13 Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

Are you worried about your short sex drive? You might have low levels of testosterone hormone in your body. Have you checked any typical signs of it? Well, it is a crucial hormone in males that enhances the overall appearance and sexual desires. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, many men face various problems with low testosterone. You need to check sure signs that show that this hormone is secreted in less amount.

Go through this write-up to understand your problem and symptoms to cure it quickly. Out medical team has solutions for this issue in males. Many medications and gels at website are available to cure such an issue. It is better to detect in the early stage before it gets worsened with time. Let us check out some common symptoms that clearly show the problem in men.

1. Difficulty in Erections

The testicles secreted the testosterone hormone. It helps in vitalizing the penile tissues and develop nitric oxide. A man with low hormone levels can face issues while achieving an erection. There is a possibility of spontaneous erections while sleeping. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by various factors such as diabetes, stress, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, alcohol, etc.

Source: Medical News Today

2. Low Libido

Libido is also known as sex drive. Men feel less interested due to low levels of testosterone. It is found that there is a drastic decrease in the sex drive in men with such problems. Fewer erections are another cause of reduced sex frequency with your partner.

3. Hair Loss

This hormone is beneficial for hair growth in men. There are chances of hair loss on body, head, and face. If a man is getting old, then it can be a sign of aging. You need to check other symptoms along with it.

Source: Healthline.com

4. Feeling Tired

Men can become tired and energy-deficient if the levels of this hormone are low in their bodies. You will sleep more than required and feel lazy all the time. It becomes difficult for you to stay fit and motivated if you suffer from this problem. You can lack motivation and enough strength in you.

5. Loss in body and Muscle Mass

Testosterone helps in the proper functioning of your body and building appropriate muscle and body mass. You can notice the weakness and improper functioning of your body. Due to the loss of energy levels, you might feel less energetic. The volume of the bone can also decrease, which makes a man more prone to fractures. The hormone helps in strengthening the muscles and bones.

Source: medium

6. Increase in Body Fat

Many men can experience body fat, especially on the chest. They may develop enlarged breasts, which is also known as gynecomastia condition. It may cause an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen in men. The man boobs can make your physique like women, and it can be very embarrassing. This condition can often be fixed through natural means but in certain cases, a gynecomastia procedure might make more sense. To find out more information about gynecomastia surgery you can click here.

7. Mood Swings

If testicles secrete hormones in a less amount, then it can affect your mind. It leads to mood swings like women on periods. They may look depressing, irritated, or demotivated. Nothing can cheer them up because they may look dull and less energetic.

Source: A.Vogel

8. Small Testicles

The size of the testicles can be affected if you have lower testosterone levels in your body. It may appear smaller than usual. Well, there are many other reasons for small testicles, but it can be one of them. You must check for other symptoms to confirm your problem.

9. Lower Blood Levels

There is a higher risk of blood loss or anemia to patients with such a problem. The blood counts can be less as compared to a normal man. This condition can include many other problems like cramps in the leg, problem while focusing, dizziness, high heart rate, sleep disorders, and much more.

Source: healthcare nt sickcare

10. Bad Memory

Lower levels of the hormone can affect the cognitive functions as well as your memory. Doctors provide different supplements to enhance or improve memory. There are chances of forgetting little things or knowing things that happened in front of you. There is a considerable impact of T levels on a man’s memory. You can consider this sign in severe cases.

11. Decreased Volume of Semen

The production of semen depends on the secretion of testosterone. The semen consists of sperm, which is an essential element for developing a baby. Low T will produce less semen with less fertile sperm. During ejaculation, you may observe less volume of semen. It is not sufficient enough to pregnant your partner. It is one of the typical signs of less secretion of this hormone in men.

Source: Decreased Volume of Semen

12. Sleeping Disorders

You may experience changes in your sleeping patterns. It is common if you are unable to sleep enough during the night. Low T levels can cause many sleeping disorders like insomnia, apnea, etc. the apnea is a severe problem when a patient starts and stops breathing during sleep. There is also a risk of stroke, which is quite a severe issue.

13. Physical and Emotional Changes in Body

If the male hormone is secreting in fewer amounts, your body can experience physical and emotional changes. The physical changes can be fragile bones, tiredness, dizziness, less hair on the body, hot flashes, weak muscles, etc. On the other hand, the emotional changes can be memory loss, depression, lack of concentration, demotivation, etc. There is a direct impact of low T levels on the entire body of men.

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Bottom Line

Lower levels of testosterone in a man can affect his health severely. Many physical and emotional changes can be observed if a man is suffering from this problem. It is essential to cure before it gets too late. You must go through common signs that we have discussed above to check whether you are fine.

Some symptoms like hair loss, mood swings, change in bone, and muscle loss can be aging or other health problems. You need to check all to confirm your low T levels. If you find such issues, then you should immediately visit a doctor for medications.