How To Make Stunning YouTube Intro Videos

Your channel can reach new heights with relevant videos on YouTube. This can easily create or destroy your impression among your viewers. You need stunning and visually engaging videos, as you will use this into videos repeatedly. Therefore you need to know the technique to create the intro videos that look appealing to your target viewers.      

Which factors make good intro videos?

Currently, in the entire world, there are 2 billion YouTube users. Every day these users watch 1 billion hours of these YouTube videos. Now obviously, if you want that your videos must be watched several times by the users, then you need to prepare an eye-catching and smart video that can attract the attention of your viewers for a longer duration. Your intro video must be such an out of the box thinking material that once the viewer clicks on the play button, it must stick to their mind for a longer duration. The intro video must be appealing in nature that the viewers want to view it time and again.  

How to make an intro for YouTube channel?

There are several factors that you can use to make attractive intro videos on YouTube. So, let’s get the details one after the other.    

  • Keep it sweet and short

Try to make your intro videos less than 15 seconds as viewers get distracted easily. In a research study, it has been found that a video of 2 minutes length gets the maximum traffic. This is why try to make videos that create a direct impact on the viewer’s mind, and they remember it for a longer duration. Lastly, the brand message must be clearly highlighted. Make the video crisp and catchy.   

  • Surprise and delight your audience with your videos

The visually engaging intro can capture the attention of the viewers. Using a zippy pace, bright colors, and short scenes can bring the magic in your intro video. Innovative and unexpected patterns, creative animation, and music can create an ever-engaging impact in the mind of the viewers. They will return on your videos again and again to enjoy the visuals.   

  • Explain what you are giving

Your intro video must clarify your viewers regarding the matter you are going to teach them, or you are going to entertain them. The first few seconds of your videos are very crucial. Then only your viewers will view the complete intro videos of your channel. Your viewers must not get bored with your intro video. 

  • Showcase your brand

The colors and the visual style of your intro video must match with your brand image. It must not be different from your brand information. Otherwise, it may confuse the viewers about the message of your brand that you want to deliver your viewers. Keep things simple and catchy so that the viewers can connect themselves with your brand information very easily.   

  • Keep your intro short and worth interesting

The intro copy of your video must be sharp and understandable. Make things very clear who you are and what your viewers will see from your channels. Do not make use of a large number of texts as it can make your videos boring, and the fun factor will get removed from your videos. 

  • Use colors that match your brand

When YouTube intro successfully represents your brand identity, then the purpose of your video is achieved. The brand colors must come first in the video even if the logo comes last does not matter. The reason is it will showcase your brand and will give an insight into your brand products and services. Color combination must go with the brand image as it will reflect the face of your brand, and the viewers will recognize it easily. 

Source: Wondershare Filmora
  • Go For short intro rather than a long boring one

Keep your intro short and targeted to the point that you want to express. Keep the fun factor in it. Do not make your intro video too long that people start to feel bored and start to snore after watching your video. Spread your brand message in a smart way so that it can easily satisfy the viewer’s interest.   

  • Mix and match the scenes that you like

Add new scenes as per your choice, keep scenes interesting and mix them with other related scenes that match with your brand information. You can also delete those scenes that make things boring and create a perfect match between your brand information and visuals to attract attention for a longer duration. 

  • Change the music

Do not copy-paste the music that you get free from the YouTube channel. Try to recompose and combine the two and create a new one and unique that matches your brand info. Try to be creative and informative in your ways to create a buzz. Do not indulge yourself in the trap of copyright infringement. Otherwise, your hard work will go in vain. Be creative in your ways, and make things simpler, as well as easier for yourself. Give your best to seek the attention of the viewers of your videos. 

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Hence, these are some of the ways to make stunning YouTube videos. Try to be creative and innovative in your approach. Do not make things clumsy or confusing towards the viewers. Attractive visuals with innovative creations can easily increase your viewers towards your target audience. Short, crisp, and informative videos can turn things around in favor of your brand. Make things simpler for your audience so that they can easily connect themselves with the visuals. Keep the templates attractive, and it must match with the idea of the brand information. These are some of the basic things that you need to follow while making your intro videos.

You may think that it may cost you more for making such attractive videos. But there are free video maker tools that you can use to build the videos. You can use an Invideo tool to make the quality videos for your YouTube channel.