur babies, this gadget alone, won’t do the trick, you will need this next product in your life.

2. Pet Hair Vacuum

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If you are a proud fur parent, you know that as much as you like your precious pets, pet hair is just a nuisance to deal with. Trying to keep your furniture, curtains and even clothes pet hair-free is quite the challenge. That is exactly why you need to have a pet hair vacuum, one that is solely dedicated to sucking out the finest of hairs from any surface. Pet hair vacuums come with a plethora of different features, to give you a head start, you can find valuable insight posted on How To Home to find all the information you need before randomly investing in a new pet hair vacuum. Interestingly enough, there are some cool functionalities that you might easily miss out on like the grooming features. Instead of having to wait for your pet to shed, some vacuums come with special attachments to enable you to groom your pet directly. However, it is worth mentioning that you need to test out this function first because some pets find it scary and will not sit still through it.

3. Air Purifiers

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Do you know how after you spend a whole day dusting and vacuuming, yet, somehow your home still misses that freshness element? This is because of the quality of air that you are surrounded with is not up to par. Air purifiers catch all of the dust particles, allergens, and debris that end up hanging in the air that are a result of intense dusting. While you can open up the windows and the front door to allow for air circulation, you will basically be inviting pesky insects into your space. This is where an air purifier will come in handy to help you clean and clear the air that you get to breathe.

4. Robot Gutter Cleaner


Gutter cleaning can be a dangerous and exhausting job, but nonetheless, inevitable. No matter how long you keep putting it off, you know that it has to be done, especially after a rainy and windy winter season. To upgrade your cleaning game, invest in a robot gutter cleaner. This cleaner will do all of the hard work for you, it can move inside the gutter and activate various cleaning features as per the kind of debris it encounters. You can either choose to control it remotely, or switch to auto-mode and let it do its magic.

5. Touchless Trash Can

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Whether you are emptying your vacuum dust bag or throwing away food remains, you do not want to touch trash with your dirty hands and then have to clean it over and over again. Save yourself the hassle and replace the trash cans around your house. You will also notice how more willing and able your kids will be throwing out their own trash.

6. Spinning Mop

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Unlike the previous products, spinning mops cannot be considered a technologically advanced product, however, they do deserve the shout out when it comes to easier cleaning. After you finish dusting and vacuuming, you will need to give your floors a nice finishing mop for a glossy finish. Using a spinning mop makes this process ten times easier than using a regular one that consumes time and effort to wring it dry for reuse. Using the tip of your foot and a few simple pulses are all that you need to dry your spinning mop and get back in action.

7. Glass Squeegee

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Nothing is more annoying than ending up with streaky and smudged windows after having spent a good 10 minutes scrubbing them away. Glass squeegees on the other hand will make your windows shine with a few simple and effortless wipes. For the best results, use your favorite glass cleaning spray and notice how much easier and effective window cleaning is compared to your old wash with sponge and dry with cloth technique.

8. Reusable Stove Protectors

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With the reusable stove protectors, you no longer have to strain your arms trying to scrub stubborn grease and sauce stains off of your stovetop. These innovative protectors are made from a nonstick easy peel-off material that is dishwasher safe so that you can enjoy the ultimate stress-free stove cleaning.

Cleaning does not have to be as hard or time-consuming as you always believed it to be. Use the above innovative products to make your life easier and if we dare say it, they can even make you enjoy cleaning a little more than usual. Swiftclean.com suggests, instead of buying everything all at once, do your own research and start with the ones that can serve you the most for the time being then keep adding on until you have everything you need to simplify your cleaning chores as much as possible.