Top 12 Shooting Games of All Time

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The best shooting games that we have in which we are going to enjoy like dwarfs with high-quality shooters. We have compiled a list of top 12 shooting games of all time.

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The battle of the moment for Android and in which you will be able to face various other players in a survival mode. Arm yourself as fast as you can and try to be in the top 4 with your squad. A title that is very well worked visually and that is fine so that even the battery is not greatly affected compared to other online shooters. A game updated every month and a half and that has become one of the best that has gone through mobile in these years.

2. Battle Prime

Battle Prime is a new multiplayer online shooter that is characterized by having its graphic engine. This enables special moments visually and adds to the great experience that in itself offers the player. It requires resources, but in return, it gives unique moments with that own engine; pays attention to the glare of the sun and the luminosity that is generated in each pixel on the screen.

3. Dead Zed

A game that arrived last year from the PC and that puts you before a zombie holocaust in which you have to survive whatever it takes. It is characterized by its level of realism and how well you have to know how to manage the ammunition it has been a critically acclaimed game that comes to our mobile phones. If you want to face a lot of zombies by yourself, it is already taking time to install it for your Android mobile.

4. FRAG Pro Shooter

It could be called Team Fortress 2 for mobile. In small maps, you will have to move very well to be able to get out of the attacks of the players; an online multiplayer title with lots of shots and lots of fun. It has that arcade touch that you like and at a graphic level, it is quite careful to remember the Steam title. A game that does not require many resources, but youhas to connect your mobile long.

5. Tacticool

If in the previous ones we have that first or third-person view, in Tacticool the thing goes from above. You are going to be part of a team of 5 that is going to face other players. A game with a good graphic level and in which the movements have to be precise so as not to give false movements. A shooter or different shots and those we encourage you to try from these lines. It has its criticisms for being a pay to win, but it deserves a good test to decide if we want to progress for weeks.

6. War Tortoise 2

It differs from the rest for not being online multiplayer, so you will face your own in a perfectly designed environment and with a great graphic level. On the back of a turtle, you will be able to generate great shooting potential and recruit different companions that will help you continue progressing in this title that is in beta; a visual display that requires resources from your mobile, to be able to play it.

7. Call of Duty Mobile

COD Mobile. A very well worked title at all levels and that stands out for its game modes between few players. It also offers battles, although it requires much more resources from your mobile. A typical subscription-based multiplayer online shooter that is updated every so often with new content. It is going to give a lot of war for the next few years and has been next to PUBG Mobile and Fortnite in no time.

8. Fortnite

One of the favorite games of millions of players around the world we also have it on Android. Epic Games has it available from its game app so that you can download one of the games of the moment. You will also need a good machine and it consumes your mobile battery very quickly. Everything is to be able to follow the games you play from your PC with your friends while you are on vacation or simply coming back from university. Epic Games puts here everything that has to be put for one of the best current shooters and shooting games.

9. Dead Effect 2

A console-quality game that mixes history with all the action and great graphics, it takes you to a science fiction setting and in which the RPG or role-playing touch is mixed to progress with your character.

Another of those titles that you have to try if you have a mid-range or high-end mobile due to the high quality of its graphics; it shows well the level that we find ourselves today from mobile and lays its bricks in those foundations placed in shooters from a smartphone.

10. Modern Combat 5

Modern combat game is a famous and mainstream FPS game nowadays in mobiles. These games come with decent graphics, tons of content, online multiple players, and many more. The reason its popularity is that every time someone online to play with you or you’re against.

This game has also some features like campaign mode, six different character classes, that you up to your levels and customize, and also support hardware controllers.

11. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper is another famous and unique FPS game. The characters of yours alight outside of the building and look in with the sniper rifle. And, your work is that you have to take out several targets without getting suspicious about your location.

12. NOVA Legacy

Nova games are one of the successful shooting games out there. It’s the modern title in the series. This game comes with a modern sci-fi focused theme. Features of this game are good graphics, online multiplayer, and also a campaign mode for solo players.