How to Save Money on Your Next Clothes Shop

If you’re in desperate need of a new wardrobe, but you’re reluctant to spend above what’s absolutely necessary, then you’ll be pleased to hear there are ways that you can treat yourself to some incredible new attire, but for a fraction of the usual cost. So whether you’ve got a family event lined up or simply looking for casual lounge-wear, you don’t have to spend excessively on your clothes.

Shop out of season

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This is a well-known method to save money but not the easiest to follow. Shops are usually keen to clear stock when they’re out of season so there tends to be some great deals on offer if you buy out of season.

In the summer months, the last thing you want to be thinking about is your winter coat. Likewise, you’re unlikely to be considering purchasing shorts or swimwear in December. However, having a little preparation for the seasons ahead will usually mean it’s much less damaging to your bank account.

You should also keep a keen eye out for special offers and sales. The Evening Standard provide a helpful roundup of the latest deals and offers from some of the top brands and retailers.

Think more carefully about trends

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Although we all want to be wearing the latest fashion, something that’s on-trend today could be seen as not so stylish in a few months from now. The last thing you’ll want to do is spend a large chunk of your budget on something you might only be able to wear once or twice. So think carefully if you’re purchasing something that’s recently on-trend as there is a possibility that it’s not a long-term staple piece and may need to be replaced sooner than preferred.

Only buy what you need

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This may seem obvious but it’s so easy to buy an extra pair of trainers, or a new outfit when you’re at your local shopping mall. Before leaving, you should have in mind the exact type of items you need and shouldn’t deviate from these.

It’s easy for your head to be turned by special offers so don’t be tempted to get items which you know you don’t really need and will probably end up in the back of the wardrobe after one use.

Look at cheaper alternative brands

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It can be appealing to buy the biggest fashion brands that the latest stars are wearing on their social accounts or on the red carpet. However, this could cost a small fortune. So instead, why not find a similar style from a much cheaper retailer. You might be surprised by how close some budget-brands are to the more premium designers and you’ll feel like a star at a fraction of the cost.

Sell your old clothes

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A great way to get a more lavish spending budget is by selling old clothes that you haven’t worn in ages (and have no plans to do so in the future). Forgotten clothes which are tucked away at the back of draws and cupboards is probably something that we are all guilty of. However, those items of clothing could still have some value. Even if you only get a few pounds for each item, it will all add up to make your latest purchases have less of an effect on your bank balance.

The internet has brought about a fantastic second-hand marketplace for you to list and ultimately sell your items on. Whether it’s to friends and family or even members of the public, there are various websites and apps such as eBay, Shpock and even Facebook. Each vary in their fees and process so it’s worth doing some quick research into each marketplace to find out which is most suitable for you.

Buy second-hand

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Just like selling your old clothes to others, you could also grab a bargain by purchasing other people’s items which they have for sale. This can be a cost-effective way of buying clothes for a much smaller cost compared to the retail price. Using the apps mentioned above for not only selling but buying as well, your perfect item might be available for less than you think.

Also give charity shops a try. If you’re persistent, you might just find yourself a bargain that’s too good to refuse. You might also be surprised by the quality of clothing they have available with some items appearing as though they’ve never been worn before.

Amend what you have already

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Perhaps in instead of selling your old clothes you could apply some DIY to what you have already. Those long-sleeves tops can easily be amended to stylish new t-shirts.

Likewise, repairing faulty items could work for you as well. If you’re only buying a new jumper because the old one has a hole in it, or you have a button missing on your favourite jeans, you could save a lot of money by repairing these yourself. And if have little or no experience in sewing, you could always follow a YouTube tutorial or ask a friend or family to show you how.

USA Today have some great tips on how you can modify your existing wardrobe instead of buying a whole new one.

Hire for special occasions

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When there’s a one-off special occasion such as a wedding or work event, think carefully if you really want to be spending a lot of money on a high-end, luxurious outfit – after all, when will you next plan on wearing it?!

Instead, hiring a suit or dress would usually be a much cheaper option and no one would ever know! You could end up saving hundreds for the exact same dress that you would’ve worn the same number of times anyway. And rather than it going to the back of the wardrobe, you just drop it back off at the shop.


Clothing is a necessity, but you should only ever spend within your means. Using the tips above could significantly reduce your annual spend on clothes.

In emergency situations such as for work or for your family, if you find yourself struggling to fund those vital items that are crucial, then a credit option from a reputable lender such as Mr Lender could be an option for you. Otherwise, for those more luxury items, you should wait and save until you’re in a financial position to afford them or consider a cheaper alternative.