6 Things to Fix Around Your House Before They Get Worse (2020)

Every single thing that you buy for your home will need proper maintenance, cleaning, and fixing now and then to run correctly. In fact, if you take care of things – they last. So, why throw away your washing machine when you can fix it? With proper care and use, the washing machine can be in good working shape for 11 years. The same goes for your carpet. Just after a deep cleaning by a carpet cleaning specialist, it can look as good as new. And it will only cost you around £100. Therefore, preserving and fixing the things around your home will save you a lot of money, since they are a more affordable option than buying new items.

In this article, we offer you some tips on what you should fix first at your home and how to save time and money by repairing your things. So, here’s a quick guide of all the things, objects, and appliances you should check at your home. Get ready for some action!

1. Professional Cleaning of the Oven

Source: Paula’s Cleaning

Removing grease and grime from your oven is quite a messy job? However, you should regularly do it if you want your furnace to function and be bacteria-free. When cleaning your oven on your own, you can probably know how to clean the grid. What’s very tricky is how to clean the oven door thoroughly. We have to admit that most of us don’t even know how to take it out, not to mention clean it and wash it in the sink. It doesn’t also fit in the pan, right? That is the exact reason why you need some professional cleaning of the oven every once in a while.

Having your oven cleaned by a professional, according to PriceYourJob, will cost you around £60, saving you from all the messy work that you would have to do. Also, professional cleaning of the oven has the potential to keep you safe from bacteria. It removes all the dirt and keeps you safe from fire, and all the fat that gets stuck on the insides after cooking.

2. Replacing Your Extracting Fan to Avoid Moisture and Mould

Source: YouTube

Extracting fans are usually placed in bathrooms that have no windows, or in kitchens close to the oven. The purpose of extracting fans in the bathroom is to suck all the moisture while taking a shower. If it’s placed in the kitchen, it sucks in all the smells and steam from cooking. So, the extracting fan is quite a necessary appliance to prevent damp and building steam.

However, in time, the extracting fan can get quite dirty, since a lot of bacteria and moisture is passing through it. Therefore, it can lose its sucking power, or worse, get blocked. That is the reason why you should regularly replace it. This way, you can avoid bacteria build-up or mold creation on it. The estimated cost to get it done would cost you about £250.

3. Having Your House Gutters Repaired

Source: Mipeace

If you fail to clean your gutters regularly, you’re risking to pay a lot for the damage that blocked drains can cause. Leakages can cause damage to the walls right below the channels and make things worse.

To avoid such issues, hire a professional to clean the gutters from leaves, rodents, or any bird droppings. Even though at first you might be enthusiastic about doing this on your own, you have to be aware that the gutters are a place of a lot of bacteria. And you don’t want to face the consequences that can come if you accidentally cut yourself. Also, if your house is pretty tall, you’re risking to suffer even more severe injuries whenever an accident happens. Having your gutters cleaned and repaired will cost you a total of £225.

4. Repair the Ceiling

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As soon as your ceiling starts sagging or cracking, don’t wait! Please fix it! It’s up to you whether you’ll decide to repair it or replace it. Sometimes, if the damage is done on certain parts of the ceiling, then you can fix them by retaining the original roof. You can also have another layer of insulation if you want. If you don’t have any experience in such repairs, hiring a professional to do the work for you, will cost you around £700. The price will get lower, depending on the square meters that need to be fixed. It will also cost you a bit over the average price if you want the whole ceiling replaced.

5. Rewiring Your House

Source: Tim Kyle Electric

We should all be aware that safety is more important than aesthetics. It won’t matter if your house is decorated according to the latest interior design trends if it isn’t a safe place to live in. That is why you should be careful and invest in electrical safety. If your house is older, then it probably doesn’t meet the electrical requirements of modern living.

Therefore, you should consider rewiring your house. Having your home rewired will cost you around £2500. However, it would be worth every penny. You definitely wouldn’t want to do this on your own and risk your life, especially if you have no prior experience with electrics. So, go ahead and hire professional help.

6. Repair Damaged Floorboards

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Underneath the carpets or laminate, most houses have floorboards that are nailed to joists on their ground floor. If the floorboards are old and aren’t in good condition, a carpet may cover them, but a laminate definitely wouldn’t. That is why you should cut the problem in the core, instead of burdening it with another layer of material over it. If the floorboards are nailed properly, insulated, and ventilated, then they would last for years. To hire a professional to check and fix your damaged floorboards will cost you around £250.

We hope that our advice will come in handy and you will get the most out of it. This way, you can do the necessary repairs and clean your house, so that your belongings last longer!