Top 5 Android Games in 2024

Did you know that there are 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world? When you translate that into percentages, then you see that 45.12% of people possess a smartphone.

The rapid growth of mobile users changed a lot of things in the world. First of all, many businesses changed the way of how they reach the audience. Despite that, mobile games have started to become more popular. Not a long time ago, games were usually connected with computer devices. Today, most people play them on their mobile.

Still, these games are complex and it takes time to become expert. That’s why playing games on your mobile can sometimes be complicated. Even if the size of your screen is huge, that doesn’t mean it is big enough to play it properly. Because of that, many people are desperate to find a way to play those android games on their desktop.

Fortunately, the web developers have allowed us to do this as well. You can find so-called Android emulators that will allow you to play Android games on your desktop. If you want to find some emulators online, we suggest you LDPlayer.

Anyway, the number of games is huge. We know that it can be tough to pick only one. Because of that, we would want to highlight some of the best Android games that gained huge popularity.

Let’s get started.

1. Vectronom


For some reason, indie title games usually do not deserve the attention that they deserve. However, this game does not fall into that category. It gained huge popularity among Android users because of several different reasons.

It is hard to find the right words to describe this game. It offers a psychedelic experience through flashing colors and thumping electronic soundtrack. This soundtrack is designed to entrance you as you play. When you move to the next level, the game starts to change. Despite that, the game grades you on how well your cube’s movement follows the rhythm. Because of these a bit complex moves, the game is a lot better when you play it with a keyboard. That’s why many fans of it were looking for a long time to find a way to play it on their computer.

2. Shadowgun Legends

This game is ideal for people that are fans of shooting action. You will get surprised when you see how many shady characters you will find in this game. All of them can give you different missions. Despite that, the neon-lit central hub is a mix of some amazing activities. The activities you will see are stores, bars, and a casino.

If you plan to complete the missions (of course you do), then you need to collect gear and sell it to buy the new and better one. Thanks to the ungraded gear, you will improve your abilities and reputation in the game.

We need to say that combat is frenetic. You will find many customizations on offer. Despite that, each player has the chance to go on co-op missions with other players.

P.S. Despite shooting game lovers, this is a perfect choice for those that are sci-fi fans.

3. Madden NFL Mobile Football

Source: Madden NFL Mobile Football – Aptoide

Well, this game is a good choice for another type of people. If you are a big fan of sports, then this game is for you. More precisely, the NFL fans will simply love it.

You will be a general manager and a head coach at the same time. Your task will be to organize a team and chase the NFL trophy. Indeed, the controls on a mobile device are easy. Yet, we are sure it would be much easier to play it on your desktop.

Anyway, when we talk about graphics, we believe this is the best NFL game you can find in the Play Store. There is another big advantage of this game. This game features real rosters and NFL legends for years gone by.

Still, there might be one disadvantage of the game. However, we believe that most people would not consider it is a big thing. You have to online while playing this game. This limits you a little because you won’t be able to play it in places without a Wi-Fi connection. Yet, most players usually play this game at home. We are sure that you have Internet there, don’t you?

4. Dragon Ball Legends

Is there a person that has not at least heard about The Dragon Ball series? Fortunately, you can now play it on your mobile and desktop device as well.

Our first impression of this game is entertainment. It will be quite a fan to play it, especially if you a Dragon Ball fan. Your task would be to fight through a series of different levels. While you are going through the missions, you will collect characters and abilities along that way.

There are several different things that you can do. You can tap and swipe to attack, move, or dodge and tap cards for some special attacks. All these things that we mentioned you can accomplish with one finger. Still, it is tough to play games with one finger for a long time. That is one more reason why you should use the Android emulator.

Finally, you should know that there is also a PvP mode for real-time playing. You can fight against people from different parts of the world.

5. Real Racing 3

Source: Gaming Cypher

In this game, you will be able to find more than 300 models or real-world cars. More precisely, there will be vehicles designed by some of the most popular brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. Most of us are not able to afford these expensive cars. However, we can at least drive them in the game, don’t we?

Anyway, there is another thing that you will definitely like. You will have the chance to test your driving skills on world-wide famous tracks like Le Mans, Silverstone, and Hockenheimring.

We believe this is one of the best racing games you can find on the Play store. It has a huge number of events to enter, cross-platform multiplayer, and a lot of customization options.

The main advantage of the game is its graphics. This especially counts if you play it on your desktop device.