Makita Multi Tools: Features And Benefits


Makita’s multifunctional tools, known as renovators, are relatively recent. In 2008, the patent of a single manufacturer expired. After that, Makita introduced the world to its line of MFIs. The novelty was dubbed a universal tool: it replaces traditional grinders, jigsaws, chisels, grinders, etc. A good Makita multi-tool from can become a universal tool for you.


What does the Makita multi-tool set do?

Among the main actions that Makita performs are:

  • cutting metal pipes and blanks (at right and other angles);
  • sawing of wooden objects;
  • cutting holes in metal and wood sheets;
  • grinding and polishing of surfaces (metal, wood, concrete, fiberglass, etc.).

The value of this tool increases in the eyes of the user when the real scope of work is visible. Makita 18v multi tool can do this:

  • cut ceramic tiles according to the desired shape;
  • dismantle rolled floor coverings (linoleum, carpet, etc.);
  • remove sealant, adhesive, waterproofing, paint, putty, and other chemical coatings;
  • cut flush pipes, Spiers, and nails;
  • cut and grindstone;
  • milling grooves;
  • adjust the wooden and concrete unevenness of the floor and walls under the laminate or other plywood coatings;
  • sharpen the blades of hand tools;
  • replace cracked tiles.

The proper nozzles are offered for the required operations. The tool’s functionality increases with the variety of equipment. A Makita brushless multi tool can literally save the life of a professional or home craftsperson. It is most helpful to carpenters, locksmiths, builders, and auto mechanics. However, the Makita cordless multi-variety tool reduces the effectiveness of executing a single function. A versatile tool will be useful for quick jobs at random times, but it is not designed for intensive, continuous use.


Features of the device of the Makita multi-functional tool

A unique operating concept of the universal tool ensures its exceptional performance. Here, oscillatory technology is employed, with the electric motor doing oscillatory revolutions rather than circular ones. The oscillations’ range or angle can vary by up to 3.2° or a few millimeters. Compared to devices using rotational or translational engines, this design characteristic has the following advantages:

  • ease of operation (when starting there are no jerks, there is practically no danger of breaking the equipment);
  • material particles are not ejected in a centrifugal direction;
  • minimum dust formation;
  • the ability to work in a limited space (niches, corners);
  • the presence of the function of a plunge cut, etc.

Benefits of Makita multi tool 18v

Makita cordless multi tool has its own advantages:

  • the device is irreplaceable for work in the conditions of inaccessibility of the power supply network, in places of difficult access;
  • this is guaranteed by its autonomy (battery operation) and compact dimensions (324x80x122 mm);
  • the device is multifunctional and can replace many other tools, it cuts, polishes, cleans, and grinds;
  • you can change the nozzles very quickly, or do it in the usual way;
  • this model has a low weight and a narrow body, which allows you to securely fix the device by hand;
  • ability to solve work tasks in low light with backlight;
  • a vacuum cleaner is attached to the device, ensuring cleanliness in the workplace;
  • the number of revolutions is electronically regulated;
  • comfortable start of work is provided by the soft start system;
  • the oscillation angle is 3.2 degrees, and their number is 6000-20000 per minute;
  • the device is a successful symbiosis of comfortable control, high-quality results, and duration of the operation;
  • this model has a low weight and a narrow body, which allows you to securely fix the device by hand
  • ability to solve work tasks in low light with backlight
  • a vacuum cleaner is attached to the device, which keeps the workplace clean
  • the number of revolutions is regulated by electronics
  • Getting started with a computer provides a smooth startup system

Reasons to buy Makita multi tool set

High quality and dependability can be found in the Makita cordless multitool. The renovator is a very dependable and adaptable piece of equipment. It is appropriate for working in a variety of settings, even in the most challenging ones, and may be utilized for both indoor and outdoor work. You should also take note of the fact that this model allows you to alter the operating flywheel, allowing you to utilize it for a variety of tasks, including sawing, planing, sanding, and loosening. The model is completely compatible with the majority of accessory types available on the market, including those made by other manufacturers in addition to local ones. We advise you to get a cordless Makita multitool that works with Makita 18V attachments.

It can be utilized on-site and does not require a constant network connection. It is important to note that the actual tool is pretty small, portable, and even self-sufficient, which is quite a lot. This tool can be used for many different things, including cutting and punching holes as well as planning and sanding. In terms of performance and hence performance, it is no less effective than its network competitors.


Reasons to buy a universal tool:

  1. It does not require a constant connection to the network, which will allow it to be used even in the field.
  2. The tool is quite compact, mobile, and also autonomous, it is convenient to use it.
  3. You can use this tool for a variety of tasks, from planning and sanding to cutting and punching holes.
  4. It is not inferior to its network counterparts in terms of power and, consequently, in terms of performance.
  5. This model has the ability to change the work headset, so you can use it for sawing, planing, sanding, deburring and more.
  6. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is suitable for use in a wide variety of conditions, even the most difficult.
  7. The functionality of such a tool provides maximum flexibility and comfort in its use.
  8. The model is ideally compatible with most types of accessories on the market, not only domestic brands but also third-party manufacturers.
  9. Thanks to the electronics responsible for the operation of the motor and other components, the tool can easily cope with all tasks.