6 Ridiculously Huge Online Casino Wins

Source: Casinos by M&M

People look for different ways to make money online. Some people would decide on starting an e-commerce store and make a profit in that way. On the other hand, others would use their skills and try to succeed as freelancers. Both options are good and complex at the same moment. That is the reason why online gambling attracts more and more people each day.

Different groups of people have various opinions about that type of activity. Some people claim you will never get money from online gambling. They believe that all casinos only want to take the money of the customers.

You should primarily remind yourself about one thing. Winning a reward from slots, poker, and other things is not only a matter of luck. Different factors will influence your success. Before everything, you should start working on your personal improvement. Work on your skills and self-control because both things are key to success.

Despite that, you need to pick the right casino when investing your money. They will all look perfectly good at first glance. However, only the most professional ones will invest a lot of effort to provide you with the best possible gaming experience. These websites will try to do that through different forms of rewards. The best ones will offer various types of bonuses and get your trust in that way. You should visit websites like casino-experts.com and find out which casinos will completely meet your requirements and expectations.

Anyway, there is no reason to be skeptical about online gambling. Different software solutions ensure that all games you play are random. Despite that, many real-life examples can confirm how hard work can pay off in the end. Let’s find out together some ridiculously huge online casino wins. We are sure they will motivate you to work hard on your skills and knowledge.

1. A player in Finland Won 24 Million Dollars

Source: AskGamblers

Online gambling can change your life over the night. Indeed, all people that are passionate gamblers try to achieve that goal. However, it seems that the Finnish guy was patient enough to get a reward like that.

The story from January 20, 2013, seems unbelievable. The gambler made a 25-cent bet at the Scandinavian betting company PAF. He tried to win some reward on slots (Mega Fortune game). In the end, he got the jackpot and won near 24 million dollars. Until today, that is the biggest reward ever in the online casinos.

There is one good lesson that we can get from this example. Many gamblers have a bar approach. They believe that investing more money will bring them better profit. However, that is not always correct. The beginners should start small and try to understand how the entire game functions. After they learn the basics, they can start raising their bets.

2. Jackpot in UK (Around 17 Million Dollars)

Source: Casino Guardian

Jonathon Heywood from Cheshire will probably remember October 6th, 2015 for the entire life. On that day, he won a jackpot that valued around 17 million dollars. Believe it or not, he was only 26 years old then. Younger generations should follow Jonathon’s example because he was not a professional gambler. He was making small bets and tried to achieve the goal that we all want to reach. Believe it or not, he was only betting 25 pennies per spin. That proves once again that you should not invest bigger amounts when you are still a beginner.

3. Another Scandinavian Millionaire

Source: Slot machines

It seems that Scandinavian gamblers know how to make money in online casinos. Another example of that is a male person from Norway that won the jackpot on September 24, 2011. However, the main reason why he managed to become rich is insomnia. The young guy simply couldn’t sleep that night. Because of that, he decided to log in to his account and play a few games until he falls asleep. After a couple of games, he became richer for around 12 million dollars. He was playing the same game as the guy from Sweden (Mega Fortune).

The story itself truly seems unbelievable. Be sure that insomnia was still present after he won the reward. The anonymous person claimed that he couldn’t sleep until 6 AM because of the reward. He was asking himself if everything that happened that night was real. We hope you will feel the same way once in life.

4. D.P. – The Winner of Biggest Mobile Jackpot

Source: Total Casino Review

We probably won’t discover the name of the person that won the biggest mobile jackpot. The only thing we know about that person is the initials D.P. Actually, there is another thing that we know. Different sources claim that person was a female player. So, ladies, you might want to test your luck and try to reach the millionaire dollar goal.

That person was playing games on the iPad device at Zodiac Casino. The value of the jackpot was around 9 million dollars. Believe it or not, the operator of the casino said that the player only deposited $1.

5. Luck Came to Greece as Well

Source: Casino Advisor

People would probably say that only citizens of Northern Europe are lucky enough to score the jackpot. However, Georgios M is the example that even countries in the south of Europe have lucky winners. Mister Georgios was playing different games at River Belle Online Casino. In March 2009, he succeeded to win around 8.5 million dollars.

We do not know a lot of things about Georgios M. However, we do know he was 36 years old and that he was a business owner. As you see, different profiles of people succeed to make their dreams turn into reality.

6. For the End – Australian Millionaire!

Source: darkknightslots.com

It is the right moment to get out of Europe and go to Australia. An anonymous Australian player won around 7.8 million dollars jackpot on the 8th of April, 2016. He was playing Microgaming’s Dark Knight slot. The only thing we know about that reward is that the player was enjoying games at Spin Palace Casino.


Be sure that luck is not the only reason why these people became millionaires. They were patient enough, started small, and picked the right casinos for gambling. That is the reason why you should invest additional effort to research different gambling sites. Pick only those that offer the best possible gaming experience to their customers.