Sofia Jamora Net Worth 2024

Famous models, move over, Sofia Jamora takes over! This popular Instagram model, social media celebrity, and swimwear model is determined to make a stand and leave a significant footprint in the fashion industry. Do you remember Zayn’s music video ‘Let Me‘?

If yes, this is the girl that brought the millions in traffic to the famous artist. If you don’t remember the video, give it another look. In the meantime, meet miss Sofia and learn how much money this model earned so far.

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Sofia was born in Los Angeles, California. This young star was born on May 6, 1997, in Calabasas. As of 2019, this young social media celebrity is 22-years-old and already famous to the world. For a celebrity, Sofia is extremely quiet and secretive about her private life. Therefore, not much is known about her childhood, parents, or siblings. But, on May 6, 2018, she had an online appreciation moment, to her mom…

She posted a photo of her mom on Instagram with a simple, yet effective caption “SINGLE MOTHER appreciation post. Happy (belated) birthday. Thank you for playing both roles in my life.” This post hints that a single mother raised Jamora. If so, she probably had to work harder through her life to get what she wants. So far, it seems that her mom did a fantastic job in raising this young woman.

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Love Life

The famous model is in a relationship with Spencer Mow. This couple loves to share their love online, although no one knows how their love story has begun and when. So far, it seems that they are in deep love, and they love spending time together. Spencer is also an Instagram sensation, so you follow their relationship on social.


Sofia Jamora Net Worth 2024

Sofia Jamora is busy making serious money nowadays. Her bank accounts started growing as soon as the Frankies Bikinis discovered her. She uploaded photos of her in bikini and bang! Agency was knocking at the door and offering her a contract. From videos and photo shoots with Frankies, Sofia jumped to professional work with a U-turn and offers just kept on coming. Love Piper and Valfré x Lolli were the first ones in line.

In 2014, she opened an Instagram account, and in no time, she was endorsed by brands such as Tobi, Windsor, and Oh Polly. A breakthrough came with Zayn Malik’s music video Let Me and Entertainer. From each gig, the 22-year-old model became a sensation with a significant bank balance. Sofia Jamora’s net worth in 2024 is $300,000. However, many claim that her net worth goes up to $1M. Regardless, her net worth goes upwards.

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If you want to know more about her life, and learn how she makes money, follow her on her social media accounts. You can quickly become part of her online community, which is measured in millions, of course. Until today, her Instagram account is ‘heavy’ for 2.7m followers, while she is followed on a daily level by 54.9k followers on Tweeter.

Not bad, for a rising star?