7 Tips and Tricks to Mastering Online Casino Slots

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Slot games are among the most popular games in the casino, be it the real or virtual one. You have seen in the movies, those long lines of machines with chairs in front of them, and people sitting behind them, trying their luck. What makes online slot games so interesting is that they come with a wide variety of themes, like the ones on 12play, so anyone can find a game that appeals to them. Slot machines also have fun sounds, various bonus rounds, free spins, and most importantly the ability to make big winnings with a small stake.

Are there any strategies that work, that can make you a master of the slot game? To be honest, not really. Slot games are all about luck and fun and are designed to make a profit for the casino, mostly. The keyword here is “mostly”. This does not mean you can’t play smart and win from time to time. There are certain tips and tricks you can implement, that will increase your chance of winning, and minimize the risk of losing. Here are the top tips and tricks you should stick to if you want to play safe and master an online casino slot.

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1. Play free until you learn how to play

The best thing about online casinos is that they let you play for a certain period, for free. Use this wisely. Every good casino will allow you to play free versions of their best games – just for fun and to make sure you get addicted to it. You can’t earn money by doing this, but learning how to play a particular game is much more important here. It will allow you to understand the rules and therefore you will not lose money by placing bets on the game you never even try, or due to unreasonable decisions you make by being an ignorant slot gambler. Learn how to play each game – even though it seems similar to the previous ones you’ve played.

2. Make rational choices when it comes to winning chances – payouts

Many online casinos will try to win you over by offering you very high bonuses and is when the red light in your head should turn on and signalize something suspicious. One good advice is to choose a game with an RTP of 95% at least, or above, if possible. Everything below this number, should not occupy your attention if you plan to win. Making rational choices and being carried away is priceless.

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3. Keep track of progressive jackpots on slots

You’ve started playing with the free games first, and have managed to find one that suits you best and offers fair winning chances, there’s also one more thing to pay attention to. This is the progressive jackpot. What it means is there are a couple of different slots connected, or networked, which makes the jackpot increase faster. You can try it with inferno slots. This is the time to keep in mind the most important rule of gambling and that is – if you don’t place a bet, you can’t expect to win. The higher stakes are transforming into a bigger opportunity to win a jackpot. You might win a jackpot with a lower stake, but this will be a proof you’ve been born under a lucky star. The probability of this is not so realistic, though.

4. Limit your investments

The best tip anyone can give you is to always remain cold-headed, disciplined, and to think rationally. This will prevent you from investing too much. It is, as they say, do not gamble with more than what you are ready to lose. You can even set a daily limit of your investment in a particular game, which will represent a maximum of what you are willing to spend that day. Games can be very addictive and can make you lose track of reality, this is why limits are very important as well as your self-control. Don’t fall under their seductive influence. If it’s not your day, and you’re constantly losing, take a break, if your limit has been reached, just leave the game. You will have more chances in the coming days.

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5. Don’t rush to return your lost money right away

This is closely connected to our previous point. But as we mentioned at the beginning of the text, slot games are made to make the profit of the casino. So, never try to win the money you lost on the same day. You will fall into this enchanted circle without an end, which will eventually make your loss a catastrophe. Every winner has to lose sometimes, to learn how to win. Don’t chase your luck, it will eventually find you when the time is right.

6. Use all the things that are offered free

Since a lot of bonuses are offered, use them wisely, and only invest when you have to. Make the best of the bonus given and by being cold headed try to win as much as possible. Do not hesitate to change the casino, so you can get another starting bonus. Sure, there are those loyalty bonuses, but to reach them will take more experience and work, regardless of how tempting they are. Starting bonuses are easy to obtain. Also, keep track of all the casino promotions available. Just, collect information about all of this on time and the odds will turn to your benefit.

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7. Hot and cold slots

Certain online casinos, offer so-called “hot and cold slots”. They tell you if a particular slot has paid out a larger amount of money (hot) or a smaller one (cold). Of course, it is more pleasant to play on hot slots and take advantage of their “wave of generosity”, however, certain players specialize in cold slots and believe that they will be the ones to “win” them. Both strategies make sense. It is up to you to decide which strategy to choose.

Online slot games are simply fun and should remain at this level. If you plan to win lots of money and live out of playing slots, think again. It’s not good to expect too much, from a game.