Summer Vacation in Leh Ladakh 2024

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Leh Ladakh should be your top picks for your next summer vacation. The relatively unique region of Ladakh locates in the northern regions of India, and its territory is even bigger than the State of Florida.

Leh is part of Ladakh and located in the northern parts of the region. It is a relatively mountainous city with surrounding deserts. This city has historically been a trading stop for caravans and traders and was of high importance to the Kashmir State.

Nowadays, Leh is a summer vacation paradise for trekkers and culture lovers. There are some pretty amazing scenery and things to see in Leh, and we’ll talk about all that in this article.

Summer is the Time to Visit

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The first thing that you’ll be looking for when visiting Leh is when to visit. As it stands, most of Leh’s tourism happens between the months of June and September; the summer months.

Naturally, this would be the answer to your question. During the summer months, the climate in Leh is more than favorable for doing all the things involved with mountains and deserts and before going there see some review of Thrillophilia to have a better knowledge of this place.

What to Prepare For Your Vacation?

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Leh isn’t like your usual summer vacation; you need to seriously consider what to prepare.
For example, the temperatures can vary at all times, and you should always bring clothes that can keep you warmer if it needs to. That’s why the best clothes to bring for your summer vacation in Leh is anything that can be worn in layers. Also, the perfect choice of material would be cotton.

Other things to prepare for your trip to Leh are:

· Sunscreen Lotion

It’s easy to catch a tan in the summer while in Leh. This is because you’re on a quite high altitude, and the rays of the sun can really leave a mark on you.
It’s considered best practice to bring sunscreen lotion with you, and carry it at all times.

· Sunglasses

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Naturally, a piece of accessory that goes hand in hand with sunscreen is sunglasses. If the sun can burn you, then it will sure as hell make things difficult to see.

· Gloves

Gloves might completely contradict the sunscreen lotion and sunglasses, but it can get quite cold here, even in the summers. That’s why you should always carry woolen or waterproof gloves with you. Furthermore, they will come in handy if you’re quite the photographer.

· Cap

If putting sunscreen on your face isn’t your cup of tea, then carry an ordinary cap as an alternative. Your head will need protection during the day, but carry a monkey cap for the nights and mornings.
These are some of the essentials you need to bring. Now, let’s talk about transportation.

Getting Around Leh

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Getting around the city is nothing short of convenient. As with any city in the world, there are transportation services that can take you from and at the destinations you want to visit.

For example, you have public transportation, private bus tours, and taxi services. If you need to get around from one place to another, then we suggest you opt for a taxi.
As it currently stands, there are quite convenient services that even allow for booking a cap. For more information, make sure to visit Leh-Ladakh-Taxi-Booking website.

Costs For the Trip

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Costs are always subjective, so take this one with a pinch of salt. Costs might change at the current time of writing, but we’ll try and explain all the things that will cost you for your trip.

It goes without saying that Leh won’t cost you a fortune, and is considered as very cheap. However, the costs can vary depending on different factors.
Most of the costs of your vacation will go on transportations. The prices for hotels and accommodations in Leh depend, but most will charge you between 500 and 700 Rs (7 USD – 10 USD). High-end accommodations might charge more, but we’re talking about a difference in few dollars. In places where hotels are hard to come by, you can easily rent tents that charge a few bucks a night.

Judging by this, we can assume that accommodations are quite cheap, but what about other costs?

Food is yet another thing you’ll be paying for a lot in here. Everyone needs to eat food, but food doesn’t really cost that much either. If you’re eating out, you’ll be spending anything between 200 Rs and 400 Rs per meal. While this might not sound as too expensive, it is still worth noting.

If you are planning an adventure trip to Ladakh by Choosing Treks as well, it may cost you differently. Your should mostly prefer a package for this from a well known Travel Agency such as Thrillophilia’s Chadar Trek Package, check out here.

All in all, you’ll be spending anything between 1000 Rs and 1500 Rs per person per day in Leh. That estimates between $14 and $21 per day.

Is Ladakh Safe?

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The question of safety should be the first thing to ask whenever traveling abroad. As no one really pays attention to these things, we’ve decided to address it before your next vacation to Leh Ladakh.

If we are to give you a short answer, then it would be yes. Leh Ladakh is very safe, but there are things you should know before you visit.

For example, human-related safety concerns are none existent. The things that pose danger to you are the external ones. These include the high altitude, which can be tricky for people to handle, the desert that would make getting around hard, the steep mountains that could pose danger, etc.

The roads can be quite dangerous to traverse as we’re still talking about a mountainous region. Sometimes, the roads can be quite narrow and quite dangerous. This is why it’s heavily advised not to drive yourself while in Leh.

As for human-related safety concerns, surprisingly, the crime rate in Leh Ladakh is close to zero percent. Here, everyone minds his own business and you won’t be bothered at all. This might be the reason why people choose to visit Ladakh in general. With all that said, you shouldn’t be a nuisance to people and should mind your own business as well.
That’s not to say that you cannot ask for information or help, but you should never bother people without cause.