5 Brilliant Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Decades ago, kitchens used to be hidden behind the building. It was the place where foods were prepared, and the dishes were washed, and prepared food was kept for serve. However, along with the rapid shift in the interior designing trends, these days, the kitchen is the focal point of every home. It brings everyone in the family together during breakfast, lunch, and Dinner. So, tagging it as the heart of any house won’t be wrong. In a single word, it is an essential part of any house.

Nowadays, kitchens are one of the most used and important rooms in the house, and hence they need to be attractive, stylish, and functional. That is the main reason modular kitchens are very much in trend nowadays. This post will discuss some of the best modeling ideas that EPM Iowa Management team recommends will help you achieve both these goals.

1. Kitchen Island

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When it comes to remodeling, an island is something that comes first in our mind. This is a classic remodeling idea that is still in trend. No matter the size and the type of the kitchen, you will always get an island suitable for it. Apart from just improving the aesthetic value of the kitchen, islands offer plenty of other functional benefits. For example, it adds additional storage space. Meanwhile, you can also use it to keep your appliances and outlets in order. Islands also encourage casual seating.

If you have ample space in your kitchen, then you can also go for a two-island look. When you opt for two islands, your space doesn’t just open up, but in addition, you also get plenty of room for additional shelves, storage drawers, and cabinets along the sides. A two-island allows owners to install a second sink. Your second sink would be smaller than your main sink, but you can still use it for rinsing vegetables, filling drinking glasses, washing hands, etc.

2. Lighting

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Lighting is something that most homeowners overlook during the renovation. But if you follow this same path, then your kitchen remodeling will look incomplete. Lighting is important because it enhances the visibility in the working areas. Meanwhile, it also styles up and illuminates the focal points of the kitchen. So, don’t take lighting for granted. First, install ceiling spotlights for illuminating the worktops. Meanwhile, you also must install cabinet lights because it will assist you in the darker spots.

With the development of LED lights, you can also choose the colors and light tones. You have to be very careful while selecting the bulbs’ colors and tones because it will set the mood. So, choose the shades cautiously by keeping your specific taste and your remodeling theme in mind.

3. Metallic Finish

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Metallic finish will take the color palette of your kitchen to the next level and make it glow. Most of the people opt for basic silver finishes like brushed nickel or chrome for their cabinet handles and faucets. But these days, metallic finishes are also available in various shades like rose gold, copper, gold, metallic blue, etc. You can also add iconic metallic finishes for backsplash, accent wall, seating, and other accessories.

4. Upgrade Your Appliances

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One of the most important parts of remodeling is appliance up-gradation. Upgraded appliances added more value to your existing kitchen in terms of looking, facilities, and easy to use. While talking about up-gradation, we will also share the tips that you can follow to make your kitchen smart. These days technology is not only limited to fancy gadgets, but it has also entered kitchens. There are different types of gadgets, and mobile applications are also used to upgrade your kitchen. Uses of this kind of item can provide you with a more lucrative kitchen in front of your competitors.

Now you will find several appliances integrated with advanced technology, which will help you make them highly smart and functional. The list includes faucets, lights, fridges, wall painting, etc. So, choose your appliances very carefully and ensure that they are integrated with the latest and up to dated technology. While upgrading your appliances, you must also consider some other factors. For example, check the energy star of the refrigerator and electric kettle, water consumption of the dishwasher, usability of the chimney, the longevity of baking equipment like blender and microwave, etc.

5. Flooring

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If you want to change your kitchen’s entire look, you also must redo your floor system. These days you will find several options for floors. But while choosing one, ensure that it is easy-to-clean and durable. There’s one more thing that you need to check while choosing a flooring material – its aesthetic value. Ceramic tile and vinyl are the two best flooring materials for the kitchen. They don’t just look and feel good, but in addition, they are also durable and easy to clean. Sustainable flooring equipment is also a trending item in the modern world. As we know about the environmental crisis over the world nowadays, you need to choose eco-friendly items for flooring. You can add a bamboo mat or wooden tiles on your floor. These types of items provide a modern look along with an eco-friendly aspect.

Another additional food and utensils sanitization system are must for this space looking towards the current pandemic situation worldwide. UV sanitization machines are very useful equipment in terms of the current situation, which will allow you to enter not only a clean kitchen but also a sanitized one.

These are some of the best kitchen remodeling ideas that combine the best of both the world – aesthetics & functionalities, resulting in the ultimate space for you to cook. So, which of these ideas would you like to use in your home? Let us know in the comment box below. But always remember getting inspiration for your project is not the end of the job. You will also need an expert to implement the ideas and make your dream kitchen come true. megakitchenandbath.com can help you with this. They are a renowned kitchen and bathroom remodeling company that delivers exceptional results.