10 Last-minute Date Ideas to Try for Your Friend’s Wedding

Wedding days are very stressful and if you don’t have your affairs sorted you will find yourself in trouble. This time we are not viewing bride nor groom we are looking from the perspective of their friends, and the date problems they definitely will run into.

There are few people out there that are comfortable with going on a wedding day alone without a date. There is nothing worse but to have your plans go sour when your date for your friend’s wedding cancels and you are left alone. The article today will tell you about some last-minute ideas to find a date for that important wedding you have.

Since most of us have been in this trouble and since we have found ourselves in a tight spot – the easiest solution to this would be something like Escorts Liason, but for those of you who have some time before the big day, we will tell you about some ideas that you can utilize to find your date for the wedding day.

Dating is never easy and most of us know that but with these last-minute ideas, we believe that it will be just a bit simpler and you won’t have to go through all that much trouble.

1. Be quirky

Everyone tends to over thing and overcomplicate dating. It should be fun and simple things that are to the best of both of your enjoyment. Try to get a pizza to go and a six-pack of any kind of alcohol or beverage of your choice. This is spontaneous and fun. Something that not a lot of girls or guys will do. Find a nice, quiet place to sit, eat drink and have a conversation about the two of you. Just try you will be surprised how much both men and women like those kinds of dates.

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2. Campfire

Everyone loves a nice campfire. Now this date idea doesn’t necessarily need the camping but makes sure you have a campfire and some s’mores with you as well. It will be the best and the most romantic date you could imagine, plus it will be something neither one of you has ever experienced. Try to plan that when the weather is nice, you don’t want any surprises that will mess up your plans.

3. Bowling

Yes, it is kind of corny, but bowling is like a date night must-do. It is so much fun and I don’t know anyone that doesn’t enjoy a game of bowling. It is especially fun if neither of you is that good and you generally suck at the game. It will be lots of fun and giggles. The only advice here to remember is to steer clear of being competitive and don’t try to win at any cost to show your dominance – it’s a big no, no.

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4. Be active

Day dates are awesome as well. Very few people opt for a date in the middle of the day. Try and organize something like a nice bike ride or a hike, or anything else outdoorsy that you know both you and he/she like to do. It is an awesome thing to do, there are sights to be seen, the stories you both might have, overall it is a win-win situation.

5. Sports bar

Now, this advice is for those of you who both enjoy sports. Sports bars are awesome because they always have some type of game on, there are always amazing people inside and the food and drinks are good too. If you want you can always try your like with other activities in those bars like darts, pool, air hockey and more.

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6. Comedy club

Comedy clubs are always a good idea, you just have to make sure someone good is on that day. These kinds of dates are always an instant success because who in the right mind would not enjoy a night of fun and laughter. If it turns out that the comedian is not that funny, that situation can be turned into a different conversation and fun thing between your date and you. All in all, you can’t fail with this one.

7. Concert

How many people around you took their date to a concert. It probably is as unique as that campfire with marshmallows. This is something that is a guaranteed hit. You are at the concert of your favourite band, you are all excited there are a lot of fun people around you, it is a sure hit thing. It is the one date idea that is jam-packed with excitement and adrenaline and that is just a bonus to your success.

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8. Live sporting event

If you are into sports, the next best thing after the sports bar date is to take your date to an actual live game of your choice – basketball, football, baseball, pretty much anything you can both enjoy. The options are unlimited and the fun is as well. There is a lot of adrenaline, fun, food and drinks, it’s a perfect date for someone who enjoys sports.

9. Outdoor event

Here you have several options, you can go anywhere from a musical festival to any other outdoor type of event where you can stroll around, hold hands, enter some sorts of competition, maybe win him/her a prize or something. You know what we are talking about, those are pretty much the movies type of dates where they are both happy, giggly and she goes home with a huge bear and a kiss goodbye.

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10. Theatrical show

Here you can let your imagination go wild. You can opt for any type of theatrical production, rendition or even a Broadway show. This will show you have culture and style, that you know your theatre and that you are a class above other guys/girls he/she went out with. Try not to overthink this as well, just find something interesting you both will enjoy and you will sweep your date off your feet.

So in the end we hope that at least some of these ideas will come to your aid if you are in a situation that you need a wedding date on short notice. You can refine and fine-tune any of these ideas to suit your style the best and that is the best thing. Good luck and happy hunting!