7 Reasons Everyone Should Visit New Zealand At Least Once

Many people call it the happiest country in the world, and so many people dream about visiting New Zealand at least once in their lives. This country may not be small in area, but of all living things, only 5% of people live in it! If you haven’t thought about traveling to New Zealand yet, we have 7 good reasons why this is a great idea.

New Zealand – A Place You Should Visit

If you want a trip to a natural theme park, then go to New Zealand, the land of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, and the Maori people. You will be attracted by the endless plains, but also by the peaks covered with snow. Here you will see fjords, glaciers, and lakes so blue that you won’t need filters in your photos. There were geysers, volcanoes, and much more – and all that is only a small part of what the nature of New Zealand has to offer you. You can go for a walk or go down the zip line, and somewhere along the way, you may see a Kiwi bird, the face of New Zealand. This is a country where bungee jumping was invented and it is an ideal place for all adrenaline sports addicts.

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Maori Culture

At every step, we absorb Maori culture and art, the most striking tattoos, and carved necklaces. Maori appreciate family values, and each event is filled with ceremonial dance, songs – and lots of local, home-cooked food. You will enjoy tasting the award-winning wines, visiting pubs where only craft beer is served, and you will be surprised what is sold on the markets. New Zealand food is a mix of European and Asian influences, and the mixture of flavors will tickle your palate. If you are a meat lover, you will try the traditional hangi dinner – and for those of you who like fish, there is always fresh seafood. You should also consider taking home a wool sweater made of possum wool, as well as countless unreal photos. On sites like BestRated, you can see many interesting things about New Zealand and the places you can visit in this country. However, we have made our choice of reasons why you should visit New Zealand.

1. Ideal Climate, Small Population

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New Zealand is the most geographically isolated country in the world. It is located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean and consists of two large islands, North and South – as well as many small ones. Geologically, it is located in the underlying zone of the Pacific under the Australian tectonic plate – which means that earthquakes and volcanoes are common here, as well as that the mineral composition of the soil is extremely diverse and rich. Combined with the temperate and mild sea climate and plenty of moisture, it is a real paradise for flora. Nature is very well preserved here, primarily thanks to the isolation of the country and the low population density, but also the extremely careful attitude of the natives and immigrants towards their environment.

2. It Is Calm, Quiet, Carefree

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The geographical position of this country, in which time seems to flow more slowly, also affected its inhabitants. There is no luxury in New Zealand because no one needs it there. It would even look ridiculous compared to the “luxury” that nature has given to this part of the planet. Calm, quiet, and carefree, but by no means boring – that’s what life in their cities looks like. One gets the impression that everyone has enough, no one too much, and that people are more turned to nature. In most places, work is done from 8 am to 4 pm, when everything closes, and people go to spend time with their family. Then on the beaches, you can see numerous couples walking by the sea, barefoot children running on the sand and collecting shells, annoying pets playing, and many recreationists.

3. Untouched Nature And The Landscape Diversity

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New Zealand is well-known for its magical landscape that has almost everything – from great mountain ranges, lush rainforests, and large volcanoes. You can find only a few places in the world that can compete with the beauty of the nature of New Zealand. Because of that – it is no wonder that this country is so popular as a movie location. The Chronicles Of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, and many other movies were shot right here. Dare to go for an adventure and discover the land of untouched beauties.

4. A Unique World Of Wilderness

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This country is also known for the famous kiwi bird, which is a national symbol of NZ – but this is not the end of the list of the unique animal species in this area. New Zealand is distinctly known as true heaven for all animal lovers. Here you can hear different species of birds, swim with dolphins, ride horses, or simply watch the whales. Here, you can see several endangered species such as the yellow-eyed penguins, or Hector’s dolphin – which is extremely rare and the smallest species of dolphins.

5. Adrenaline Activities

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Almost everyone in this country is “crazy” for a healthy life – running, cycling, swimming, rowing, and hiking are favorite forms of recreation. New Zealanders quite like to do extreme sports – so it’s no wonder that commercial bungee jumping was patented right here in the mid-1980s. In general, one gets the impression that New Zealand is very different in lifestyle from most developed countries, and to feel the spirit of this country, you need to switch to a different way of thinking than we are all used to. At least when it comes to Western countries where the pace of life becomes dynamic sometimes to unbearable limits.

6. Mount Cook

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The highest mountain in New Zealand with a height of 3,754 meters. You can climb a mountain or observe the amazing Tasman Glacier, on the east side, and the Hooker Glacier on the west. There is a plane tour, which offers you a beautiful view and an unforgettable experience. If the weather is nice, you can even land on top of a mountain and take a walk.

7. Gastronomy

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Looking at the gastronomy and their restaurants, New Zealand is a place where you should eat fish and even raw seafood if you are a fan of the same. Roast lamb is a New Zealand specialty and is often prepared with rosemary and many types of vegetables. Hangi is a way of preparing food for the Maori population over 2000 years old. Today, food is prepared in this way, mostly on special occasions, but it is a metal mesh on which foil and food such as chicken, fish, and various vegetables are placed, and it is lightly cooked or, better said, smoked on the fire.