7 Most Common Questions about Changing Netflix Region

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Many people are beginning to see the true benefits of changing their Netflix region from time to time. You see, Netflix gets into agreements and contracts with TV studios and movie companies. And this restricts some of their shows to certain geographical regions. To access these shows, you’ll need to change the Netflix region.

What’s the point of paying for a Netflix subscription, if you’re going to miss out on some of the main shows? Most of the time this happens due to watching restrictions. But the reality is that you can bypass the restrictions when you change the Netflix region. Here are some of the primary questions people ask about changing the Netflix region:

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How Do I Change Netflix Region?

Well, the simplest way to change the Netflix region is by using a VPN. There are plenty of those around that you might feel spoilt for choice. But here’s the thing – you can’t just pick any VPN. While you can easily get a free VPN to change the Netflix region, we don’t recommend this option.

Even with the paid VPNs, you’ll still need to sieve them and remain with one reliable service. Netflix has strong algorithms that can detect even paid VPNs, not to talk of the free ones. Therefore, if you want to successfully change Netflix region, it is advisable that you pick the right options, advises mysterium.

Netflix makes an effort to block VPNs in a bid to ward off people from watching restricted content. So, if you’re trying to sneak around such content using a weak VPN, you’ll have a pretty hard time. All you will receive is a proxy error to stop using that VPN if you want to continue enjoying their content. In fact, Netflix’s technology is so intense that some paid VPN services are giving up on providing their services.

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Can I Use a Free VPN to Change Netflix Region?

Well, straight on the answer is yes, you can. However, since Netflix uses high-tech algorithms, it isn’t advisable to use a free VPN. It will rarely work in your favor to change Netflix region. Well, it might work for some time, but not too long. Soon after, you’ll receive a proxy error and have to stop using the VPN.

Also, the disadvantage of using a free VPN to change Netflix region is that they bombard you with annoying ads all of the time. This is one of the ways they use to recoup their investment in the software. They also sell some of your information to third party vendors, and this affects your privacy.

Lastly, the disadvantage of using free VPNs is that most of them have limited bandwidths. In case you’re unfamiliar with this term, we’ll help you understand. Bandwidth is the allocation you use when watching videos on Netflix or any other streaming platform. Videos use a lot of bandwidth, especially when you’re streaming in HD. Thus, you need sufficient bandwidth to stream uninterrupted.

The negative side about free VPNs is that the bandwidth they give you ends before you can even finish up on that interesting movie, show, or series. This is unlike the paid VPNs that have unlimited bandwidths. So, as much as you can access restricted content on Netflix using a free VPN, you can only use it for so long.

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Will Netflix Close or Block My Account?

Most people are afraid of altering their Netflix regions for fear of being blocked or restricted from their accounts. While Netflix has a zero-tolerance to VPNs and bypassing of their restricted content, they won’t suspend or close down your account if you still go ahead and do so.

The worst they can do is to send you a proxy error message that tells you to stop using the VPN.

Can I Change Netflix Region on My TV?

As long as you have a smart TV, you can change Netflix region. There are different methods that you can choose here, including using a VPN. You can also use a VPN router instead if your TV doesn’t run on the Android system. The VPN method works just the same way it would on any other device.

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Does a VPN Affect Speed?

Speed is important when you’re streaming content online. And when you’re talking about streaming online, then you need some significant bandwidth to have good speeds. Some VPNs will drag your speeds low, and this affects your viewing experience. However, top VPNs have low latency and a very low impact on speeds. You need such fast VPNs when you’re using a service as demanding as Netflix.

Are VPNs Expensive to Use?

Paid VPNs are available at different prices and packages. But one thing for sure is that you don’t need a very expensive VPN to change the Netflix region. As long as it has good speeds and doesn’t compensate for bandwidth, it’s good to go.

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Is There Any Other Way To Change Netflix Region Apart From Using A VPN?

Unfortunately, there’s no other way. Well, unless you want to move into the country with the restricted content, you’ll have to use a VPN to change Netflix region.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, these are some of the fundamental questions people ask when they want to change Netflix region. Feel free to use a top VPN to change your own region, so that you can access world-class content from anywhere.