How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Master Bedroom

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When you have something beautiful and attractive, you want to show it off – and nothing could be truer when it comes to home design and improvement and sharing your photos on social media. To get an Instagram-worthy master bedroom, your room needs to be attractive, well designed, and interesting. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to design choices, but it’s safe to say that the more pleasing to the eye, the more eye-catching during page scrolling time! Unique design choices will also help your master bedroom to stand out more easily in photos, too.

If you’re looking to make your master bedroom the best it can be – and have no qualms about showing off your space on your social media profile – here’s how to get that coveted Instagram-worthy bedroom.

Create Your Master Bedroom from Scratch With a Loft Conversion

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Loft conversions are extremely aesthetically pleasing due to their unique shapes and designs. Furthermore, loft spaces that have been converted usually have a good and attractive source of natural light from high windows, meaning the general look will be more appealing, and any photos of the room will require no filter!

A loft conversion is a perfect choice for a master bedroom, as the spacing of the loft can set your bedroom apart from the rest of the house and mean you have a more private space to use as the master bedroom. Furthermore, it’s a great choice if you want to create the ideal master bedroom from scratch and be in charge of every design feature, rather than trying to fit your existing bed and furniture into an awkwardly shaped room in the house. You could also use the loft conversion to fit in an en-suite bathroom, for example, or dressing room.

Consulting with experts such as will see you able to discuss your design ideas and requirements from the very beginning, and result in a highly attractive, spacious, and well-designed master bedroom.

Create a Well-Thought Out Color Scheme

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Your master bedroom will need a consistent color scheme if you want it to look satisfying, pleasing, and attractive. Make sure that every choice you make has a color and theme in mind, and think about contrasting colors with which work well together, such as orange and blue, so that everything works consistently throughout the room.

If you’re not a fan of color and prefer to be a little minimalist, think about items that can make the room pop. It may be a simple bright colored pillow on an otherwise plain bed or chair, or it could be an eye-catching light fixture in the middle of a minimalist room.

Your color scheme should be akin to the vibe of the room you’re trying to create.

Lighting is Everything

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The right lighting choices can truly transform a space – as well as make a huge difference when it comes to taking photos. String lighting, in particular, can help create a magical-looking space, especially if you’re taking pictures at night in an otherwise dark room.

When it comes to lighting, think about the desired feel of the room and the colors you have used. If the decorating see your master bedroom decked out in warm colors such as orange and red, you may want to consider warm lighting choices as opposed to white-blue cool colors. Likewise, if you have created a cool, calm, and collected master bedroom with lighter colors such as blues and greens, then whiter lighting will help to show this off more efficiently.

The wrong lighting can work to throw your room out of sync easily, so experiment with your lighting and choose wisely. This includes the positioning of your lighting, too. For bedrooms, your bed is naturally going to be the focal point, which means any lighting used to bring this to the fore – such as fairy lights on the headboard or matching bedside lamps either side – will be visually rewarding.

Dress Your Bed Carefully

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As the bed is the focal point of any master bedroom, it’s the first thing an Instagram viewer is going to be focused on. Dressing a bed can be a very creative avenue, and when done right, it can look visually satisfying. Click here for the perfect bedding.

While a well-made bed is always satisfying, it doesn’t have to mean straight and pristine sheets. Layers and draping throws will look great on any Instagram post, as well as helping your room feel more cozy and defined. Fur-effect throws or patterned throws especially are always a welcome addition to any master bed when they are artistically draped over and even trailing on the floor.

Add a few throw cushions in for good measure to help your bed build up in shape and size and look inviting.

Use Artwork to Your Advantage

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You may be aiming for your master bedroom to be a piece of art in itself, but when it comes to decorating your walls and having something of interest to look at on your Instagram post, the artwork is exceptionally helpful for setting the tone of a room, as well as drawing the eye to unique pieces. Your artwork should fit the theme of your room, and even simple black and white drawings can help to establish the tone of a minimalist and cool master bedroom.

If your bedroom is otherwise quite plain in color, large pieces of bright and colorful artwork can truly transform a space. Using contrasting colors between the art and the color of the wall can also help the artwork to really pop.

Add a Houseplant or Two

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Houseplants are very in right now – for a good reason. They are healthy additions to any home or room, helping for cleaner air and a better home environment. Houseplants added to any master bedroom, and subsequent photo can help to add a natural touch. Offset varying colors by using the green of plants to contrast, or use plants to blend in with your more natural color scheme and create a healthy and happy bedroom haven.