7 Power Tools Every Grease Monkey Would Love

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We all have someone in our life who is a self-proclaimed grease monkey or loves working with tools and cars. If you are not familiar with the different terms and tools that mechanics use daily then it can be difficult to try to buy gifts or help your friend or loved one out with buying or choosing equipment. If this sounds like you then this article can help you figure out what power tools the grease monkey in your life needs and uses. The different tools outlined in this article will provide you with some basic information about the power tools and how they can be of use to you or someone else. Don’t stress about what to get for the mechanic in your life. Use this simple guide to make sure everything goes smoothly.

1. Jigsaw

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If you or the grease monkey in your life does not have a jigsaw as part of their arsenal of tools, then this could potentially be the next big purchase you need. Jigsaws are incredibly useful for woodworking, and can even be used to make home crafts such as puzzles and more! If you find yourself making many complex cuts of wood such as different shapes and make circular patterns, then a jigsaw is a great way to make your life and work infinitely easier.

2. Screwdriver Set

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Are you one of those people who has a million screwdrivers spread out everywhere in their shop? Maybe you have two or even three sets of screwdrivers, but can never seem to find the one you are looking for? If this sounds like you then maybe your next purchase should be a complete set of screwdrivers that you can keep in one place to have ready whenever you need one. This can improve your workflow and make tasks much easier and faster to complete. Do not waste time searching the house for your grease monkey’s screwdriver set. Instead, get them a brand new one and they will never need to second guess the location of their tools again.

3. Impact Wrench

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If you or someone you know is a self-proclaimed grease monkey then chances are they spend a lot of time using wrenches. Using wrenches manually can be extremely time consuming and tedious. All serious mechanics and shops use electric impact wrenches to help speed up the process. If you have been considering a corded impact wrench for a while but cannot find the right one for you then these detailed reviews from Saws Hub might be able to help. There is no reason to waste your precious time and money on inferior products, or searching for hours online through reviews. Save your time and hard-earned money by shopping smart and doing your research before you purchase.

4. Car Jack

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If you have an old or rusted car jack, then it can be difficult to feel confident that you are safe at all times when working on your vehicle. If your car jack is old or dysfunctional then you should consider replacing it as soon as possible. This is one tool that you do not want to wait until it breaks to replace. Having a properly functioning car jack is a guaranteed way to be safer when doing your homework or modifications. If you ever worry about the grease monkey in your life getting trapped under a car, then a car jack can be the perfect gift to give them. It will make their work easier and give you some peace of mind that they are safe and healthy at work. Check out carcaretotal.com if you would like to learn more about this.

5. Air Compressor

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A new air compressor can be a great way to revamp your garage or home shop. If you do not have a large air compressor yet, then getting one can be a huge help when attempting certain tasks or using specific tools that require one to operate. The highly compressed air can also be useful when cleaning tools, or even dusting your shop. Never rely on an old crappy compressor again. Even if you are not a grease monkey yourself, there are still some uses that an air compressor could have for other things, such as inflating car tires, bike tires, and even balls. Most compressors come with a nozzle that includes a pressure gauge. This will allow you to monitor the air pressure while simultaneously filling something up, rather than relying on two separate tools to do one job effectively.

6. Creeper Seat

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If you spend a lot of time working in different areas of your shop then you know that constantly getting up and sitting down can be hard on your back and legs. If this is an issue that you face then make sure to grab a new creeper seat, which has wheels and will allow you to move around your workspace more seamlessly and freely. Save your knees and back for the heavy lifting and let these ingenious chairs help you out. Even if you already have one old creeper chair, having a second can allow for more workers and gives you a backup in case things go wrong with your current one.

7. Welding Mask

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A new welding mask to replace the old and smelly one in the shop currently is never a bad idea. Welding masks should be replaced regularly to ensure they are still functioning properly. There are also tons of different ways that you can personalize a welding mask, which can help make it more enjoyable to use when the time comes. Take your welding game to the next level. Do not keep using your old dirty mask and get something deserving of a true grease monkey. If you are looking for soldering iron for your DIY or professional projects see this review.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful and informative regarding the different tools that you or the grease monkey in your life will love. You don’t need to spend a fortune or break the bank in buying these tools, you do, however, have to know what to look for. It can be tricky to get a gift if you are not familiar with the tools of the trade. This article should help point you in the right direction and aid in your decision-making process.