How to Use Marketing Automation for Your Business – 2024 Guide


Marketing is the source of new traffic for any business. Knowing how to put yourself out there and attract the clientele that would otherwise not be aware of our services is a constant learning process of any business. Among the standard marketing practices, we’ve seen some extremely potent marketing tools crop up as well. These include marketing automation software which can greatly help us in spreading the word about our business to potential customers. However, it does take some figuring out to get right. For the sake of quickly getting you up to speed, we’ve compiled this article which will assist you in engaging with marketing automation and getting the most out of it.

What is marketing automation?


The act of marketing automation refers to the act of making use of the technology available to us to handle marketing procedures without our direct input. The marketing is executed across multiple channels immediately as well, removing a lot of work. The automated actions are meant to eventually turn a potential customer into an active one. These include anything from the newsletters to SEO services, according to

Automated marketing is something you’ve most probably seen during your time online. It includes any form of software that sends out all types of promotional material to customers regularly. A very basic type of such marketing is email marketing. There’s no doubt you’ve seen a lot of promotions being mailed straight to your mailbox even if you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter of the site they are coming from. These emails are meant to inform the customer of the existence of the business as well as give constant notifications about important changes.

The messages about your transactions are something that falls under automated marketing. The software behind them is programmed to react to transactions being made from your account and immediately forwards a message to the designated location.


Any updates we get notified about fall under automated marketing. The new changes updates bring with them may have old users return and new ones maintain interest in a service. This tactic usually works best with software notifications as some issues the user might have had with the software could have been resolved with the newest update.

Any type of feedback and survey is something that’ll most frequently be done through automated software rather than by somebody directly. They allow businesses to perform better by offering direct information on the positives and negatives other people perceive within the service.

Of course, these are just some of the examples. The list of all types of marketing automation would take too much time but the variety should be apparent from the listed items alone. Whatever your marketing need is, there’s a chance it could be automated fully with the proper software. All software needs its own unique approach and design but they usually rely on templates. The templates can be mixed up or changed but they do make it harder to personalize it for specific customers. However, by using the proper tone and approach to making these automated emails, it’s possible to bring over the appropriate feeling with these messages.

Make a plan before getting started


Consider what type of marketing automation you wish to apply, check the marketing agencies that you are most keen on, and try to discern how to best target your desired customers. Determining the budget and result is also important as it gives you a limit on both resources that can be expanded as well as potential gains from these campaigns.

The actual goals and other aspects can be segmented into smaller parts. Creating goals that can be achieved quickly as well as preparing some long-term ones is a good way to gain momentum through marketing automation and keep it going once it achieves that momentum. It’s smart to consistently increase the intensity of your goals, striving to achieve more with the currently set up campaigns.

Pick channels that are most fitting to your cause

Next up is picking where you wish to distribute the marketing. Usually, it will be a mix of a few options, as you strive to encompass as many channels that are relevant to your desired userbase, but determining which options are key for our campaign is important. The choices include social media, emails, forums, website ads, and so on. Taking a look over them is a good way to reinforce your approach as you continue further. Consider brainstorming ideas for creating an optimal approach, this could yield some great results for your campaign and help it achieve its goals faster.

Explore the available marketing automation platforms


You should look through available platforms for marketing automation, these services will tell you the extent of their options when marketing is concerned. Make sure they have a good variety of features be it standard email automatization or content development. Check if they possess demographics tracking capabilities as well as SEO services. If they can provide you with all of these services you should be good with proceeding to the next step.

Secure important factors have been secured

There are a few factors that should always be focused on when you engage in this type of marketing. Scalability is a given, we’ve already discussed how expanding your marketing campaign should be something you can do if things start going well. Here we reiterate its importance, keep it fully explored and secured. Ease of use is necessary for skipping any potential learning period that could cause issues in properly marketing ourselves. Lastly, we have customization that assists any brand to express their desired style.

Make sure everything is technically sound

If you are interlocking more software solutions together there could be plentiful issues cropping up and ruining our plans with the marketing campaign. Bugs, glitches, crashes, and other such issues could potentially happen if there’s an incompatibility between the different software we employ. Consult both services you employ and other professionals for the sake of cementing that software synchronizes properly with each other. Nevertheless, you’ll be safe from internal issues at the very least while allowing for your marketing automation to grow.



Planning is the most important part of employing marketing automation. Don’t be too hasty and carefully reconsider each choice you make. Consult your marketing team for some additional ideas as well as help with fully planning out the given campaign. The end result should be not only a functional campaign but one that can be expanded and operated with very little effort. Technical support is something you should ask out of the services you employ, them having 24/7 customer service is always a big plus. Overall, these steps will have you set as long as they are properly executed.