How to Start a Personal Trainers Blog in 2024

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We live in the world of the Internet and advanced technology, right? Each segment of every business field has changed. Consumers or potential clients have different demands than before. You can’t keep your business online and remain competitive in today’s world.

Are things different when we talk about personal trainers?

Well, things are quite the same. You need to transfer your business to the Internet world. More precisely, running a personal blog would be a perfect choice. When people want to improve their body and health, they usually start by exploring the Internet. They will find probably millions of blogs that are analyzing the same subject. Because of that, you need to be aware of the competition that is waiting for you online.

Even if you are the best personal trainer ever, that won’t ensure success. More important thing is to know how to attract people and sell your services to them. Many small details look irrelevant at first glance. However, those tiny details determine who is going to be successful or not.

Follow our tips and find out how to start a personal trainer’s blog in the best possible way.

Pick the Right Domain Name

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We will start with the basic thing. The domain name is actually the name of your website. Your domain name must be somehow attractive to the visitors. You have three different options when we talk about this subject.

The domain name can be your name. For instance -“” would be an example of that. Yet, this move is a bit risky. You are not a well-known personal trainer yet. Making a brand of your name would be a great choice if you know how to promote yourself in the right way. So, if you pick this choice, you need to previously improve your knowledge.

Yet, a safer option would be to pick a creative domain name. We won’t give examples here, but it is necessary to use something that people can easily remember. For example, “” would not be a good choice. There is a huge number of the website under a similar or same name. You won’t split from the masses in that way.

Choose the Right Platform

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Well, there are a couple of ways how you can run your blog. First of all, you can code the entire website. However, for something like this you need to possess programming skills. We believe that this is not your expertise. Fortunately, there is an alternative that you can use.

The biggest part of online personal trainers uses Word Press to run their personal blog. We do not have the intention to promote this platform. However, there are several different reasons why WP is popular among people.

The first reason is – simplicity. You don’t have to possess any advanced coding skills. You can install the theme that comes with different features that can make your website more effective. Despite that, if you want to add some additional stuff, then you should install different plugins. These plugins can make your website a lot more effective and user-friendly.

Yet, there is one thing that WP can ensure you. Let’s use an example. The visitor sees an attractive domain name. Because of that, he would want to click on it and check which content you share on your blog. However, before he checks the content, he will see the design of the entire website. Well, that is a crucial moment for you. If he doesn’t like what he sees, there is a big chance he will get out without checking the content.

WordPress give you themes that are not only effective; they are also well-designed. Keeping the visitor won’t be a problem.

Write Content Properly

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Okay, we won’t give you advice on which subjects you should cover. We will let you research the needs of your potential customers and share your knowledge in the best possible way.

However, it matters how you share your knowledge. Our suggestion is to always use engaging heading. That is the first thing that the visitor sees. The title needs to explain which pieces of advice the visitor can expect.

After that, the meaning of subheadings is equally important. Your content needs to be divided. You can do it in the way how we wrote this article. First of all, do not use long-form paragraphs. The paragraph should not contain more than 150 words. Despite that, your sentences should not be longer than 20 words. This will make the entire article easy-to-read.

Boost Your SEO

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Do you want to be on the first page of Google? Well, then you have to boost your SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be improved in several different ways. Logically, the purpose of this move is to promote yourself in the best possible way. Different factors influence your position on Google.

First of all, keyword placing is the first step you should go through. When a person wants to find something on Google, he usually types in the search box certain phrases. Well, thanks to different keyword research tools, you can easily find those words and phrases. After you find them, you should include them in the content in natural places. Of course, the tools will show you how many times you should repeat them through content. It is not the point to over-use them.

Despite that, link building is another factor that boosts SEO or your blog posts. There are two types of links that you should include in your blog posts – internal and external links. Internal (or inbound) links are those that are connecting your blog posts. For instance, you can place a link to another blog post that would be useful for the reader. The external (outbound) link is the one that leads to another resource. For instance, it leads to a post that confirms a current statement that you shared with the readers.

We believe that Google’s algorithm seems complex to you. Because of that, you should hire someone that could help you with SEO performances. Many SEO agencies such as will help you boost your SEO through high-quality links