Top 9 Tips for Better Computer Gaming


The gaming industry has seen rapid growth in the most recent years as more and more people now turn to computer gaming. To get the best computer gaming experience you must keep certain things in your mind. Only with the proper, hardware, the right set of tools, and the right care can you keep the computer working to its best.

If you are new to gaming, all this may seem a little overwhelming, but do not worry. We are here to help. What are the ways you can better your computer gaming experience? We have enlisted some of the essential tips for getting a better gaming experience on your computer.

Tips to improve your computer gaming

According to recent study by, here are a few tips for you to make your computer better for gaming. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, we are sure these simple tips will be handy!

1. Get your hands on the right accessories


Gaming with the right tools and accessories does matter greatly. No matter how much of an expert you are, the right gaming gear is a must for a good gaming experience. Since you are going to compete with experts, it’s only fair that you choose the best quality accessories.

Gaming with a regular keyboard, mouse, or headphones will never give you the best gaming experience. Choose a gaming mouse that allows you to click faster for the best results. So, to experience unmatched gaming, be sure to invest in the best gaming gear.

2. Have a good clicking speed


Clicking speed is necessary when it comes to gaming. Only gamers who have the best clicking speed can make it to the top. Having a good clicking speed also gives you an edge over your competitors. To improve your clicking speed, you can always use the Click speed test that is available on multiple online platforms.

3. Get comfortable


How comfortable you are during your gaming sessions is, by itself a game-changer. You will not be able to give in your best if you don’t give your body the support it needs for better gaming. For this reason, choose a comfortable gaming mouse, a suitable chair to be seated in, and a relaxing computer desk. As long as you are comfortable, you will be able to give in your very best.

4. Clean your computer often


One important factor that should be addressed for a good gaming experience is the cleanliness of your computer. Gamers often don’t bat an eye to this factor, so it is often overlooked. A clean computer is a key to good gaming. Clean your computer often to get rid of any dirt or dust that may be blocking the computer fans leading to overheating and sluggish gameplay. It’s best to use a can of compressed air to blow out the dirt or dust.

5. Update the drivers for a better gaming experience


Computers that run with macOS, Windows, and Linux OS usually have the same architecture and hardware, meaning that you need to keep the device drivers updated, regardless of the operating system you use. For the graphic drivers, you will need a hands-on approach.

Because intel graphics aren’t the best for hardcore gaming, gamers might enjoy updated drivers with a windows update. Nevertheless, be sure to keep your audio, controller, and graphic drivers updated for the best gaming experience.

6. Check network speed for online gaming


While the gaming performance is assessed by the drivers and hardware for regular gaming, in the case of online gaming, the speed of your internet connection greatly matters. In most online cases, lagging is often a problem.

While sometimes your internet connection may be slow, in other cases there may be a slow connection between your router and the laptop. Either way, a slow network speed can destroy a perfect online gaming experience. So, if you go for online gaming, make sure to check the speed of your internet connection.

7. Connect with others


When you play games on your computer, try to join groups and communities related to your interests in gaming. By doing this you will be able to make new friends, know more about gaming, play in competitions, and also get updates about the gaming industry.

Amongst the most rewarding things about online gaming is the creation of a team and playing with others. So, if you still thinking about improving your gaming experience, be sure to connect and play together.

8. Close the apps in the background


Whether you have windows 10 installed on your computer or any other OS, there is a way to close the background apps so that your games run at the best speed. Manually close down all the system apps running before your turn on your game.

After closing all the apps manually, check the system tray to see which apps are running in the background. You will see a list of the running apps. Right-click each of the icons to close it. Remove all the unnecessary apps except those which are related to your gaming e.g., the graphics card management app.

9. Use an extra fan for cooling down PC in hot weathers


If you reside in a palace that has very high temperatures in the summer, it is suggested that you should buy an extra fan for cooling down your PC during long hours of gaming.

Your CPU has to put in a lot of power to run your game smoothly. This also makes your PC hot. In case of very hot weather, the computer’s regular fan may not be enough and lead to overheating. Hence, use an extra fan for hot weather to keep your game going!

Every gamer dream of having the best gaming experience to win against his/her competitors. For a good gaming experience, many things do count. It isn’t just the expertise of the gamer, but several other external factors as well. To enjoy the best gaming experience, gamers should consider the tips given above to get the best experience of PC gaming that is possible!