Top 7 Things to Look Out for in an Online Bingo Site

Online bingo is one of the unexpected success stories of the past decade. Since the initial boom the game saw in the 1960s, bingo’s popularity and relevance gradually diminished but the early 2000s saw the marked return of land-based bingo halls—especially among a new generation of younger players—and subsequently their online counterparts.

In 2019, 642 bingo halls or venues were operating in the UK alone but it is the digital domain that has seen the biggest upturn in popularity. As many as 100 million people worldwide now take to their smart device or computer to play bingo and with this influx of new players, both existing major gambling companies and newcomers alike were quick to get a slice of the action. In particular, female targeted bingo sites such as 888ladies have become a huge success, especially with bingo being well-known as a predominantly female game.

Due to its popularity, consumers have an embarrassment of riches on their hands when it comes to choosing a trustworthy and reliable online bingo provider. In an era where personal details are stored across dozens of databases it pays to be informed when deciding online. We’ve put together a checklist of what to be aware of when selecting the right site for you.

1. Make use of independent and impartial review platforms

You can utilise the feedback of other players when searching for the best bingo site. Many platforms now accept customer feedback on their experiences playing bingo online. By searching through other customer feedback, players can gain an insight into other experiences players have had with that particular bingo site.

Make sure to look at previous customer reviews of the website

2. Are a wide range of secure payment methods available?

With Cybercrime rates increasing, it is even more crucial now to choose the right sites.

Cybercrime statistics continue to worsen, year on year, and whenever you hand over your financial details on the web you want to be sure that no one can intercept and/or decrypt them between you and the vendor. There are several methods which are more secure than others when making online payments.

Using a third-party payment service is one option. PayPal is a popular choice but others are available: Venmo, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and many more. What is good about these services is that you never have to hand over your bank or credit card details themselves, only to the payment service. It’s always easier to regularly change your PayPal password than it is to change your credit card or bank details.

Credit cards provide a further layer of online security. Most credit card companies protect against fraud and if you can prove payment is illegitimate, it can be recouped—either in its entirety or up to a certain level of personal liability. Check the small print of your credit card agreement to be sure of where you stand.

3. Is there a variety of choice?

As the competition for online bingo sites is fierce, bingo providers are aware that they need to offer a variety of bingo games to attract different audiences and keep players interested. The best bingo sites often have a variety of bingo games including 90-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo and also adaptations of traditional bingo games such as slingo.


4. Stick to your limits

It’s important to preserve the element of fun when gambling online. Once it stops being enjoyable it’s a good idea to take a break. Cash prizes are an obvious attraction to bingo and other games but primarily it should be seen as a form of entertainment, not a job.

Some websites offer the ability to set personal bankroll maximums so you can keep tabs on your winnings and losses. As a regular player, there will be times when your numbers just aren’t coming up so decide on your limits and stick to them.

5. Look for exclusive promotions

You can maximise your winnings by taking advantage of the plethora of new player bonuses and exclusive promotions offered by online providers. They’re all vying for your custom so many will offer deposit matches, free cards, and other perks when you sign up.

To get the most from your online bingo experience, it’s crucial to do a little bit of homework before leaping in. Finding the perfect site for your needs will help make sure you leave having had a positive experience.

The best bingo providers often offer a variety of bonuses and promotions to their players

6. Is the site easily accessible?

More players now play their favourite games on mobile devices, including bingo too. The best online bingo providers will make sure their games and sites are easily accessible on a wide range of devices. Many bingo players now opt to play bingo games via a mobile device as it is more convenient, and games can be played on the go. A lot of bingo providers have created mobile-compatible apps, so players can easily access games whenever and wherever they like.

7. Is there customer support?

Most legitimate bingo sites will offer customer support for players who want to get in touch. Usually, bingo providers will provide contact details as well as live chat service to deal with any player queries quickly and efficiently as possible.


8. The social element

A game of bingo is traditionally known for the social aspect, with players heading down to their local bingo hall with friends and family for a night out. Online bingo has kept this social aspect by introducing live chat rooms for players to communicate with each other during their games of bingo. Some of the best bingo providers will offer mini games in the chat rooms to get players involved and create a social community online.