How Are Top Charts Determined For Music?


The music industry simply cannot develop without the Top List, which presents new releases every week. Depending on how much the song has been listened to, both in the world and in the region, it stays on the list as much. Music is an integral part of our life and plays a very important role, which is why many of us pay a lot of attention to it. Often people base their lifestyle on the music they listen to.

In addition to current singles, the list also includes hits that were at the top of the list a few years ago. Especially today, in the age of algorithms that serve the user tunes that they “think” the user likes, they often limit the search for new artists and new releases the question, then, who discovers new music and who launches hits?


What are the best apps for listening to music?

Music listening apps are a great option because you can use them at any time. For example, if you often travel or enjoy outdoor activities, it is best to have an app. Many of them are free and available to everyone, which means they support most devices. However, each of them gives you different options. Mostly you will be able to create your own playlists, learn about new musicians and songs. You’ll also be able to listen to streamed music or browse albums by local bands.

To choose the best app, focus on the basic features. First, check if they are compatible with your device. Next, research some well-known manufacturers. One of them is Google music, which probably everyone has on their phone, but don’t underestimate it. It does not contain advertisements and supports online streaming as well as casting on various devices. Although it doesn’t have a large selection of settings, it contains all the basic functions. The next option is for Apple users – Apple Music. It is much more elegant than the previous app. You also need to go through registration to choose your payment method and subscription plans.

You can use the three-month trial period for free. Deezer Music provides a lot of configuration options, but is easy to understand. Spotify is probably the queen among apps for listening to music. In addition to all the configuration options, it offers the ability to share music, artist information, recommended songs, etc.


Who discovers new music and who launches hits?

It used to be radio and TV shows. There is a story that dates back to the fifties. According to her, two DJs in America were sitting in a coffee shop watching people go to the jukebox and put money in to hear the same song again. Based on this, they realized that people like to listen to good music over and over again until they get bored. Thus, the first musically formatted page such as a list of top songs was allegedly created. So, only the greatest hits were played that most people would listen to over and over again. The next question that arises is related to the basic criteria of music selection.

How do you know what music to listen to and when to play it? The key to success is research. Actually, it takes a lot of market research to pick out the best stuff. A faster way is to gather listeners to play your favorite tunes. For example, before, listeners often responded to the program and voted. Data also came from music stores, resellers, concert attendance and other elements.

Today, it’s social networks, the number of views on music listening platforms and the tools used for research purposes. However, one thing hasn’t changed since the 1950s. It’s important to keep an eye on your target audience at every step of the process. Some people like certain genre while others find it annoying. That’s why there are different categories such as alternative rock, jazz or contemporary music.


What are the most famous music charts?

We mentioned Spotify, Mp3 Juice and Deezer as the most famous and best places to listen music, but we have to include the others as well. It’s definitely a top 40 list. It shows the best songs at a certain moment, and is represented in almost all countries. You can access it online as well as on radio stations. For the Spanish speaking area, the most famous is LOS40. It is located in a large number of countries and it is the most requested radio site in Spain and Latin America. We must not forget about the Billboard Music Charts, which are the starting point for every music star in the East. Most interesting of all, these lists have been updated since the 1930s. They include weekly lists, annual lists, and those that marked each decade.


How are music playlists created today?

On the basis of these lists, the trends of each epoch are brought to the fore. They are determined by the level of consumption, which is shown by physical sales, digital downloads as well as broadcasting on various platforms. For example, it’s streams, video views and social networks have a big influence. Since 2005, digital download has become an important factor in the whole process. After seven years, the methodology changed for the country, rock, Latin and rap charts. These included both digital download sales and streaming playback. A year later, data from YouTube was also included. Regardless of whether it’s mainstream or underground, music charts are a basic measure of a song’s popularity.


For many, enjoying music is an important ritual, so they invest a lot in equipment and devices for listening, and for some, music is a job and a source of income. However, we all like to hear good sound and that’s why it’s important to choose good music listening apps.

Listeners also participate in the creation, sending their votes and suggestions of what they would like and what they think should be among the best and most listened to that week.