How to Make a VLOG on Phone? A Beginner Guide for Vlogging Lovers

The craze of making video blogs is becoming unstoppable since 2018. Everyone is now looking out for different ways to make a vlog regardless of the accessories they’ve got.

In such scenario, it’s a well-known fact that no one can afford an expensive camera or an expensive tripod for making vlogs.

So, what’s the alternative? You might ask;

Well, the alternative lies in your pocket. Yeah, you got that right.

Today, we’ll address an important question, i.e., “How to make a VLOG on Phone?”

Besides, I’ll also discuss some tricks to make your vlog catchier and intriguing at the same time.

Let us, therefore, move right towards the main topic:

Phone Vlogging Setup for Beginners:

1. Mobile Phone:

Any android or iOS phone will do the job for you. However, an iPhone would be a plus point.

To be more specific, iPhone 7 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus are the two phones that you should consider.

Both of them cost nothing more than $300 and are easily available in the market.

Source: Vitec Group

2. External Microphone:

The importance of an external microphone could not be ignored.

Never rely on the built-in audio of your mobile phone as the integrated speaker in it could not catch HD audio quality.

Hence, invest in an external microphone. Will cost you no more than $50 to $60.

Hear me out: You could explore some of the best external microphone deals and updates at So, finding a perfect fit won’t be an issue.

3. Smartphone Tripod;

To add proper stabilization and balance in your video shoot, invest in a smartphone tripod.

No need to buy an expensive tripod. A mini tripod costing as low as $20 would do the job perfectly as well.

Source: Pgytech

4. Video Editing Apps:

Video editing apps such as VideoProc, Quik, Kinemaster, and Filmora Go will help you improve the overall quality of your vlog.

These apps are available on Google Playstore and Apple AppStore absolutely free.

However, you’ll have to spend a few bucks to enjoy premium features. No need for that if you are a beginner though.

5. Powerbank:

Not necessary especially if you have a new smartphone with improved battery performance.

However, I’ll recommend purchasing a powerbank, if you want to make a vlog with an iPhone.

Ta-da! Those were some of the necessary things for making a phone vlog.

The important part comes now. That is, how to make a vlog with the phone?

Source: gforgadget

Take a look:

Instructions to Follow While Making a Phone Vlog:

1. Make an Outline:

First things first, making an outline of a vlog is as important as breathing is for life.

You don’t make an outline, you should not expect your vlog to perform well among your competitors.

Spend as much time as you can but your outline must be rock solid.

You’ll not perform well in the beginning but it will get better with time.

Simply take a pen and paper or a diary and write down the things you want to include in your vlog.

Arrange them in ascending order and add other necessary things that you forgot in the first place.

Your outline must consist of an Intro, Body, Important Highlights, Conclusion, and Outro.

That’s the simplest outline I’ve shared with you guys.

Source: Medium

2. Video Shooting:

Adjust your mobile phone on the tripod.

Insert the external microphone and now you have to capture videos on your mobile.

You can enhance the camera settings as per your preferences.

Make sure that there isn’t any shakiness or blurriness in the video. A smartphone tripod will also take care of these issues.

While shooting your video, make sure that you are looking at the camera and not at the mobile phone. This way, you’ll directly communicate with your audience without any frustration.

Source: Web Publisher PRO

3. Editing Video Clips:

The story doesn’t end here.

You now have to edit the video clips in an editing app.

You can use the softwares I’ve recommended above.

Cut blank video clips or where you think the audience will get bored.

Don’t forget to add royalty-free music in the background. You could find a large royalty-free music library on YouTube and from other third-party websites as well.

Spend a good amount of time editing your video and save it in your mobile’s internal storage.

Source: YouWorkForThem

4. Uploading on YouTube:

After saving, the next step is to upload the vlog on your YouTube channel.

Before uploading, make sure that you rename your video file with the exact title you want on YouTube.

While uploading the video, make sure that your YouTube channel is properly set. Update your channel’s logo, clipart, and About section info for a better first impression.

Make a catchy title and a clickbait thumbnail for your video. I’m not talking about the negative clickbait or the one that doesn’t comply with YouTube’s Privacy Policy.

Analyze your competitors and see what they are doing to grab the attention of their audience.

Add relevant tags and you are good to go.

Finally, publish the video on YouTube!

Source: Darvideo Animation Studio

5. Social Sharing:

Social sharing works as an initial boost for a video blog.

When done with publishing video, share it on all relevant platforms including Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp, etc.

Ask your friends to give a try to your vlog and subscribe to your channel if they like your content.


Some Tips for Becoming Popular on YouTube:

I know the hurdles one has to face while starting vlogging from scratch. Follow these tips to overcome the initial hurdles:

Consistency: Be as much consistent as you can. Give extra time to video shooting, editing, and YouTube optimization. Upload at least 3 videos in a week for a month and then slow it down while maintaining the quality.

Don’t Be Shy: Say goodbye to shyness as it won’t work when you want to promote your content across different platforms.

Take Help from Family: Ask your relatives to subscribe to your channel and watch your vlogs on YouTube. Take as much help from your family and relatives as you can.

Keep Hustling: No one gained success with shortcuts be it PewDiePie or Casey Neistat. So, avoid shortcuts and keep hustling and grinding until you get yourself acknowledged on YouTube.

Source: TakeTones

To Sum It Up:

Making a video blog with a phone is no rocket science. It all comes down to how you want to get advantage of your phone and other vlogging accessories.

Follow the techniques I’ve mentioned above and I assure you that no one could stop you from becoming the next Vlogging Sensation!