13 Super Inexpensive Gifts to Buy This Fall

Who doesn’t love giving and receiving gifts? That precious moment when you put a smile on someone’s face, knowing they will use and cherish your gift. The problem is, even when you can afford to buy a friend or two some expensive gifts, you cannot buy everything to everyone. As the gift-giving season begun, it’s hard to find some great things that won’t make a hole in your pocket. According to Consumer Epic here are some really cool things you can buy for your friends or family if you are shopping on a budget.

1. Print or a poster in a good frame

Source: shopify.com

Are your loved ones fans of music? Who isn’t? You can make them remember the times more than 20 years ago and make their place nicer by gifting them a poster or a print. If you know their favorite singer or band you can buy a poster, or even print it out yourself! Find a nice frame and put the picture inside. You can choose the size, but with these things, even if you go over the top, it won’t cost you a lot. You can wrap it up, or just put a nice bow on it.

2. Kitchen utensils

Source: The Daily Meal

If the person you are looking a gift for knows how to cook, or is willing to learn you can buy them some kitchen utensils. At the moment, there are so many handy things you could buy and are super inexpensive. You could choose a can opener, corkscrew, vegetable peeler or even a garlic press, egg cooker or a pastry cutter. These things come in so many different shapes, colors and sizes, so you can choose the one that’s going to be just right. One of the most used utensils are spatulas and you can check this if you are interested in finding the best silicone spatula sets.

3. Scented candle

Source: Natural Bed Company

A perfect gift for someone who needs to relax after a stressful day – everyone. If you are not sure what scent to buy, ask them to help you choose a car freshener. They will tell you the scent they like the best. You cannot go wrong with a candle that smells like coffee or the ocean. There are different types of scented candles, so you could opt for a fancy jar one or a candle in the shape of a flower, tree or an animal.

4. Christmas tree ornament

Source: Your Crochet

Everyone loves a good Christmas ornament and we all tend to break or lose them. Buy something that will remind your loved one of you. If you have a favorite movie you watch together, buy an ornament that will remind them of the movie. Same with books or some inner joke you have. We all talk about our favorite Christmas ornament we had as kids that got broken. If you can find a replica of that your friend or family member will love you more than you can imagine.

5. Mini waffle maker

Source: Bustle

Waffles! Enough said! There is no reason why you wouldn’t buy this thing to anyone. Unless they already have one. Buy them another one! We all love waffles, but waiting them to be baked takes too much time. With a mini waffle maker, you can make bite-size waffles that are ready faster. When they are smaller, the guilt of eating too many of them is smaller as well.

6. Shower shoes

Source: Footwear News

Something that everyone needs! Shower shoes are great for every season. No matter if you are using them in your home, just in the bathroom or when you go on vacation. And it’s so hard to find ones that won’t break after a week of wearing. This website (can recommend you cool pairs of shower shoes that will make your friends happy.

7. Initial necklace

Source: Brika

A perfect gift for a special someone. You can buy them a necklace with their first initial, yours or the initial of something that reminds you of one another. These necklaces are really inexpensive and they come in different sizes and colors. You can buy a silver-plated one or a gold-dipped one that will cost you less than $10.

8. Fun pens

Source: Amazon.com

There are so many cute pens on the market right now that you won’t be able to choose your favorite one. Even though smart devices replaced so many things, they could never replace pen and paper. You can choose a cactus pen, a Star Wars one or something like a fluffy unicorn. The person you give this gift will not only love it, they will use it as well.

9. Multipurpose bottle opener

Source: eBay

These things are amazing! The bottle opener also acts as a screwdriver, saw blade, and can opener all in one. It’s a great thing to have in the kitchen drawer, in the car and possibly even in the living room. It’s something that can be used by anyone and everyone. It’s probably the most practical gift you can give to someone and it’s really, really inexpensive.

10. Makeup brushes

Source: EllePeri

The best gift for any female. Actually, the best gift for anyone who uses makeup on them or on someone else. A person can never have too many makeup brushes. And the best thing is, you can never go wrong! There are different sets as well as single brushes. Don’t worry, no matter if you get a huge blush brush or a small eye shadow brush, they will need it and use it. And there are so many cute designs!

11. Head massager

Head massager
Source: Amazon

With the head massager, your friend will be smiling all the time. This product is great if you want to scratch your head or massage it. They are also practical to have at home and use them while watching TV or in the car when you are stuck in traffic. And buy one for yourself as well.

12. Bookmark

Source: smartphoto.eu

You can buy a cool and unique bookmark or make one yourself. There are so many great bookmarks on the market right now and they are extremely cheap. Even though they don’t cost a lot, most of them are made with really good materials and are durable. There are some cool ones with beads, puffs, water-resistant ones and they come with any design you can think of.

13. Lightsaber

Source: pcmag.com

There is a considerable variety of lightsabers introduced by different characters in the Star Wars different seasons. Kylo Ren Force FX Lightsaber got my excitement due to its unique features, blade builder, and Xenopixel soundboard. You’ll enjoy these sound effects as accurately as sounds in the seasons. However, it’s a little bit more expensive than other products available.

Being a fan of Star Wars Galaxy, assessing battle winners is challenging. However, the biggest battle in the Clone Wars has been witnessed between Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker. While comparing Kylo Ren Force FX Elite with the Rise of Skywalker will give you a clear picture. A pure white metal hilt design was used, featuring the fantastic decor. The Rise of Skywalker is based on a true story that brought the Kylo Ren Iconic Lightsaber featured in Star Wars. This lightsaber featured the entire length of the hilt compared to the form sabers in separate figures.

Increase your collection of force FX Darksabers with significant figures. These Darksabers have immense joy with their built-in quality and are sold separately. All the Star Wars Galaxy products are sold at Hasbro, Amazon, Best Buy, ZiaSabers and Walmart. Hasbro is the only outlet that got the licence of selling these products from Lucas Film Ltd.

Make your loved ones happy with any of these gifts. They will like them and they will use them for a long, long time. With these gifts, you won’t risk seeing them being re-gifted. Which one is your favorite?