Kfresh – A Rising Star In A Competitive Industry

Being a singer, songwriter, actor, and model isn’t an easy thing nowadays. However, upcoming American rapper Kevin Lewis wants to defy all odds and make it in a competitive industry that houses some of the biggest stars on this planet.

The entertainment industry is growing by the day. This makes it a very lucrative proposal for the right person that has the talent and potential to seize it.

These are the projections of Kfresh, a talented star that many have in their sights.

With only 21 years of age, Kevin Lewis already has his sights on multiple fronts in the entertainment industry. You might’ve heard him from listening to some of his music, but this wasn’t his first love. His first passion wasn’t originally born for music, but for acting and modeling.

He was snapped by a talent scout that gave him his first shot at the photo booth. From there, things went better and better, and Kevin was a highly sought-after model. The short time he did modeling inspired Kevin to try and move into the acting part of the entertainment business.

At the age of 16, Kevin learned more about the entertainment industry with each photoshoot and acting gig.

As learned more about it, the true inspiration and passion for music emerged, and Kfresh was born. This wasn’t without a helping hand, and the friendships in college certainly helped in giving life to this new passion. Kevin says that music helped convince him to go to college. And as any multi-talented individual would, he came out with high-scores.

At the age of 18, Kevin already had his rhyme book full of potential lyrics for club bangers. One single after another, and his brand name Kfresh came to be.

While Kevin still loves photo shoots and acting gigs, his true love for the mic and sock gave him the inspiration to become a person of high influence and interest. While there’s still a way to go, the talent and potential are obvious.


The music part of the entertainment industry is quite possibly the cruelest and hardest one to succeed in. It takes guts, grit, hard work, and determination. But it also takes to have talent and passion for it.

These are all traits and characteristics that Kevin has, and he showcases it through his music. With club bangers such as “Love Song”, “Fall For Me”, “Behind Her”, “Rain Dance”, “Memories”, and “Fine”, Kfresh is able to express himself in a way that many in the industry do.

His recent single “Love Song” brings a “fresh” touch to an industry filled with outdated beats and boring lyrics. His album “Fresh Life” is a breath of “fresh” aid, pun intended, to your music library on Spotify or YouTube.

Speaking of which, he already has more than 3,000 followers on Spotify, the platform where you can find his music. But that’s not all, his YouTube channel is also a great way to connect with the artist by following his journey to fame one video at a time.

You can even find some of his modeling gigs there, as the artist uses his entrepreneurial talent to maximize his reach. This is quite possibly his best trait. Kevin’s versatility in the industry reminds us of some of the stars that have managed to combine their musical talent and act on the big screens.

One of the first ones that come to mind is Ice Cube. The famous rapper has had a lucrative musical career followed by an even more impressive acting career. While the genre of music between Ice and Kfresh isn’t the same, the talent is obviously there. Kevin’s subtle touch on Hip Hop & Pop separates him from an industry filled with gangster rappers that we’ve all heard before.

What separates Kevin the most, and what resonates with his audience the most, is his cool approach to music. While everyone things having bad-boy music videos is the ceiling, it most definitely isn’t what the audience wants.

What listeners love the most about his musical approach are the animated videos. While they might be short, promo videos, with simple animations, they’re still unique and telling of a person with only 21 years of age.

This is the part that resonates most with younger people that want to find themselves in the world. Having a unique style and taste can separate you from the rest.

It can also make you a very marketable individual.

Love For Fashion

It also takes something else to succeed in the entertainment industry – it takes to have class and style and to know how to dress.

Kevin’s fashion company, K.I.F.S Fashion, is an encouragement to young people to dress the way they like. Whether you’ve found a cool T-design or want to make one yourself, K.I.F.S Fashion will help you get it out there.

On the official kvf22 Instagram account, you can get in contact with Kevin and get featured. While the community is still growing, there is tons of potential there to be the next best thing in Instagram fashion. But don’t think you’re getting off without a shoutout, if you do want to get featured on kifsfashion you’ll also get your handle posted.

K.I.F.S Fashion is all about positivity and acceptance of styles that can range from streetwear to classy. There are no rules when it comes to fashion, and anyone can wear whatever floats their boat. This is the message that K.I.F.S Fashion sends to the world.

Having a community where social acceptance through fashion is encouraged and promoted is Kevin’s goal. On his website, kfreshworld, you can keep tabs on all of his projects, starting from his music to the trends of fashion and acting.


Reinforcing the comments we made at the beginning of the article, being a highly-talented highly-versatile individual in the entertainment industry is a trait that all successful people have. But being a CEO at the age of 21 is even more impressive. Make sure to visit SongWhip, add in Kfresh, and see all the places where you can find his music.