10 Things to do if You Lose Your Car Keys

In the past, you did not really have to worry about losing your car keys, mostly because you probably had a spare one in your house and you could also get a duplicate quickly and easily. However, will all the advancements happening in the automobile industry, this is no longer the case since new vehicles have new security features that hinder people from getting duplicate keys.

Now, you can try as hard as you can to put the keys in your pocket or bag when you exit and lock your vehicle, however, they can still get lost, especially if you share the vehicle with your spouse or other family members. Additionally, the make and model of your car can prevent you from getting a duplicate, which might make you wonder – what should I do if I lost my car keys?

Fortunately for all people that found themselves in this difficult situation, you might find a solution to your problem in this article. The list below is going to feature a list of 10 things that you should do if you lose your car keys, hence, without further ado, let’s take a closer look:

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Two Things to do Before Anything Else

1. Firstly, Check Your Vehicle

Before you start panicking and losing your mind, you should check your vehicle. This means that you should check if you left it in the ignition by mistake or if you left it in the door or roof if you were taking out other items from the car. These things do happen, so, before anything else, ensure that it is not in or on the vehicle.

2. If Not, Retrace Where You Were

If they aren’t in the aforementioned places, you should definitely retrace your steps next. Did you put groceries in the fridge? Did you go to the bathroom when you arrived home? Think about what you did when you exited the car, they might be simply lying around your home. Besides retracing your steps, you should also ensure that it isn’t in your pockets or bag.

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If it Didn’t Work, Know That Different Vehicles Have Different Keys

If you weren’t successful with the first two options, your next step will depend on the model of your vehicle. Different vehicles have different keys, which is why you must ensure that you know what to do for different key models. Hence, the options you have for replacing your key include:

  1. Traditional – this is basically the standard key. You utilize it for manually unlocking the doors and starting the ignition by placing the key inside of it. If so, your best bet is to either purchase a replacement or call an auto locksmith such as locksmithandsecurity.co.uk that will help you.
  2. Keyless or Fob With a Key – with this option, you can use a button for unlocking the door, however, you’ll still need to place it into the ignition in order to start the car. If you lose such a key, you can get a replacement online, in some auto-parts shops, your car dealership, as well as a locksmith.
  3. A Fob That Has a Switchblade Key – the first thing you should know is that it will be more expensive to replace this option, and if you lose the fob, you’ll lose the key as well. Now, getting a replacement is more expensive, but it is also more difficult since you can only obtain it from your car dealership or specialized locksmiths.
  4. Transponder – this small gadget has a tiny chip in it that utilizes radio waves in order to confirm whether your vehicle and key match. When you insert it, the receiver checks the serial number in order to start the car. The only way you’ll get a replacement is by going to the dealership.
  5. A Smart Key – if your vehicle has a start button, you use a smart key. Of course, it is not actually a key, instead, it gets connected to a sensor that allows you to unlock and start the vehicle. Like a transponder, the only way you can get a replacement is to go to your dealership.
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Tips For Getting a Replacement Key

Before you call the locksmith or go to your dealership, there are a few things that you’ll need to prepare in order to actually get a replacement. After all, the dealership or locksmith need to confirm the car is actually yourself, which is why you need to provide the following things:

  1. The VIN Number – a VIN or the Vehicle Identification Number is basically a sequence of 17 characters – including both letters and numbers. You’ll be able to find this number on the dashboard and you should be able to see it through the window, which is good since you can access the car.
  2. The Model, Make, And Year – the make and model basically refers to the name of the specific line of your vehicle. It should be on your insurance policy or other documents that you might have. Keep in mind if there are any specific features or if it is a sports edition, you should provide that info as well.
  3. Your ID – your passport, ID, driver’s license, or any other identification document should be sufficient as long it features your name, surname, basic information such as your address, as well as your photo. This will be needed by the locksmith and/or dealership since they’ll need to confirm your identity. Additionally, you will need the registration number as well.
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As you were able to learn, there are things that you can do when you lose your car keys. Of course, you’ll want to immediately retrace your steps and ensure that you did not leave it somewhere, but, if you are not lucky with finding them, you should opt for one of the options mentioned above.

So, now that you are aware of all the solutions to your problem, you might not want to lose any more time. Instead, you should go back to the start of this list and determine which strategy suits your needs and requirements best, and in the end, finally gain access to your vehicle once again.